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Staff Selection Commission, commonly known as SSC, annually conducts CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level) recruitment for the posts of Lower Divisional Clerk (LDC)/ Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA), Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant (PA/SA) and Data Entry Operator(DEO).
Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC CHSL Recruitment drive to recruit candidates for the posts of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants (PA/SA), Data Entry Operator (DEO), Lower Divisional Clerk (LDC) and Court Clerk in various departments and ministries of government of India. SSC CHSL General Awareness 2019 lists some of the important question types that would enable the candidates to practice the learned material and to ensure the candidate understands the pattern of the exam and the expected questions that would appear in the actual test.

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Q1. Who among the following was conferred the Mexican 'Orden Mexicana del Aguila Azteca' award in June 2019?
Answer: Pratibha Patil
Q2. Oman author Joka Alharthi won the '2019 Man Booker International Prize' for which of the following novels?
Answer: Celestial Bodies
Q3. Which emperor’s army did Maharana Pratap fight in the Battle of Haldighati?
Answer: Akbar
Q4. What is the rank of India on Human Development Index 2018?
Answer: 130
Q5. Who among the following invented the computer language, COBOL?
Answer: Grace Murray Hopper
Q6. According to Census 2011, which state has the highest density of population?
Answer: Bihar
Q7. Which of the following is the highest award (in the order of precedence) for military services in India?
Answer: Param Vir Chakra
Q8. . India lifted South Asian Football Federation SAFF Women's Championship for how many times in a row in March 2019?
Answer: [latex]{5}^{th}[/latex]
Q9. Which one of the following is a monetary principle stating that "bad money drives out good"?
Answer: Gresham's law
Q10. To which state does the traditional folk dance 'Gotipua' belong?
Answer: Odisha
Q1. Kolleru Lake which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India is located in which state?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh
Q2. The power to enquire into and decide all doubts and disputes arising out of election of the President is vested in
Answer: The Supreme Court
Q3. Deficiency of which of the following nutrients is the most common cause of goiters?
Answer: Lodine
Q4. Second generation computers can be characterised largely by their use of ________.
Answer: Transistors
Q5. In the famous Rohilla War in the year 1774, the Rohillas were defeated by the Nawab of Awadh named:
Answer: Shuja-ud-Daula
Q6. Which force helps swimmers float in water?
Answer: Buoyant force
Q7. Which is the new state bird of Andhra Pradesh declared by the State Government in June 2018?
Answer: Rose-ringed Parrot
Q8. On which river is Polavaram irrigation project being built?
Answer: Godavari
Q9. Which country won the '2019 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Hockey' title?
Answer: South Korea
Q10. Who among the following was awarded the third Sayaji Ratna Award in November 2018 which has been established in the memory of erstwhile Baroda ruler Sayajirao Gaekwad III
Answer: Amitabh Bachchan
Q1. According to Indian Bureau of Mines, which of the following states has the largest reserve of silver in India in 2018?
Answer: Rajasthan
Q2. Which of the following places is famous for Chikankari embroidery?
Answer: Lucknow
Q3. As of May 2019, which player has scored the most international runs in the world in all the three formats (Test Match, ODI Match and T-20 Match) of cricket combined?
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar
Q4. Who was recently elected as the President of Indonesia for the second term?
Answer: Joko Widodo
Q5. Which day has been proclaimed as The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues by The United Nations?
Answer: 22 May
Q6. All the four rivers mentioned below are rivers of Kerala. Which of these is the southern most river of the state?
Answer: Neyyar River
Q7. The First Health Minister of Independent India was
Answer: Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
Q8. Who among the following was killed by Chhatrapati Shivaji in the Battle of Pratapgarh?
Answer: Afzal Khan
Q9. Who defeated India’s Sourav Kothari in final to win the 2019 Pacific International Billiards Championship?
Answer: Peter Gilchrist
Q10. As of June 2019, who among the following is the chairman of the 15th Finance Commission of India?
Answer: N.K. Singh
Q1. Which of the following books was NOT written by the great Indian poet and dramatist Mahakavi Kalidas?
Answer: Malatimadhava
Q2. Who among the following was the first Indian Cricketer to hit a century in the very first session of a Test match?
Answer: Shikhar Dhawan
Q3. In May 2019, which one of the following organisations was banned by the government of India?
Answer: Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh
Q4. Who among the following pioneered binary logic and arithmetic in computers programming?
Answer: Claude Shannon
Q5. Which of the following is NOT a water borne disease?
Answer: Mumps
Q6. In May 2019, who among the following became the only mountaineer in the world to hold the record for most summits on Mount Everest?
Answer: Kami Rita Sherpa
Q7. Which mountains are on India's eastern border with Myanmar?
Answer: Purvanchal
Q8. Where was the second Shanghai Cooperation Organization Mass Media Forum held from 23-26 May 2019?
Answer: Kyrgyzstan
Q9. Who is the author of the autobiography ‘Playing It My Way’?
