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British and American Terms

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British and American Terms

British and American Terms

shape Introduction

British and American English frequently spell the same word in different ways, for example colour/color.  Composed types of British and American English as found in daily papers and course readings vary little in their fundamental components, with just occasional observable contrasts in practically identical media . There are additionally many cases in which the two varieties of English use distinctive terms to describe the same thing. English and American English are the reference standards for English as talked, composed, and taught in whatever is left of the world, excluding nations where English is talked locally, for example, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. Here's a list of various british words and expressions together with their american equivalents.

shape Concepts

A list of  various  words and Expressions of British English and American English 'A'
British English American English
aeroplane airplane
action replay instant replay
aerofil airfoil
anticlockwise counterclockwise
asymmetric bars uneven bars
aniseed anise
Allen key Allen Wrench
British English American English
bill check
black economy underground economy
bank holiday lehal holiday
blind shade
braces suspenders
bridging loan bridge loan
breeze block cinder block
boiler suit coveralls
British English American English
current account checking account
black economy underground economy
central reservation median strip
court card face card
cot death crib death
cling film plastic wrap
common seal harbor seal
consumer durables durable goods
cross-ply bias-ply
British English American English
draughts checkers
dual carriageway divided highway
danger money hazard pay
diamante rhinestone
driving license driver's license
drinks cupboard liquor cabinet
drawing pin thumbtack
British English American English
earth ground
ex-directory unlisted
estate car station car
engaged busy
estate agent real estate agent
British English American English
financial year fiscal year
fire service fire company
full stop period
footway sidewalk
flyover overpass
fisher finger fish stick
fringe bangs
British English American English
garden yard
gear lever gear shift
goods train freight train
greaseproof paper wax paper
groundsman groundskeeper
grill broiler
British English American English
holiday vacation
hire purchase installment plan
hairslide barrette
hoarding billboard
holdall carryall
hatstand hatrack
housing estate housing development
hob stovetop
British English American English
ice lolly popsicle(trademark)
indicator turn signal
inside leg inseam
icing sugar confectioners' sugar
British English American English
jelly babies jelly beans
Joe bloggs Joe Blow
jumper lead jumper cable
jumper sweater
junior school elementary school
jummble sale rummage sale
kennel dog house
British English American English
lorry truck
loose cover slip cover
low loader flatbed truck
ladybird ladybug
level crossing grade crossing
luggage van baggage car
lucky dip grab bag
loudhailer bullhorn
British English American English
motorway expressway
metalled road poved road
marshalling yard railroad yard
minim(music) half note
maize corn
market garden truck farm
milometer odometer
mobile phone cell phone
British English American English
needlecord pinwale
newsreader newscaster
noughts and crosses tic-tac-toe
number plate license plate
British English American English
off-licence package store
oven glove oven mitt
opencast mining open-pit mining
ordinary share common stock
British English American English
postbox mailbox
power point electrical outlet
postcode zip code
patience solitaire
paddling pool wading pool
press stud snap
pay packet pay envelope
peg clothespin
queue line
quaver eight note
quantity surveyor estimator
British English American English
real tennis court tennis
recorded delivery certified mail
ring road beltway
remould retread
reverse the charges call collect
rowing boat rowboat
reverse lights back-up lights
British English American English
starter appetizer
surtitle supertitle
sweets candy
splashback backsplash
stanley knife utility knife
solicitor lawyer
snakes and ladders chutes and ladders
slowcoach slowpoke
British English American English
taxi rank taxi stand
trade union labor union
trading estate industrial park
tick check mark
tram cable car
trainers sneakers
terrace house row house
trolley shoping cart
British English American English
unalike unlike
underground subway
vaccum flask thermos bottle
verge shoulder
veterinary surgeon veterinarian
vest undershirt
British English American English
walking frame walker
wardrobe closet
weatherboard clapboard
wing fender
white spirit mineral spirit
worktop country top
British English American English
yale lock cylinder lock
zebra crosing crosswalk
zed zee
zip zipper

shape Model Questions

1. What is the word 'trunk' known as in British English ? A.boot B.braces C.boob D.bowls Answer-
 The correct choice is option A  i.e. boot.
2. What is the word 'areoplane' known as in American English? A.airfoil B.airpost C.airplane D.aircraft Answer-
correct choice is option C. i.e. airpalne.
The 3.What is the word 'patience' known as in American English? A.stroller B.solorable C.solitaire D.surtitle Answer-
The correct choice is option C. i.e. solitaire.
4.What is the word 'carryall' known as in British English ? A.fixall B.holdall C.hatstand D.hosepipe Answer-
The correct choice is option B. i.e. holdall.
5.What is the word 'popsicle' known as in British English ? A.loo B.lowdhailer C.lettuce D.lolly Answer-
The correct choice is option D. i.e. lolly.
6.What is the word 'marshalling yard' known as in American English? A.railroad yard B.concrete yard C.pavedroad yard D.stone yard Answer-
The correct choice is option A. i.e. railraod yard.
7.What is the word 'beltway' known as in British English ? A.paved road B.ring road C.highway road D.ghat road Answer-
The correct choice is option B. i.e. ring road.
8.What is the word 'lawyer' known as in British English ? A.solorable B.solitaire C.surtitle D.solicitor Answer-
The correct choice is option D. i.e. solicitor.
9.What is the word 'ex-directory' known as in American English? A.unlisted B.uncount C.unestate D.unfollow Answer-
The correct choice is option A. i.e. unlisted.
10.What is the word 'pantyhouse' known as in British English ? A.titbit B.tram C.tights D.terrace Answer-
The correct choice is option C. i.e. tights.