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General Awareness Books

General Awareness Books

shape Description

General Awareness Books are a rich store of knowledge and wisdom. They are a means of communicating information about our past, present and the prospective future. The books provide us extensive information about current affairs and general learning of various fields including history, politics, economy among several others. General Awareness Books enable us to comprehend and appreciate the different potential interesting qualities of the various fields in existence. Reading books helps in: Mental stimulation, Developing strong analytical thinking skills, Enhancing focus and concentration, Expanding vocabulary, Improving memory and primarily to fortify and broaden our outlook and horizons. They are the best companions of mankind. Through books, we come into contact with great poets, scholars, philosophers and several great writers. The books help in personality development and in building a perspective. As said by Joseph Addison, a famous English essayist, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." Thus, it is strongly encouraged to embrace the habit of reading books according to one's interests and aspirations

shape Concepts

The following are some of the concepts.
  • The Book Printed in all Popular Scripts The sacred book of Christians has been printed in the maximum number of languages and their scripts.  The most seasoned mechanically printed book is also the Bible, i.e., Gutenberg Bible printed in Germany. The Bible is likewise printed in Pittman shorthand, making it just a religious book ever printed in a shorthand script.
  • The Oldest Printed Book The most established printed work on the planet, which goes back to 868 CE, is the Hiraka Diamond Sutra, a Sanskrit treatise translated into Chinese. Its paper scroll is 480cm x 30cm in size.
  • The Largest Book The biggest  book, the super book  which is 270cm x 300cm and weighs 252 kg, was established  in Denver, Colorado (USA), in 1976.
  • The Longest Novel The longest novel ever published is Less Hommes de bonne volonte written ten by Louis Henri Jean Farigoule of France in 1885.
  • World’s Largest Epic The world’s largest epic is the Mahabharata, the Sanskrit epic composed by Veda Vyasa around 1000 BCE. It has 1, 00,000 verses and accounts the war between the two siblings, Pandu and Dhritarashtra. The Bhagavad Gita is the most profitable part of this epic, and the sacred book of the Hindus.
  • Ancient Book Displayed Coptic Plaster, is one of the world’s oldest book, i.e., It is a 1600-years-old book, went in plain view surprisingly on 14 September 1992.It was found in the grave of a young lady in a Christian burial ground, south of Cairo in the year 1984.The 490 page book of Psalms is exquisitely written by hand with bamboo and dull chestnut iron-based ink.
  • Most Expensive Book The Gospel Book of Henry the Lion: Duke of Saxony, in London on 6 December 1983.The highest price paid for any book is £8.14 million for the 226 leaf original copies.
  • Smallest Printed Book The smallest printed book is 'Old King Cole', a kids story book, distributed in 1985 in strathclyde. It is printed on 22 g paper measuring 1mm x 1mm. The pages of this book can be turned just by the utilization of needle.
  • Thickest Printed Book The thickest book on record was created by Peter Troendle, Switzerland. It has a spread size of just 5cm x 4.5 cm however a thickness of 2.75m.

shape Other Books

Some Famous Foreign Books
Name of the Book Characters Author
All’s Well That Ends Well Count Bertram, elena, Paralles, Diana William Shakespeare
Arms and the Man Catherine, Petkoff, Raina, Sergius, Capt Bluntschli, Louka, Nicola George Benard Shaw
David Copperfield Clara Copperfield, David, Edward Murdstone, Miss Betsey Trotwood, Little Emily, Ham Peggotty Charles Dickens
Some Important Books
Name of the Book Subject Awards Author
Discovery of India Indian history,Indian culture, Indian philosophy, Religion in India, Polities of India _ Pt Jawaharlal Nehru
Guide Philosophical Novel Sahitya Akademi Award R.K.Narayan
Gitanjali Devotion of God Noble Prize for Literature RabindranathTagore
Mukajjiya Kanasugalu Dreams of a Dumb Woman novel Jnanpith Award Dr.Shivarama Karanth

shape Model Questions

1. This book has been printed in the greatest number of languages A. The Bible B. Shakespeare's books C. Hiraka Diamond Sutra D. The Bhagavad Gita Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e. The Bible.
2. The most seasoned book is printed A. Old ruler cole B. The Mahabharata C. Hiraka Diamond Sutra D. The Bible Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e. Hiraka Diamond sutra.
3. The extent of the biggest book, the super book, is A.480cm x 30cm B.270cm x 300cm C.560cm x 600cm D. 270cm x 100cm Answer-
The correct choice is option B i.e.: 270cm x 300cm  .
4.The author of the longest novel, Man of Goodwill, is A. Louis Henry B. Henri Pourrat C. Roland Dorgeles D. Louis Henri Jean Farigoule Answer-
The correct choice is option D i.e. Louis Henri Jean Farigoule
5.Mrs Mary Faulkner (creator) of Africa is famously known as A. Kathleen Lindsey B. Marie Noel C. Marcelle Tinayre D. Jules Claretie Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e. Kathleen Lindsey
6.The World's biggest epic is A. The Hound and the Falcon B. A Blackbird in Twlight C. The Mahabharata D. The Bhagavad Gita Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e.  The Mahabharata
7.The 1600-year-old Coptic Plaster was exposed in A. 1456 B. 1876 C. 1984 D. 1245 Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e. 1984
8.The smallest printed book, Old King Cole, is A. A novel B. A Holy Book C. Picture book for children D. Kids' story book Answer-
The correct choice is option D i.e.Kids Story Book
9.The thickest book on record was created by A. Judith Tarr B. Peter Troendle C. Andrew Norton D. Terry Brooks Answer-
The correct choice is option B i.e.Peter Troendle
10.A Suitable Boy composed by A. vikran Seth B.Marie Noel C. Louis Henry D.Marcelle Tinayre Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e. Vikram Seth