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IBPS Clerk General Awareness Quiz 2

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General Awareness is a very important topic for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. All these questions are easily understandable format. IBPS Clerk General Awareness Quiz 2 is very useful to get the maximum marks in several competitive exams. Candidates can check the daily updates at IBPS Official Website.

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1. What is the name of the deadly volcano in Indonesia that erupted again in May 2016?
    A. Mount Singabung B. Mount Merapi C. Mount Rinjani D. Mount Agung

Answer: Option A
2. Ebraham Alkazi is an eminent personality in which one of the following area?
    A. Heart surgery B. Civil aviation C. Theatre D. Painting

Answer: Option C
3. India is developing Chabahar Port in which of the following countries?
    A. Iraq B. Oman C. Iran D. Afghanistan

Answer: Option C
4. Which one among the following States of India has the largest number of seats in its Legislative Assembly?
    A. West Bengal B. Bihar C. Madhya Pradesh D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option A
5. In which one of the following groups of States in India is the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Project being implemented as a pilot investment?
    A. Gujarat, Kerala and Goa B. Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh C. Gujarat, Odisha and West Bengal D. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option C
6. Which one of the following is not an exclusive right of the concerned coastal nations over Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)?
    A. Survey and exploitation of mineral res B. Exploitation of marine water energy and marine organisms including fishing C. Conservation and management of marine resources D. Navigation of ships and laying down submarine cables

Answer: Option D
7. Who is the MD and CEO of Allahabad Bank as of March 2018?
    A. Chitra Ramakrishna B. Shikha Sharma C. Usha Ananthasubramanian D. Arundathi Bhattacharya

Answer: Option C
8. While India stands _______________ largest in number in terms of number of World Heritage properties in ASPAC (Asia and Pacific) region
    A. fourth B. third C. second D. fifth

Answer: Option C
9. One of the common forms of representing remote sensing data as information is in the form of
    A. Thematic Maps B. Political maps C. Distribution maps D. Land use maps

Answer: Option A
10. SIDO is related to the development of
    A. Small industries B. Steel Industry C. Soap Industry D. Sugar Industry

Answer: Option A
11. Who has been appointed as the Secretary General of the United Nations in January, 2017?
    A. Ban Ki-Moon B. Kofi Annan C. Boutros-Boutros Ghali D. Antonio Guterres

Answer: Option D
12. Which among the following country exited from Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) in Jan 2017 ?
    A. Japan B. USA C. Mexico D. Brunei

Answer: Option B
13. Who has won the 'Miss Universe 2016' title?
    A. Pia Wurtzbach B. Iris Mittenaere C. Raquel Pellissier D. Andrea Tova

Answer: Option B
14. Who among the following is the executive head of state in India?
    A. Prime Minister B. President C. Cabinet Secretary D. Finance Secretary

Answer: Option B
15. Which one of the following States will host the Nobel Prize Series—India 2018 (Science Impacts Life) Exhibition?
    A. Gujarat B. Rajasthan C. Goa D. Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option C

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