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SSC CPO General Awareness Quiz 17

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SSC CPO General Awareness Quiz 17

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General Awareness is an important component of most of the competitive exams for employment in the government sector in India. The article SSC CPO General Awareness Quiz 17 presents questions related to IBPS PO, SSC CGL, SSC MTS, SSC CHSL, SEBI Grade A, Indian Bank PGDBF PO, LIC HFL, NIACL Assistant, RRB Assistant, RRB PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, RBI Grade B and BOB PGDBF PO. The article SSC CPO General Awareness Quiz 17 have been designed keeping in view the significant role of General Awareness sections in the scoring of competitive exams. SSC CPO General Awareness Quiz 17 is very useful to crack the General Awareness sections of several competitive exams.

shape Syllabus

SSC CPO General Awareness Quiz 17 - Exam Syllabus
S. No. Name of the Topic
1. Indian Economy
2. Laws
3. Government schemes
4. General Science
5. 5-year plans
6. Books with Authors
7. Indian Constitution
8. Indian history
9. Geography
10. Countries and currencies
11. Award
12. Data Interpretation
13. Sports
14. Budget and taxes
15. Indian Banking Industry
16. RBI and Monetary Policy
17. Money Market in India
18. Capital Market in India
19. Public Finance
20. National Income

shape Quiz

1. Nober Prizes are distributed annually at
    A. Manila B. Stockholm C. Geneva D. New York

Answer: Option B
2. Which of the following countries is considered as an original member of UNO though it signed the Charter later ?
    A. India B. Angola C. Poland D. Nigeria

Answer: Option C
3. Ms Kalanidhi Narayanan is associated with which of the following dance forms ?
    A. Kathak B. Kathakali C. Odissi D. Bharatnatyam

Answer: Option D
4. With which game is the Agha Khan Cup associated ?
    A. Football B. Cricket C. Basket ball D. Hockey

Answer: Option D
5. Madhubani, a style of folk paintings, is popular in which of the following states in India ?
    A. MadhyaPradesh B. Uttar Pradesh C. West Bengal D. Rajasthan

Answer: Option C
6. Which of the following pairs of artists and their areas of specialisation is not correct ?
    A. Ustad Zakir Hussain Khan-Tabla B. Pt. Ravi Shankar - Sitar C. Hari Prasad Chaurasia - Flute D. M.S. Subbulakshmi - Dance

Answer: Option D
7. Amjad Ali Khan is associated with which of the following musical instruments ?
    A. Violin B. Sitar C. Sarod D. Veena

Answer: Option C
8. At which of the following Olympic Games did the Indian Hockey team win its first gold medal ?
    A. Los Angeles B. Amsterdam C. Montreal D. Helsinki

Answer: Option B
9. The Indian to beat the computers in mathematical wizardy is
    A. Raja Ramanna B. Shakuntla Devi C. Ramanujam D. Rina Panigrahi

Answer: Option B
10. Which of the following countries won the 1st Asia Cup Tennis Tournament, held recently in New Delhi ?
    A. India B. South Korea C. Uzbekistan D. North Korea

Answer: Option C
11. The principles of Panchsheel were adopted in the
    A. Beijing Conference B. Bandung Conference C. New Delhi Conference D. Belgrade Conference

Answer: Option B
12. India s national animal and bird respectively are
    A. Deer and Parrot B. Lion and Cuckoo C. Elephant and Eagle D. Tiger and Peacock

Answer: Option D
13. The capital of Greece is
    A. Stockholm B. Berne C. Athens D. Ottawa

Answer: Option C
14. Which parts of territories Israel handed over to Palestine for self - rule under the September 13, 1993 Israel-PLO accord ?
    A. Jericho and Gaza Strip B. Jerusalem and Sinai C. Gaza Strip and Jerusalem D. Jericho and Jerusalem

Answer: Option A
15. The Parliament of Bangladesh is known as
    A. National Assembly B. National Parliament C. Jatiya Sansad D. Rashtriya Panchayat

Answer: Option C

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