About Us - SPLessons

Who we are?

A platform for Learning and Sharing Knowledge, SP Lessons is a product of I Tools Info Pvt. Ltd. developed to be a Digital Platform for Progressive Learning in diverse subjects from academic to career based domains helping Students and Individuals to achieve their goals in a simplified and sorted format and also help them excel by keeping them informed through timely notifications.

Why SPLessons?

  • Student - Progress: Inspired Students learn on their own. SPLessons provides a digital space where students can learn and also share their knowledge to inspire other students.
  • Simple - Learning: SPLessons aims to provide simple, effective, personalized and multiple learning methods to address the individual learning styles of learners.
  • A Holistic Approach for academic and career domains.


To enhance our knowledge of programming by presenting several different articles to the viewers and by participating in knowledge enriching discussions on the website.

Contact US

  1. Support : support@itoolsinfo.com