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International Flim Festivals

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International Flim Festivals

International Film Festivals

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A film festivity is a sorted out, extended presentation of films in one or more film houses or screening venues, usually in a lone city or a zone. The films may be generally date and, depending on the festival's focus, can include worldwide and private releases. A few celebrations concentrate on specific filmmaker or sort or topic case horror film festivals. Different film celebrations represent considerable authority in short films of described a maximum length. Film celebrations are the yearly occasions. Venice Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival are the best-known film celebrations and these are the last biggest film celebrations overall in a view of participation. Venice's celebration is the most seasoned significant celebration and the biggest consistently running one. The quantity of film celebrations increments every year. Nearly 3000 film celebrations are done around the world which is declared by recent survey.

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Some of the leading International Film Festivals: 1. Venice International Flim Festival-1932 (Italy)
  • Venice was the first major film festival.
  • This festival is held in the month of september.
  • The major awards are Golden Lion, Silver Lion, special Jury Prize and FIPRESCI awards.
2. Moscow International Film Festival-1935 (Russia)
  • Organised under the combined auspices of Russian State Committee for Cinema and union of Film makers of Russia.
  • And this festival is held in the month of june-july, this festival is a Biannual event.
3. Cannes International Film Festival-1946 (France)
  • Cannes film festival is held in the may every year.
  • This festival includes three major sections: the Competition, the Director's Fortnight, and the Certain Regard.
  • The major awards are Golden palm features, Best first Feature, Shorts, Special Jury prize and FIPRESCI awards.
4. Locarno International Film Festival-1946 (switzerland)
  • For film makers from around the world a meeting point in the month of August.
  • Locarno awards are Golden Leopard, Silver Leopard etc are much prized.
5. Edinburgh International Festival-1947 (Scotland)
  • One of the most courageous festivals in Europe.
  • Edinburgh can be relied upon to present an unusual and idiosyncratic selection of new films and retrospectives. The festival is held during August-September.
6. Melbourne international Film Festival-1951 (Australia)
  • Largest film festival in the Southern atmosphere.
  • The festival usually held during the month of July and August.
  • The festival gives due attention to both features and shorts.
7. International Film festival of India-1952 (India)
  • The first indian festival was at Bombay in the month of January.At present there is a permanent venue for the festival in Goa.
  • A major attraction of the festiva is the Indian panorama of recent Indian films.
  • Golden Peacock, silver Peacock and Special Jury awards are the main prizes.
  • Now a days the IFFI is held every year in the month of November.
8. Sydney International Film Festival-1954 (Australia)
  • This festival held every year in june, it is one of the senior events in the worlds festival calendar.
  • The major awards are The Greater Union awards, The Reuben Mamoulian award, The Bensen and Hedges award for Australian short film awards.
9. Valladolid international Film Festival-1956 (Spain)
  • This leading festival is notable with tributes, retrospectives and documentaries. usually this festival conducted during october.
10. London Film Festival-1956 (UK)
  • This internationally acclaimed festival is the highlight of British film Institute.
  • The screenings are held at the National Film theatre and major cinemas in London during November.
11. San Francisco International Film Festival-1957 (California USA)
  • North Americas oldest festival normally held in april.
  • The top award is Golden Gate award.
12. New York International Film Festival-1963 (USA)
  • In the months of September and October  New York's popular festival is organized.
13. Chicago international Film Festival-1965/66 (USA)
  • The oldest competitive film festival in the US.The festival is conducted in October.
  • The major awards are Gold Hugo Features, Silver Hugo, Gets Worlds Peace Medal, Special Jury prize and Gold Hugo Shorts.
14. Giffoni International Film Festival-1970 (Italy)
  • A festival for young film makers. Annual survey of films for children July.
  • Competitive section for features and short films.
15. Cairo International Film Festival-1976 (Egypt)
  • Is the major film festival of Africa .
  • And arranged in the months of November and December.
16. Hong Kong international Film Festival-1977 (Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong is lands during March and april.
  • The screenings are held in a large number of venues in Kowloon.
17. Durban international Film Festival-1979 (South Africa)
  • This Durban festival brings international films to South african audiences with additional screenings in black town ships.
18. Vancouver International Film Festival-1982 (Canada)
  • The festival is held in the month October.
  • This candian festival attracts a streams of guests and films buffs, not only showcasing new Canadian films , But also a wide selection of international productions.
19. Tokyo International Film Festival-1985 (Japan)
  • The festival period is October.
  • New mammoth event with competition and other side bar events.
20. Singapore International Film Festival-1987 (Singapore)
  • The Singapore festival is held in the month of April.
  • Biannual event held in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Festival.
21. Muscat International Film Festival-2000 (Oman)
  • This festival is held in March.
Experimented Film Festival Ann Arbor film Festival began in 1963.  It is the most established persistently worked exploratory film celebration in North America and has gotten to be one of the debut film celebration for free and test movie producers to show case work. Latin American Film Festivals The Cartagena Film Festival, established by Victor Nieto im 1960.It is the most established film celebration in Latin America.The celebration de Gramado, Brazil, alongside the Guadalajara International Film Festival and the Morelia International Filom Festival, michoacan Mexico, are viewed as the most critical film celebrations of latin America. The Expreion en Corto global Film Festival It is the biggest focused film celebration in Mexico. it has some expertise in rising ability and is held in the most recent week of every july in the two frontier urban communities of san miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. Animated Film Festivals 1. Annecy International animated Film Festival in France 2. Zagreb Animation in Yugoslavia 3. Ottawa in Canada 4. Varna in Bulgaria 5. KROK 6. Anima Mundi 7. Animacao in Cinanima 8. Hiroshima in Japan 9. Los Angeles International animated Celebration.

shape Model Questions

1. The first major film festival in 1932? A. Venice B. Moscow C. Berlin D. Locarno Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e. Venice.
2. Moscow film festival is held in th month of A. September B. August C. June-July D. July-August Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e. June-July.
3. Cannes film festival was founded in A. 1952 B. 1946 C. 1947 D. 1951 Answer-
The correct choice is option B i.e. 1946 .
4.which grants has a place with Locarno film celebration A. Gold Hugo B. Golden Lion C. Golden Bear D. Golden Leopard Answer-
The correct choice is option D i.e. Golden Leopard.
5.The first Indian film festivals mainly done at A. Bombay B. Calcutta C. Bangloor D. Chennai Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e. Bombay.
6.The Chicago film celebration is directed in the month of A. September B. August C. October D. June-July D. November Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e. October.
7.Muscat film festival was established in the year A. 1456 B. 1876 C. 2000 D. 1245 Answer-
The correct choice is option C i.e. 2000.
8.In which nation Tokyo film celebrations were held A. poland B. Canada C. Turkey D. Japan Answer-
The correct choice is option D i.e. Japan.
9.Which one is the oldest film festival in latin America A. Ann arbor B. The Cartagena C. Ottawa D. Varna Answer-
The correct choice is option B i.e. The Cartagena.
10.The Expreion en Corto is the biggest film celebration in A. Mexico B. Muscat C. Munich D. Melbourne Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e. Mexico.
11.Which film is the animated film festival A. Annecy B. Durban C. Berlin D. cannes Answer-
The correct choice is option A i.e. Annecy.