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UPSC NDA and NA Geography Quiz 2

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UPSC NDA and NA Geography Quiz 2

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Geography is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. UPSC NDA and NA Prelims Exam is the combination of Mathematics and General Ability. Geography is one of the most important topics in the General Ability section. All these questions are easily understandable format. UPSC NDA and NA Geography Quiz 2 is very useful to get the maximum marks from the General Ability sections. Candidates can check the daily updates at UPSC Official Website

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Paper Mode Subject Marks Duration
Paper-I Mathematics 200 Marks 2 hours
Paper-II General Ability 200 Marks 2 hours
UPSC NDA and NA Syllabus

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1. Botanic Garden of India Republic (BGIR) is located in?
    A. Bangalore B. Kolkata C. Lucknow D. Noida

Answer: Option D
2. Which among the following states primarily depends upon the thermal power?
    A. Kerala B. West Bengal C. Karnataka D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option B
3. The Sabarmati river originates in which among the following ranges?
    A. The Satpuras B. The Vindhyas C. The Aravallis D. The Western Ghats

Answer: Option C
4. The name of which among the following cities is not known as a prominent center of Silk Production ?
    A. Bhagalpur B. Srinagar C. Moradabad D. Mysore

Answer: Option C
5. The K2 Peak is located in which among the following ranges?
    A. Central Himalayas B. Trans-Himalayas C. Karakoram range D. Kumaun Himalayas

Answer: Option C
6. Maximum Jute mills are located in which among the following states?
    A. West Bengal B. Assam C. Andhra Pradesh D. Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option A
7. Which among the following neighboring country sources its entire requirement of petrol, diesel and jet fuel from India?
    A. Bangladesh B. Nepal C. Maldives D. Mauritius

Answer: Option D
8. Integrated Kashang Hydroelectric Project & Sainj Hydroelectric Project which are being supported by Asian Development Bank are located in which of the
    A. Jammu & Kashmir B. Himachal Pradesh C. Uttarakhand D. Punjab

Answer: Option B
9. “Indira Gandhi super thermal power project “ is located in which state?
    A. Rajasthan B. Haryana C. Punjab D. Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option B
10. Which of the following Monsoons account for most of the rainfall in India?
    A. North East Monsoon B. South West Monsoon C. South East Monsoon D. East Asia Monsoon

Answer: Option B
11. Which among the following country is the Southernmost Landlocked Country?
    A. Malawi B. Mali C. Lesotho D. Niger

Answer: Option D
12. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which country ?
    A. Ghana B. Kenya C. Tanzania D. Namibia

Answer: Option C
13. Asthenosphere is located at?
    A. Above stratosphere B. Below Ionsphere C. Below Lithosphere D. Above Lithosphere

Answer: Option C
14. Which among the following countries has the largest reserves of Natural Gas in the world?
    A. Australia B. United States C. Russia D. China

Answer: Option C
15. Newcastle Port, the world’s largest coal export port is located in which country?
    A. Canada B. Australia C. Mexico D. USA

Answer: Option B

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