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar
Q10. Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and smartphones are different types of_______.
Answer: Microcomputers
Q1. As of May 2019, which of the following nations has won the maximum number of Olympic gold medals in men’s hockey?
Answer: Bharat
Q2. What is the SI unit of pressure?
Answer: Pascal
Q3. Which former judge of the Supreme Court of India was appointed as the Chairperson of the News Broadcasting Standards Authority in May 2019?
Answer: A K Sikri
Q4. Who among the following was elected and sworn in as the 6th President of Ukraine in April May 2019?
Answer: Volodymyr Zelensky
Q5. Which of the following are flowerless plants that produce cones and seeds in which seeds are not encased within an ovary?
Answer: Gymnosperms
Q6. As per the Constitution of India, the President may resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to:
Answer: The Vice President
Q7. To which state does the noted Padma Shri awardeed and Sufi saint Ibrahim Sutar belong?
Answer: Karnataka
Q8. Which of the following instruments is used for the visual examination of eardrum?
Answer: Otoscope
Q9. The Barabar Caves, the oldest surviving rock-cut caves in India, mostly belong to which of the following periods?
Answer: Maurya Empire
Q10. Which of the following countries was declared as a malaria-free country in May 2019 by World Health Organization?
Answer: Argentina
Q1. Rafael Nadal, one of the top male tennis players in the world hails from which European country?
Answer: Spain
Q2. What is the minimum age requirement to become a Member of the Legislative Assembly ?
Answer: 25 years
Q3. In which city of India would you find the Swami Vivekananda Airport?
Answer: Raipur
Q4. Who among the following has the power to promulgate ordinances under Article 123 of the Constitution of India?
Answer: The President
Q5. Which one of the following business groups is associated to Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI), one of the largest abrasive manufacturing companies in India?
Answer: Murugappa Group
Q6. In May 2019, who among the following was appointed by the UN Secretary-General as the new Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)?
Answer: Lieutenant General Shailesh Tinaikar
Q7. Which is the largest bone in the human body?
Answer: Femur
Q8. Which book among the following won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2019?
Answer: The Overstory
Q9. Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year _______.
Answer: 1921
Q10. Who amongst the following established an institution named 'Kalashram' for imparting training in dance and associated disciplines?
Answer: Pandit Birju Maharaj
Q1. Bugyals are high altitude meadows and pastures in the Himalayan slopes. Inwhich statewould you find them most?
Answer: Uttarakhand
Q2. When is 'International Dance Day' celebrated by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the main partner for performing arts of UNESCO?
Answer: 29th April
Q3. During the reign of which of the following kings did Chinese traveller Xuanzang visit India?
Answer: Harshavardhana
Q4. According to Global Peace Index 2019, which one of the following is the most peaceful country?
Answer: Iceland
Q5. In which of the following states is the Kolleru Lake located?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh
Q6. Which of the following computers are used in hospitals to measure the heartbeat of patients?
Answer: Hybrid computers
Q7. Which of the following teams won the UEFA Champions League football trophy at Madrid on 1 June 2019
Answer: Liverpool
Q8. Sanjhi Art is associated to which of the following states of India?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh
Q9. In March 2019, the Reserve Bank of India bought how many USD billions through long-term forex swap auction in a bid to ease liquidity ahead of elections?
Answer: USD 5 billion
Q10. With how many states/Union Territories does Uttar Pradesh share its borders?
Answer: 9
Q1. Where was Khelo India Youth Games 2019 held?
Answer: Pune
Q2. Select the option that does NOT have the correct pair of state and its chief minister?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh – Gegong Apang
Q3. Which one of the following is a degenerative disorder of the brain and one of several conditions that cause dementia, a progressive decline of mental functions resulting in memory loss and confusion?
Answer: Alzheimer's disease
Q4. In May 2019, __________ became the first judge from the Indian apex court to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Fiji's non-resident panel for a period of three years
Answer: Justice Madan Lokur
Q5. Which of the following states won the maximum number of medals in the inaugural 2018 edition of the ‘Khelo India School Games’?
Answer: Haryana
Q6. India is a federal republic with 29 states and ______union territories.
Answer: Seven
Q7. According to the Constitution of India, how many members from the Anglo-Indian community can be nominated to the Lok Sabha by the President?
Answer: Two
Q8. According to Indian Bureau of Mines Report 2018, which among the following is the largest mica producing state in India?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh
Q9. As a part of SIMBEX-2019, held from 16 to 22 May 2019, Indian naval ships INS Kolkata and INS Shakti participated in the annual bilateral naval exercise between India and ________.
Answer: Singapore
Q10. Which of the following mountain ranges is home to the second highest peak of the world, K2?
Answer: East Karakoram Range
Q1. At NASA’s annual Human Exploration Rover Challenge, a team from ________in India strong Best Design Award in April 2019.
Answer: KIET Group of Institutions Ghaziabad
Q2. Marmagao Port is located in _______.
