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IBPS CLERK Geography Quiz 1

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IBPS CLERK Geography Quiz 1

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Geography is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. All these questions are easily understandable format. IBPS CLERK Geography Quiz 1 is very useful to get the maximum marks in several competitive exams. Candidates can check the daily updates at SSC Official Website.

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1. River Satluj originates from:-
    A. Northern slopes of the Kailash range B. Spring at Verinarg C. Rakas Lake D. Amakantak plateau

Answer: Option D
2. Pir Pajal Railway Tunnel is located in ____
    A. Jammu and Kashmir B. Himachal Pradesh C. Sikkim D. Uttarahand

Answer: Option A
3. The dispute over Siachin Glacier is between
    A. India and China B. India and Afghanistan C. India and Pakistan D. India and Nepal

Answer: Option C
4. Which one of the following is correct?
    A. Guindy National park is known for tiger reserve. B. Namdapha National Park is meant for lion conservation. C. Jaldapara is a biosphere reserve. D. Rann of Kutch is a Wild Ass Sanctuary.

Answer: Option D
5. Among the following states, the literacy rate is highest in
    A. Orissa B. Punjab C. Maharashtra D. Mizoram

Answer: Option D
6. Which state does not share a common border with Chhattisgarh?
    A. Andhra Pradesh B. Odisha C. Jharkhand D. Maharashtra

Answer: Option A
7. Masai is a tribe of which of the following country?
    A. Kenya B. Germany C. Australia D. India

Answer: Option A
8. Which of the following deserts is rich in gold reserves?
    A. Arabian B. Thar C. Mongolian D. Atacama

Answer: Option D
9. Where are the Garo Hills located?
    A. Assam B. Nagaland C. Meghalaya D. Mizoram

Answer: Option C
10. Chang Lo is a folk dance of _______.
    A. Arunachal Pradesh B. Punjab C. Assam D. Nagaland

Answer: Option D
11. World's first thermal battery power plant is started in which state?
    A. Andhra Pradesh B. Kerala C. Uttar Pradesh D. Maharashtra

Answer: Option A
12. Rama Setu is located in which of the following?
    A. Palk Strait B. Strait of Gibraltar C. Kiel Canal D. Bering Strait

Answer: Option A
13. Konkani is the official language of _________.
    A. West Bengal B. Arunachal Pradesh C. Sikkim D. Goa

Answer: Option D
14. The region which is a water divide between the Ganga and Indus river systems is_______________
    A. Haridwar B. Namchobarva C. Alakananda D. Ambala

Answer: Option D
15. Which Indian state has the longest Coastline?
    A. Kerala B. Gujarat C. Andhra Pradesh D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option B

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