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SSC CPO Geography Quiz 7

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SSC CPO Geography Quiz 7

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Geography is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. All these questions are easily understandable format. SSC CPO Geography Quiz 7 is very useful to get the maximum marks in several competitive exams. Candidates can check the daily updates at SSC Official Website.

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1. What is interglaciation?
    A. Period between ice ages B. Cooler times of earth C. The cycle of ice age and warmer periods of earth D. The process of formation of coloured icebergs and glaciers

Answer: Option A
2. India’s first shale gas exploratory well was drilled in
    A. Maharashtra B. Gujarat C. Andhra Pradesh D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option B
3. Where is the Cambay basin in India?
    A. Gujarat B. Tamil Nadu C. Andhra Pradesh D. West Bengal

Answer: Option A
4. Which state government is thinking of a possibility to develop an artificial inland port which can be connected to the sea through navigation channels?
    A. Madhya Pradesh B. Gujarat C. Rajasthan D. Karnataka

Answer: Option C
5. India’s longest river bridge will be built on
    A. Ganga B. Branhmaputra C. Yamuna D. Godavari

Answer: Option A
6. Which state is known as the ‘rice bowl’ of India?
    A. Assam B. West Bengal C. Andhra Pradesh (former) D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option C
7. Which city recently was adjudged as having 'Best Mass Urban Tranpsort'?
    A. Chandigarh B. Indore C. Mumbai D. Surat

Answer: Option D
8. Which of the following type of silk is known as 'Peace Silk'?
    A. Tasar Silk B. Muga Silk C. Mulberry Silk D. Eri Silk

Answer: Option D
9. What are Khasra maps?
    A. Maps denoting mining areas B. Maps showing major mineral concentrations C. Maps showing wastelands and barren lands in India D. Land Parcel maps

Answer: Option D
10. Expert Committee headed by Prof. K.S. Valdiya was for
    A. Electoral reforms and voter education B. Paleochannels of River Saraswati C. Changes in NCERT Syllabus D. Measures for protection of biodiversity in Eastern Himalayas

Answer: Option B
11. Capital of Nigeria is
    A. Mogadishu B. Niger C. Abuja D. Juba

Answer: Option C
12. What is special about Dahala Khagrabari?
    A. It is world’s only third order enclave B. It is a newly developed river island in Assam C. It is a new barrage to be built on the Brahmaputra river. D. None of the above

Answer: Option A
13. What is ‘Chitmahal’?
    A. Enclaves B. Palace C. A palace for leopards and cheetahs D. Land given to Brahmins

Answer: Option A
14. How many offshore islands does India have?
    A. 1200 B. 1192 C. 1382 D. 572

Answer: Option C
15. Sour Gas is
    A. Gas with high amount of hydrogen sulphide B. Gas with high amount of Carbon Dioxide C. Gas with high amount of acidic gases D. Gas with significant amount of Nitrogen dioxide

Answer: Option A

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