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SSC CPO Polity Quiz 1

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Polity is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. SSC CPO Prelims exam is a combination of sections like General Awareness, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and English. Polity is one of the most important topics in the General Awareness section. SSC CPO Polity Quiz 1 presents the most important questions related Polity section.

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1. Which of the following Bills was discussed in the Lok Sabha but was withdraw before it could be discussed in the Rajya Sabha?
    A. Benami Transaction Bill B. Hill Council Bill C. Newspaper Employees Bill D. Defamation Bill

Answer: Option D
2. Which of the following has benned floor crossing by the members elected on a party ticket to the legislature?
    A. National Security Act B. Maintenance of Internal Security Act C. 52nd Constitution Amendment Act D. People's Representation Act

Answer: Option C
3. The maximum strength of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively is
    A. 500 and 250 B. 537 and 275 C. 525 and 238 D. 545 and 250

Answer: Option D
4. Anglo Indian representatives in the Lok Sabha are nominated in terms of the Article
    A. 80 B. 333 C. 370 D. 331

Answer: Option D
5. If a Minister of a state wants to resign, to whom he should address the letter of resignation?
    A. Governor of the State B. Leader of his political party C. Chief Minister D. Speaker of Vidhan Sabha

Answer: Option C
6. A member of Lok Sabha has to ask a question in the Parliament which has been listed as a starred question. To this he will be given
    A. No answer B. An immediate answer C. A written answer D. An oral answer

Answer: Option C
7. Amongst the following for whose removal Parliament's resolution is not needed?
    A. Judge of Supreme Court B. Comptroller and Auditor General C. Chief Election Commissioner D. Governor of a State

Answer: Option A
8. When the Governor receives a Bill passed by the State Legislative Assembly, which of the following courses would be most appropriate for the Governor as as agent of the Center?
    A. Exercise veto over the Bill B. Refer the Bill to the President C. Give assent to the Bill D. Keep the Bill pending

Answer: Option B
9. To which of the following Bills the President must accord his sanction without sending it back for fresh consideration?
    A. Finance Bills B. Bill seeking Amendment to the Constitution C. Ordinary Bills D. Bills passed by both the Houses of the Parliament

Answer: Option A
10. In the case of a conflict between the Center and a State in respect of a subject included in the Concurrent List
    A. The law which had been passed first would prevail B. The Union Law prevails C. The State Law prevails D. The matter is resolved by the Supreme Court

Answer: Option B
11. Who is the highest Law Officer of a state?
    A. Attorney General B. Secretary General Law Department C. Solicitor General D. Advocate General

Answer: Option D
12. What is zero hour?
    A. When a Money Bill is introduced in the Lok Sabha B. When matters of utmost importance are raised C. When the proposals of the opposition are considered D. Interval between the morning and afternoon sessions

Answer: Option B
13. The Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha can be removed by a resolution
    A. Moved by Rajya Sabha but passed by Lok Sabha B. Passed by a simple majority of its total member present C. Passed by 2/3rd majority of its total members present D. None of these

Answer: Option B
14. For those Union Territories, which have no Legislative Councils of their own, laws are passed by
    A. Parliament B. Appointed Administrator C. Union Ministry D. President

Answer: Option A
15. The Rajya Sabha can be dissolved by
    A. Constitutional amendement B. President C. Lok Sabha D. None of these

Answer: Option D

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