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IBPS PO General Awareness Quiz 7

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IBPS PO General Awareness Quiz 7

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General Awareness is an important component of most of the competitive exams for employment in the government sector in India. The article IBPS PO General Awareness Quiz 7 presents questions related to IBPS PO, SSC CGL, SSC MTS, SSC CHSL, SEBI Grade A, Indian Bank PGDBF PO, LIC HFL, NIACL Assistant, RRB Assistant, RRB PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, RBI Grade B and BOB PGDBF PO. The article IBPS PO General Awareness Quiz 7 have been designed keeping in view the significant role of General Awareness sections in the scoring of competitive exams. IBPS PO General Awareness Quiz 7 is very useful to crack the General Awareness sections of several competitive exams.

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S. No. Name of the Test (NOT BY SEQUENCE) No. of Questions Maximum Marks Time Allotted for Each Test (Separately Timed)
1 Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 45 60 60 minutes
2 General/Economy/Banking Awareness 40 40 35 minutes
3 English Language 35 40 40 minutes
4 Data Analysis and Interpretation 35 60 45 minutes
5 English Language (Letter Writing & Essay) 2 25 30 minutes
TOTAL 157 225 3 hours 30 minutes

shape Syllabus

IBPS PO General Awareness Quiz 7 - Exam Syllabus
S. No. Name of the Topic
1. Indian Economy
2. Laws
3. Government schemes
4. General Science
5. 5-year plans
6. Books with Authors
7. Indian Constitution
8. Indian history
9. Geography
10. Countries and currencies
11. Award
12. Data Interpretation
13. Sports
14. Budget and taxes
15. Indian Banking Industry
16. RBI and Monetary Policy
17. Money Market in India
18. Capital Market in India
19. Public Finance
20. National Income

shape Quiz

1. In which year, the restructured Twenty Point Programme (TPP) became effective?
    A. 2005 B. 2006 C. 2007 D. 2008

Answer: Option C
2. If a bank launched a “CASA campaign” , which among the following would be the most probable objective of such campaign?
    A. To bring down Non-performing Assets (NPA) B. To develop better customer relations C. To bring in more new customers D. To provide no frill services

Answer: Option C
3. National Optical Fiber Network will be providing broadband connectivity to which among the following?
    A. Municipalities B. Gram Panchayats C. Panchayat Samitis D. Nagarpalikas

Answer: Option B
4. Which among the following body regulates Mutual Funds in India?

Answer: Option B
5. Which among the following was the main objective of the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003?
    A. Achieve Fiscal Surplus B. Eliminate Revenue deficit C. Eliminate Fiscal Deficit D. Stop Money Laundering

Answer: Option B
6. Which among the following is the largest export market for India, for its marine products?
    A. USA B. EU C. China D. Japan

Answer: Option B
7. Which among the following does not come under Corporate Governance ?
    A. Management of rights of shareholders B. Trusteeship C. Ethical Business Conduct D. Profits Maximization

Answer: Option D
8. Which among the following is terms is commonly not assciated with Budgets in India?
    A. Outcome Budget B. Gender Budget C. Austerity Budget D. Gross Budgetary Support

Answer: Option C
9. Velodrome is an arena for which among the following sporting events ?
    A. Lawn tennis B. Ice Hockey C. Track Cycling D. Formula 1 racing

Answer: Option C
10. Durand Cup is associated with?
    A. Swimming B. Football C. Table Tennis D. Hockey

Answer: Option B
11. International Network of Bamboo & Rattan (INBAR) is located at: A. Guwahati B. Colombo C. Beijing D. Dhaka
Answer: Option C
12. Margosa oil is obtained from which of the following trees?
    A. Babul B. Neem C. Ficus D. Bamboo

Answer: Option B
13. What is the total number of Landlocked Developing Countries in the World ?
    A. 29 B. 31 C. 33 D. 35

Answer: Option C
14. Shakespeare beach is located in which country?
    A. France B. England C. Canada D. Italy

Answer: Option B
15. Which among the following is the highest milk producing goat in India?
    A. Barbari B. Jamnapari C. Block Bengal D. Beetal

Answer: Option B

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