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SSC CPO History Quiz 16

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SSC CPO History Quiz 16

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Geography is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. All these questions are easily understandable format. SSC CPO History Quiz 16 is very useful to get the maximum marks from the General Ability sections. Candidates can check the daily updates at SSC Official Website.

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1. Study of inscription is called:
    A. Archaeology B. Numismatic C. Epigraphy D. Palaeography

Answer: Option C
2. Which of the following is related to Etymology?
    A. Shiksha B. Kalpa C. Nirukta D. Vyakaran

Answer: Option C
3. Who wrote Panchatantra?
    A. Kalidas B. Vishnu Sharma C. Chanakya D. Nagarjun

Answer: Option B
4. Which of the following is not a religious text?
    A. Rigveda B. Sangam C. Upanishad D. None of the above

Answer: Option B
5. Kalinga was situated between?
    A. Godavari & Krishna B. Mahanadi & Godavari C. Mahanadi & Krishna D. Krishna & Kaveri

Answer: Option B
6. What was the capital of Avanti?
    A. Gaya B. Ujjain C. Satna D. Vallabhi

Answer: Option B
7. Satavahana dynasty originated from?
    A. South of Arawali B. South of Vindhya C. South of Satpura D. South of Satmola

Answer: Option B
8. Which of following Chalcolithic sites comes under Ganges system?
    A. Hanumangarh B. Alamgirpur C. Ropar D. Mohenjodaro

Answer: Option B
9. Which of the following metals was not known during the Indus Valley Civilization?
    A. Iron B. Gold C. Copper D. Silver

Answer: Option A
10. Most depicted animal of the Indus Valley Civilization was?
    A. Elephant B. Lion C. Bull D. Dog

Answer: Option C
11. The famous Buddhist scholar Ashvaghosha was a contemporary of which one of the following? A. Ashoka B. Bindusara C. Harsha D. Kanishka
Answer: Option D
12. The Harappan civilizations do not have homogeneity or uniformity in
    A. weights and measures B. cereal crops C. burial practices D. both (B) and (C)

Answer: Option C
13. A prominent Harappan site, being surrounded by flood barriers in order to protect it with the aid of UNESCO funds, is
    A. Mohenjodaro B. Dholavira C. Lothal D. Rakhigarhi

Answer: Option A
14. Which one of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?
    A. Askini - Chenab B. Sutudri - Sutlej C. Vipas – Jhelum D. Parushni - Ravi

Answer: Option C
15. The origin of Indian music can be traced to which of the following Vedic Samhitas?
    A. Rigveda B. Samaveda C. Yajurveda D. Atharvaveda

Answer: Option B

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