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IBPS RRB PO General Awareness Quiz 19

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IBPS RRB PO General Awareness Quiz 19

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General Awareness is an important component of most of the competitive exams for employment in the government sector in India. The article IBPS RRB PO General Awareness Quiz 19 presents questions related to IBPS PO, SSC CGL, SSC MTS, SSC CHSL, SEBI Grade A, Indian Bank PGDBF PO, LIC HFL, NIACL Assistant, RRB Assistant, RRB PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, RBI Grade B and BOB PGDBF PO. The article IBPS RRB PO General Awareness Quiz 19 have been designed keeping in view the significant role of General Awareness sections in the scoring of competitive exams. IBPS RRB PO General Awareness Quiz 19 is very useful to crack the General Awareness sections of several competitive exams.

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IBPS RRB PO General Awareness Quiz 19 - Exam Pattern
S. No. (Objective) Test Name Medium of Exam Questions Marks Duration
1 Reasoning Ability Hindi/English 40 50

2 hours
2 Numerical Ability Hindi/English 40 50
3 General Awareness Hindi/English 40 40
4 a* English Language English 40 40
4 b* Hindi Language(हिंदी) Hindi 40 40
5 Computer Knowledge Hindi/English 40 20
Total 200 200
* Candidates can opt either 4 a or 4 b
The IBPS RRB PO General Awareness section in the Main Exam, has a total of 40 questions. Below mentioned are the different categories of expected questions in the Main Exam of IBPS RRB Group B General Awareness.

shape Syllabus

IBPS RRB PO General Awareness Quiz 19 - Exam Syllabus
S. No. Name of the Topic
1. Indian Economy
2. Laws
3. Government schemes
4. General Science
5. 5-year plans
6. Books with Authors
7. Indian Constitution
8. Indian history
9. Geography
10. Countries and currencies
11. Award
12. Data Interpretation
13. Sports
14. Budget and taxes
15. Indian Banking Industry
16. RBI and Monetary Policy
17. Money Market in India
18. Capital Market in India
19. Public Finance
20. National Income

shape Quiz

1. Who was the author of ' Neel - Darpan ?
    A. Bankim Chandra Chatterji B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar C. Dinabandhu Mitra D. Nabagopal Mitra

Answer: Option C
2. Who was the author of ' The Godfather ' ?
    A. Victor Hugo B. Mario Puzo C. John Milton D. Harold Robbins

Answer: Option B
3. Who among the following wrote the book " Algebra of Infinite justice " ?
    A. Arundhati Roy B. Vikram Seth C. Rohington Mistry D. Anita Desai

Answer: Option A
4. Who is the author of " Business a speed of thought " ?
    A. Dick Fransis B. John Gray C. Bill Gates D. David Baldexi

Answer: Option C
5. Who is the author of the book " Namsake " ?
    A. Kiran Desai B. Jhumpa Lihiri C. Chetan Bhagat D. Arundhati Roy

Answer: Option B
1. Who is the author of " Worthy Fights : A Memoir of Leadership in war and peace ?
    A. Alexander Bard B. Leo Tolstoy C. Panloh Ceoloh D. Leon Panetta and Jim Newton

Answer: Option D
2. Who among the the following wrote the book " Bahubivah " ?
    A. Raja Rammohan roy B. Pandit Rambai C. Rabindranath Tagore D. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

Answer: Option D
3. Who is the author of the book " Glimpses of world history " ?
    A. S Gopalan B. Jawaharlal Nehru C. S Radhakrishnan D. Abdul kalam Azad

Answer: Option B
4. Who among the following is the author of the book , " Sachin : Born to Bat - The journey of Cricket's Ultimate Centurian " ?
    A. Boria Majumdar B. Kiran Nagarkar C. Ed Hawkins D. Khalid Ah Ansari

Answer: Option A
5. Who is the author of the book " Golden Girl " ?
    A. PT Usha B. Malleswari C. Sunil Gavaskar D. Sachin Tendulkar

Answer: Option A
1. First Municipal corporation was set-up in 1687 was
    A. Bombay B. Calcutta C. Allahabad D. Madras

Answer: Option D
2. The first fully Indian Bank is
    A. State Bank of India B. Punjab National Bank C. Central Bank of India D. Bank of India

Answer: Option B
3. The first Muslim president of the Indian National Congress was
    A. Sayyed Ahmed Khan B. Abul Kalam Azad C. Badruddin Tayyabji D. Md . Ali Jinnah

Answer: Option B
4. The first National Park, established in India is
    A. Guinady National park B. Corbett National park C. Dudhwa National park D. Nagarjuna National park

Answer: Option B
5. The first Telegraph line in India was laid between
    A. Calcutta and Agra B. Calcutta and Bombay C. Calcutta and Delhi D. Calcutta and Madras

Answer: Option A

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