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One Book Authors

One Book Authors

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Though some of the following authors have many books to their credit, their reputation primarily rests on one book. An author is scarcely described as the originator of any created work and can in this way in like manner be depicted as a writer (with any capability chiefly being a recommendation that an author is a writer of one or all the more genuine works, for instance, books or plays). More exhaustively described, a creator is "the person who began or offered nearness to anything" and whose start chooses commitment in regards to what was made. The more specific expression published essayist suggests an author (especially however not as per normal procedure of books) whose work has been self-rulingly recognized for generation by a genuine distributer, versus an autonomously distributed author or an unpublished one. Given below the list of important authors and the work that made them famous.

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List of important One - book Authors 1. Nelle Harper Lee [1926-2016]
  • she was better known by her pen name Harper Lee.
  • And she was an American author generally known for To Kill a Mockingbird, distributed in 1960.
  • Promptly effective, it won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize and has turned into a great of cutting edge American writing.
2. Magaret Munnerlyn Mitchell [1990-1949]
  • Mitchell was an American author and journalist.
  • And she generally known for the novel Gone with the Wind.
  • For which she won the National Book Award for Most Distinguished Novel of 1936.
  • Immediately successful, it won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1937.
3. Emily Jane Bronte [1818-1848]
  • Bronte was an English writer and artist who is best known for her lone novel, Wuthering Heights.
  • And now considered an classic of English writing.
4. Jerome David Salinger [1919-2010]
  • David was an American essayist who won praise ahead of early in life.
  • In 1951, his novel The Catcher in the Rye was a quick mainstream achievement.
  • The success of The Catcher in the Rye prompted open consideration and examination.
5. Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde [1854-1900]
  • Wilde was an Irish dramatist, essayist, writer, and artist.
  • He is associated with his quips, his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, his plays, and in addition the circumstances of his detainment and early death.
  • The story starts with a man portraying Gray. Whenever Gray, who has a "face like ivory and rose leaves", sees his completed representation, he separates.
6. Sylvia Plath [1932-1963]
  • Plath was a standout amongst the most famous and powerful artists, authors, and short story journalists of the twentieth century.
  • She likewise composed The Bell Jar, a semi-personal novel distributed in no time before her passing. In 1982, she won an after death Pulitzer Prize for The Collected Poems.
7. Anna Sewell [1820-1878]
  • Anna Sewell was an English writer, best known as the writer of the exemplary 1877 novel Black Beauty.
  • Sewell's lone distributed work was Black Beauty, written in the period somewhere around 1871 and 1877.
8. Boris Leonidovich Pasternak [1890-1960]
  • He was a Soviet and Russian craftsman, author, and unique mediator.
  • In his nearby Russian, Pasternak's first book of verses, My Sister, Life (1917), is a champion amongst the most capable gatherings ever distributed in the Russian language.
  • Outside Russia, Pasternak is best known as the maker of Doctor Zhivago (1957), a novel which happens between the Russian Revolution of 1905 and the First World War.
  • Pasternak was allowed the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958.
9. Suzanna Arundhati Roy [born 24 November 1961]
  • Arundhati was an Indian writer who is best known for her novel The God of Small Things, which won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997.
  • This novel turned into the greatest offering book by a nonexpatriate Indian writer.
  • She is likewise a political extremist required in human rights and ecological causes.
  • The book is semi-self-portraying and a noteworthy part catches her youth encounters in Aymanam.
10. Leonard Gardner
  • Fat City is a novel by Leonard Gardner distributed in 1969.
  • Regardless of the way that the primary novel he distributed, its reputation has turned out to be essentially since its creation to basic approval from any similarity of Joan Didion and Walker Percy among others.
  • The book is by and large seen as an awesome of boxing fiction.
11. Ralph Ellision [1913-1994]
  • Ralph was an American creator, dynamic pundit, and analyst.
  • Ellison is best known for his novel Invisible Man, which won the National Book Award in 1953.
12. Cyril Connolly [1903-1974]
  • Connolly was a scholarly pundit and author.
  • He is best known for his novel The Rock Pool.
13. Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa [1896-1957]
  • He was an Italian essayist and the last Prince of Lampedusa.
  • He is most popular for his lone novel i.e. The Leopard.
14. John Orley Allen Tate [1899-1979)
  • He was an American writer, essayist, social analyst, and Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 1943 to 1944.
  • In 1938 Tate distributed his lone novel, The Fathers, which endless supply of his mom's hereditary home and family in Fairfax County, Virginia.
15. Milton Steinberg [1903-1950]
  • Milton was an American rabbi, logician, scholar and creator.
  • As a Driven Leaf is a 1939 novel by Milton Steinberg in light of the life of Elisha ben Abuyah.
16. Issac rosenfeld [1918-1956]
  • Issac was a Jewish-American author who turned into a conspicuous individual from New York scholarly circles.
  • Rosenfeld kept in touch with one novel i.e. Passage from Home, 1946.
17. Lionel Mordecai Trilling [1905-1975]
  • He was an American artistic pundit, short story author, writer, and educator.
  • He is most well known for his novel The Middle of the Journey.
18. Randall Jarrell [ 1914-1965]
  • He was an American artist, scholarly children's author, writer, novelist, and the eleventh Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, a position that now bears the title Poet Laureate.
  • Jarrell well known for his novel Pictures from an Institution.
19. John Okada [1923-1971]
  • He was a Japanese-American author, considered the main writer of this ethnic gathering.
  • In 1956, Okada finished the original copy for the novel No-No Boy and it was distributed that year.
20. John Kennedy Toole [1937-1969]
  • He was an American writer from New Orleans, Louisiana, whose after death distributed novel A Confederacy of Dunces won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
  • what's more, he was celebrated for his novel A Confederacy of Dunces.
21. Daniel Lewis James [1911-1988]
  • Daniel was an American creator, best known for his novel, Famous All Over Town, about Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles.
  • He distributed the novel under his pseudonym, Santiago, and amid a large portion of his expert profession, he kept his character a mystery.

shape Model Questions

1. To kill a Mocking bird written by A. Harper Lee B. Mitchell C. Giuseppe D. Daniel James Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e. Harper Lee.
2. Fat City wrote by A. Giuseppe B. Leonard Gardner C. Mitchell D. Harper Lee Answer-
The correct choice is option B i.e.Leonard Gardner.
3. The Black Beauty was composed by A. Mitchell B. Cyril Connolly C. Anna sewell D. Giuseppe Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e.Anna Sewell.
4. All Over Town written by A. Michel Friedman B. Daniel James C. John Okada D. Mitchell Answer-
The correct choice is option B i.e.Daniel James.
5. No-No Boy was composed by A. Michel Friedman B. Daniel James C. Mitchell D. John Okada Answer-
The correct choice is option D i.e.John Okada.
6. The Bell Jar novel written by A. Mitchell B. Cyril Connolly C. Sylvia Plath D. Giuseppe Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e.Sylvia Plath.
7. passage from home written by A. Isaac Rosenfeld B. Mitchell C. Giuseppe D. Daniel James Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e.Isaac Rosenfeld .
8. Who won the Noble prize in 1958? A. Michel Friedman B. Daniel James C. Mitchell D. Pasternak Answer-
The correct choice is option D i.e.Pasternak.
9. Arundathi roy was born on A. 1961 B. 1958 C. 1962 d. 1960 Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e.1961.
10. As a Driven Leaf book written by A. Isaac Rosenfeld B. Mitchell C. Milton Steinberg D. Daniel James Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e.Milton Steinberg.