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UPSC NDA and NA Polity Quiz 3

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UPSC NDA and NA Polity Quiz 3

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Polity is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. UPSC NDA and NA Prelims Exam is the combination of Mathematics and General Ability. Polity is one of the most important topics in the General Ability section. All these questions are easily understandable format. UPSC NDA and NA Polity Quiz 3 is very useful to get the maximum marks from the General Ability sections. Candidates can check the daily updates at UPSC Official Website

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Paper Mode Subject Marks Duration
Paper-I Mathematics 200 Marks 2 hours
Paper-II General Ability 200 Marks 2 hours
UPSC NDA and NA Syllabus

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1. The state operates through
    A. Political Party B. Party President C. Government D. President

Answer: Option C
2. Which of the following article of IPC is related to un-natural sex?
    A. 370 B. 374 C. 376 D. 377

Answer: Option D
3. Which one of the following land reform measures can be said to have been fully implemented by now in India?
    A. Tenancy reforms B. Abolition of intermediaries C. Land ceilings D. Consolidation of holdings

Answer: Option B
4. Schedule VII of Indian Constitution contains
    A. Presidential election B. Acts beyond jucidial review C. States and Union territories D. Division of Power into 3 lists

Answer: Option D
5. The declaration that Democracy is a Government ‘of the people, by the people; for the people’ was made by
    A. George Washington B. Winston Churchill C. Abraham Lincoln D. Theodore Roosevelt

Answer: Option C
6. Name the English Queen in whose times the English East India Company secured the Charter which authorized it to organize trade with East India.
    A. Queen Mary B. Queen Anne C. Queen Victoria D. Queen Elizabeth

Answer: Option D
7. After which battle did the English East India Company obtain the right of Diwani?
    A. Battle of Buxar B. Battle of Plassey C. Battle of Panipat D. Battle of Musulipattam

Answer: Option A
8. Which of the following is true about the Cabinet Mission Plan proposal?
    A. It called for the rejection of separate state of Pakistan B. It marked the beginning of the end of British rule in India C. It called for the expansion of Viceroy’s executive council D. It called for the accession of the princely states to the federation

Answer: Option A
9. Governance through trade union organizations is known as:
    A. Guild Socialism B. Fabian Socialism C. Syndicalism D. Liberalism

Answer: Option C
10. In the 13th Lok Sabha elections in which of the following states did the ruling alliance win all the seats?
    A. Andhra Pradesh B. Orissa C. Haryana D. Gujarat

Answer: Option C
11. What amidst the following is not true of the general electoral roll prepared through the agency of the Election Commission? It is to be used for elections to the
    A. Lok Sabha B. Panchayatiraj and Nagarpalika institutions C. Legislative Assembly of the states D. Legislative Council of the states where these exist

Answer: Option D
12. Which of the following categories of citizens of the prescribed age may be registered as voter?
    A. Bankrupt B. Convicted for certain crime C. Non-resident citizens D. Mentally unsound

Answer: Option C
13. The maximum time a person can continue to be the minister of the State Government without being a member the state legislature ________.
    A. One year B. Three months C. Six months D. No time limit

Answer: Option C
14. With respect to Article 371 A of the Constitution of India, the Governor of which one of the following States has a special responsibility with respect to law and order of the State?
    A. Assam B. Manipur C. Nagaland D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option C
15. How many members of the State Legislative Council are elected by the Assembly?
    A. 1/6th of the members B. 1/3rd of the members C. 1/12th of the members D. 5/6th of the members

Answer: Option A

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