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SSC CPO Economy Quiz 11

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SSC CPO Economy Quiz 11

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Economy is a very important subject for Railway Recruitment exams and UPSC Exams. All these questions are easily understandable format. SSC CPO Economy Quiz 11 is very useful to crack several competetive exams. Candidates can check the daily updates on SSC Official Website.

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1. Which curve shows the inverse relationship between unemployment and inflation rates
    A. Supply curve B. Indifference curve C. IS curve D. Phillips curve

Answer: Option D
2. The concept of joint sector implies cooperation between
    A. Public sector and private sector industries B. State Government and Central Government C. Domestic and Foreign Companies D. None of these

Answer: Option A
3. Pump priming should be resorted to at a time of?
    A. Inflation B. Deflation C. Stagflation D. Reflation

Answer: Option B
4. Fixed Foreign Exchange Rate can be changed by
    A. RBI B. SEBI C. Ministry of Finance D. FIPB

Answer: Option A
5. Which among the following is the difference in valuebetween a countrys imports and exports?
    A. Balance of Trade B. Balance of Payment C. Balance of power D. Credit Balance

Answer: Option A
6. Income and consumption are ___________.
    A. directly related B. partially related C. inversely related D. unrelated

Answer: Option A
7. On 24 October 2017, the Government of India announced a massive of ______ package to boost economy
    A. Rs 7 lakh crore B. Rs 9 lakh crore C. Rs 15 lakh crore D. Rs 5 lakh crore

Answer: Option B
8. The rate of inflation increases when the purchasing powerof money___________ .
    A. Amazon B. Flipkart C. Snapdeal D. eBay

Answer: Option A
9. Short term contractions and expansions in economic activity are called ______________
    A. Expansions B. Recession C. Deficits D. The business cycle

Answer: Option D
10. Tax on inheritance is called __________?
    A. Excise duty B. Estate duty C. Gift tax D. Sales tax

Answer: Option B
11. For the buying and selling of precious metals such as Goldand Silver, the market established is termed as ________ . A. Capital Market B. Money Market C. Bullion Market D. wholesale cash market
Answer: Option C
12. If the rupee depreciates, how the exporters are affected?
    A. They are unaffected B. They are in loss C. They are in profit D. They get credit crunch

Answer: Option C
13. Which of the following is not a primary function of a bank?
    A. Facilitating import of goods B. Remittance facility C. Safe custody of articles D. Foreign Exchange

Answer: Option A
14. The term 'Macro Economics' was used by __________
    A. J.M. Keynes B. Ragner Frisch C. Ragner Nurkse D. Prof. Knight

Answer: Option B
15. Which of the following is not true regard to Goods and Services Tax (GST) ?
    A. It will replace luxury tax B. It is a direct tax C. It will replace multiple taxes D. It is an indirect tax

Answer: Option B

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