Answer: Goa
Q3. In which state are the Dilwara Jain Temples situated?
Answer: Rajasthan
Q4. Who among the following was elected the President of South Africa in May 2019?
Answer: Cyril Ramaphosa
Q5. As of May 2019, Vidarbha has won _______ Ranji Trophy tournaments.
Answer: 2
Q6. Who is the author of the famous book 'Kamayani'?
Answer: Jaishankar Prasad
Q7. Which one of the following allows the user to store, organise, calculate and manipulate the available data in a tabular format?
Answer: Microsoft Excel
Q8. Who is the current Chief of the Army Staff of India as General of May 2019?
Answer: Bipin Rawat
Q9. Which one of the following is defined as "a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks"?
Answer: Software
Q10. . Which one of the following is a Japanese word that means 'harbour wave'?
Answer: Tsunami
Q1. Who among the following authored the book ‘Poverty and Un-British Rule in India’?
Answer: Dadabhai Naoroji
Q2. Which of the following at 23°30' N divides India into almost two halves?
Answer: Tropic of Cancer
Q3. Srirangapatnam Fort is located in __________.
Answer: Karnataka
Q4. After winning ‘Australian Open 2018’, the total number of Grand Slam Men’s singles titles won by Roger Federer is
Answer: 20
Q5. Who among the following is called the 'father of supercomputing'?
Answer: Seymour Cray
Q6. Which of the following airports was crowned the 'World’s Best Airport' for the seventh time in a row by the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2019?
Answer: Changi Airport
Q7. What is the SI unit of electrical resistance?
Answer: Ohm
Q8. In May 2019, ____________, an Indian Council of Medica Research (ICMR) professor, was awarded the '2019 Dr Lee Jong-wook Memorial Prize for Public Health' at the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva.
Answer: Balram Bhargava
Q9. Which of the following countries will host the Leaders Conference to Combat AntiSemitism in October 2020?
Answer: World Sweden
Q10. According to Article 243 V of the Constitution of India, the minimum age requirement for becoming a member of a Municipalty is ___________.
Answer: 21 years
Q1. Who among the following Australian cricket players was NOT banned by Cricket Australia for ball tampering in 2018?
Answer: Glenn Maxwell
Q2. Which of the following states is the biggest Jute producer in India?
Answer: West Bengal
Q3. In February 2018, ________ was appointed as the first independent female director of ICC.
Answer: Indra Nooyi
Q4. The Bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine (popularly called BCG vaccine) is a vaccine to prevent which of these diseases?
Answer: Tuberculosis
Q5. Jadugora, in Singhbhum district, Jharkhand is an important mine for which of the following?
Answer: Uranium
Q6. Which of the districts listed as options is not one of the three districts in the Chambal division of the state of Madhya Pradesh?
Answer: Chhindwara
Q7. Who among the following won an award in the 'Best Actor (Female)' category at the 64th Filmfare Awards held in 2019?
Answer: Alia Bhatt
Q8. Which of the following words was inserted in the Preamble by the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India?
Answer: Integrity
Q9. Who was the coach of the Indian Under-19 men’s cricket team, which won the Under-19 World Cup 2018?
Answer: Rahul Dravid
Q10. In which state is the Kamakhya Temple situated?
Answer: Assam
Q1. In the context of computers, what is the full form of PDF?
Answer: Portable Document Format
Q2. Who was affectionately called 'The Grand Old Man of India"?
Answer: Dadabhai Naoroji
Q3. When is the World Thyroid Day observed every year?
Answer: 25th May
Q4. In which state is 'Tarnetar' fair celebrated annually?
Answer: Gujarat
Q5. Which country houses the headquarters of the inter- governmental organisation, ‘The International Bureau of Weights and Measures’?
Answer: France
Q6. Which part of the human body gets affected by the illness called osteoporosis?
Answer: Bones
Q7. In which year was the Non-Cooperation Movement launched?
Answer: 1920
Q8. ____________ was awarded the 'Kaisar-i-Hind' in 1915 by Lord Hardinge of Penshurst for his contribution to ambulance services in South Africa.
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
Q9. Who is the author of the famous book 'Meghdoot'?
Answer: Kalidasa
Q10. __________ of the Constitution of India deals with emergency due to war, external aggression or armed rebellion.
Answer: Article 352
Q1. When was Menstrual Hygiene Day observed globally in the year 2019?
Answer: 28th May
Q2. Which of the following Indian companies has been recognised as one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute in February 2019?
Answer: Tata Steel
Q3. Who among the following deafeated HarshaVardhan in 618 CE?
Answer: Pulakeshin II
Q4. When is National Science Day observed in India every year?
Answer: [latex]{28}^{th}[/latex] February
Q5. Name the sea that separates Asia and Africa with countries such as Egypt and Sudan on the African side and Saudi Arabia on the Asian side.
Answer: Red Sea

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