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UPSC NDA and NA Geography Quiz 4

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UPSC NDA and NA Geography Quiz 4

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Geography is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. UPSC NDA and NA Prelims Exam is the combination of Mathematics and General Ability. Geography is one of the most important topics in the General Ability section. All these questions are easily understandable format. UPSC NDA and NA Geography Quiz 4 is very useful to get the maximum marks from the General Ability sections. Candidates can check the daily updates at UPSC Official Website

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Paper Mode Subject Marks Duration
Paper-I Mathematics 200 Marks 2 hours
Paper-II General Ability 200 Marks 2 hours
UPSC NDA and NA Syllabus

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1. Which of the following pass link the Srinagar to Leh?
    A. Mana Pass B. Rohtas Pass C. Nathula Pass D. Zoji La Pass

Answer: Option D
2. Where do the Western and Eastern Ghats meet?
    A. Nilgiri hills B. Cardamom hills C. Palani hills D. Annamalai hills

Answer: Option A
3. The largest irrigation canal in India is called the:
    A. Yamuna Canal B. Sirhand Canal C. Indira Gandhi Canal D. Upper Bari Doab Canal

Answer: Option C
4. The most important uranium mine of India is located at
    A. Manavalakurichi B. Gauribindanur C. Vashi D. Jaduguda

Answer: Option D
5. The only zone in the country that produces gold is also rich in iron is
    A. North-eastern zone B. North-western zone C. Southern zone D. None of the above

Answer: Option C
6. The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river
    A. Ganga B. Cauvery C. Narmada D. Godavari

Answer: Option D
7. Which of the following districts is on the international border of India?
    A. Sirsa B. Anantnag C. Karimganj D. Purulia

Answer: Option C
8. Which of the following Indian States is broadly as large as the European nation-Austria?
    A. Kerala B. West Bengal C. Orissa D. Karnataka

Answer: Option B
9. Which one of the following areas are noted for mangrove vegetation?
    A. Lava forest of Kalimpong B. Sajnekhali forest of South 24 Parganas C. Dandakaranya forest of Orissa D. Carbet National Park of UP

Answer: Option B
10. Khasi and Garo Tribes mainly lives in:
    A. Meghalaya B. Nagaland C. Mizoram D. Manipur

Answer: Option A
11. Which of the following cities is situated in the farthest East?
    A. Lucknow B. Jabalpur C. Hyderabad D. Chennai

Answer: Option A
12. In which of the following states wheat in not produced?
    A. Maharashtra B. Karnataka C. Tamil Nadu D. West Bengal

Answer: Option C
13. Which of the following rivers of India flown in rift-valley?
    A. Kaveri B. Tapti C. Son D. Ken

Answer: Option B
14. The pass located in Himachal Pradesh is
    A. Shipki la B. Zoji la C. Nathu la D. Jelep la

Answer: Option A
15. Which one of the following states has the longest coastline?
    A. Maharashtra B. Tamil Nadu C. Gujarat D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option C

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