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IBPS CLERK Indian Economy Quiz 1

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IBPS CLERK Indian Economy Quiz 1

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Geography is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. All these questions are easily understandable format. IBPS CLERK Indian Economy Quiz 1 is very useful to get the maximum marks in several competitive exams. Candidates can check the daily updates at SSC Official Website.

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1. Which Ministry has started the Ganga Aamantran Abhiyan?
    A. Jal Shakti Ministry B. Ministry of Environment C. Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation D. Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare

Answer: Option A
2. Which of the following is the direct tax in India?
    A. Sales Tax B. VAT C. Wealth tax D. Goods and services Tax

Answer: Option C
3. As on October 2019, what is the current rate of cash reserve ratio (CRR)?
    A. 5.15% B. 4.75% C. 5.4% D. 4%

Answer: Option D
4. What is Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)?
    A. Share of a commercial bank’s total deposit kept with RBI B. Share of a commercial bank’s total deposit kept with itself C. Commercial banks need to have a portion of their total deposit in the form of cash and gold. D. None of the above

Answer: Option A
5. What is NIRVIK scheme?
    A. A scheme to help handloom sector of the country B. A loan scheme for exporters C. A health scheme launched to improve the condition of malnutrition in the country D. GST refund scheme

Answer: Option B
6. At present how many Public Sector Banks are in India?
    A. 27 B. 12 C. 21 D. 17

Answer: Option B
7. What is the limit of annual turnover for small enterprises of manufacturing sector?
    A. Between 5 cr to 75 cr B. Less than 5 cr C. Between 75 cr to 250 cr D. just 25 cr

Answer: Option A
8. Which of the following is not match correctly?
    A. Narasimhan Committee: 1998 B. Sivaraman Committee: 1985 C. Leeladhar Committee :2008 D. Nayak Committee : 2014

Answer: Option B
9. What is India's rank in the Global Competitive Index report 2019?
    A. 71st B. 68th C. 78th D. 52nd

Answer: Option B
10. Which of the following report is not released by the World Bank?
    A. World Development Report B. Ease of Doing Business C. Global Economic Prospects D. Global Gender Gap Report

Answer: Option D
11. What is India's ranking on the Ease of Doing Business rank 2019?
    A. 50th B. 23rd C. 77th D. 97th

Answer: Option C
12. What is the rate of interest on Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) for 2018-19?
    A. 7.85% B. 9.25% C. 8.55% D. 8.65%

Answer: Option D
13. Why World Bank was established?
    A. To promote the International Trade B. To reconstruct the economies damaged during the Second World War C. To improve the adverse Balance of Payment situation of the non-member countries D. None of the above

Answer: Option B
14. Which of the following statement is correct?
    A. Every member country of the IMF automatically becomes the member of the World Bank B. The World Bank has 45 founder members C. India is not the founding member of the World Bank D. IMF is the part of World Bank group

Answer: Option A
15. Which of the following is not matched correctly?
    A. IBRD (estd.): 1945 B. IFC (estd.): 1948 C. IDA (estd.): 1960 D. MIGA (estd.): 1988

Answer: Option B

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