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Vocabulary Practice Quiz – How To Improve Vocabulary

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A vocabulary is a set of familiar words within a person's language. A vocabulary, is usually developed/ built with practice, & age, & serves as a useful and fundamental tool for communication and writing. Vocabulary Practice Quiz Sets lists some of the importantly and most frequently used words/phrases in everyday communications.
Some of the important tools to improving vocabulary are as listed below:
  1. Reading.
  2. Keeping a Journal.
  3. Learning roots of words.
  4. Learning new words often.
  5. Using the learnt words in communications and in writing.
  6. Engaging in communications with people who speak the language.
  7. Playing word board games/puzzles related to words. Mnemonic techniques are memory tricks you can use to remember new words.
  8. Creating Mind Maps/Mnemonics to restore the learnt vocabulary.
  9. Diversify the reading list. Read news from various topics.

shape Quiz

Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Above average More than average, esp. In amount, age, height, weight etc.
2. Absolutely necessary Totally or completely necessary
3. Abuse drugs To use drugs in a way that’s harmful to yourself or others
4. Abuse of power The harmful or unethical use of power
5. Accept (a) defeat To accept the fact that you didn’t win a game, match, contest, election, etc.
6. Accept a challenge To agree to do something difficult or dangerous
7. Accept an apology To forgive someone who says they’re sorry
8. Accept an invitation To say “yes” after getting an invitation
9. Accept responsibility To take the blame when something goes wrong
10. Aches and pains Mild pains that come and go, esp. From physical work or old age
11. Achieve a goal To do what you’d planned or hoped to do
12. Act suspiciously To behave in a way that makes people suspicious
13. Action movie A movie with lots of action and violence
14. Active ingredient The chemical in a drug, medicine or pesticide that makes it work
15. Active volcano A volcano that could erupt at any time
16. Actively involved Laying an active role
17. Admit defeat To accept that you can’t win a competition or achieve a goal
18. Against the law Illegal
19. All alone Completely alone, or without friends or people you know
20. All along Continuously from when something begins
21. All over Completely finished
22. Almost certainly Almost definitely
23. Alphabetical order An order based on the letters of an alphabet, with “a” being the first and “z” being the last in english
24. Alternative energy Power or electricity produced by using energy from the sun, wind, water, etc.
25. Alternative medicine Medical treatments using natural substances and traditional knowledge instead of pharmaceutical drugs and modern surgery
26. Answer a letter To write back to someone who sent you a letter
27. Answer a prayer To respond to a prayer
28. Answer an advertisement To contact a person or company after seeing their advertisement
29. Ask a favour To ask someone to do something for you because you need their help
30. Ask a question To ask somebody to tell you something
31. Ask for advice To ask someone what they think you should do
32. Ask for directions To ask someone to tell you the way to a place
33. Attract attention To create interest
34. Awful lot More than expected, usual, normal, etc.
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Bad loser Someone who gets upset or angry when they lose
2. Bad temper A tendency to become angry quickly and easily
3. Badly damage To do a lot of damage to something
4. Badly hurt Seriously injured
5. Balance a budget To make income and expenditure equal in a budget
6. Balanced diet A diet with the proper amounts of all necessary nutrients
7. Bare essentials Things that are needed the most
8. Barely able (to do) Only just able to do something
9. Basic right A fundamental right that we all share, or that all animals share
10. Bear a resemblance To look like, or be similar to, somebody or something
11. Beat a record To do something better, faster, longer, etc. Than somebody else
12. Beat to death To beat a person or animal so badly that it causes death
13. Become increasingly Become more and more
14. Best ever Best until now
15. Best friends Closest friends
16. Best possible The best that can be found or achieved
17. Big deal Something that’s very important or very special
18. Big decision Very important decision
19. Big money A lot of money
20. Bitterly cold Extremely cold, of weather, wind, rain, etc.
21. Bitterly disappointed Extremely disappointed
22. Blind faith Unquestioning belief in something, even when it’s unreasonable or wrong
23. Blind loyalty Unquestioning support under any circumstances
24. Blind obedience Unquestioning obedience, even when you’re told to do something you know is wrong
25. Blissfully ignorant Unaware of something that might sadden or disturb you if you knew about it
26. Block of flats A building with flats or apartments on several levels or floors
27. Blow your nose To clear your nose of mucus by forcing air through it
28. Book a flight To buy a ticket for a flight on a plane
29. Boost morale To increase morale or enthusiasm within a group of people
30. Break a law To do something illegal
31. Break a promise To fail to do what you promised to do
32. Break a record To beat a previous record in sport, speed, sales, etc.
33. Break news To tell someone bad news
34. Bright idea A brilliant, clever or original idea
35. Bring about change To cause or create change in something or someone
36. Bring attention to To make people aware of something
37. Bring to an end To conclude an event, a process, a sequence, etc.
38. Bring to justice To make somebody face trial or punishment for their crime
39. Broken home A family in which the parents have separated or divorced
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Call a meeting To order or invite people to hold a meeting
2. Call a name To say somebody’s name loudly
3. Call a strike To decide that workers will protest by not going to work
4. Call an election To decide that an election will be held
5. Call attention to To make someone notice or consider someone or something
6. Call in sick To telephone your place of work and say you’re not coming because you’re sick
7. Call names To tease or bully somebody by calling them nasty or offensive names
8. Call the police To telephone the police, esp. In an emergency
9. Can’t afford Unable to buy or do something because it’s too expensive or problematic.
10. Can’t help Unable to stop yourself doing something you shouldn’t do
11. Can’t stand Dislike someone or something very much
12. Carry weight To have authority or influence
13. Cast a spell To use magic to make something happen
14. Cast a vote To vote in an election or a poll
15. Cast doubt To make something seem less believable or less reliable
16. Casual clothes Comfortable clothes you wear in your free time
17. Casual relationship A relationship that isn’t serious or long-term
18. Catch a cold To become sick after being infected with a cold virus
19. Catch a glimpse To see something or someone for a moment only
20. Catch a whiff To smell something for a moment only
21. Catch sight of To suddenly see something or someone
22. Cause trouble To create problems or difficulties for somebody or something; to start fights or incite violence.
23. Centre of attention The main focus of interest or attention
24. Certain amount Some, or not very much but more than very little
25. Change course To go in a different direction
26. Change the subject To start talking about a different topic
27. Change your mind To change your opinion or decision
28. Claim responsibility To say that you’re responsible for something
29. Clean energy Energy or power supply that doesn’t pollute or damage environments in its production or use
30. Clear message A message that’s easy to understand
31. Clear understanding An understanding that’s free of confusion or doubt
32. Close the gap To reduce the difference between people or things
33. Close together Very near to each other, or separated by a short distance or time
34. Come alive Become lively, active or exciting
35. Come close (to) Almost do something, achieve something, complete something, etc.
36. Come to a conclusion To conclude, decide or believe something after thinking about it
37. Come to a realization To become aware of something
38. Come to a stop To stop moving or happening
39. Come to an end To finish, of an event, a performance, a meeting, etc.
40. Come to expect Learn to expect that something is likely to happen
41. Come to rescue To save someone or something from danger or failure
42. Come true To become real, or what you’d hoped for
43. Commit suicide To deliberately kill oneself
44. Completely different Totally different
45. Conduct research To organize and carry out research into something
46. Consider a possibility To think about a possible choice, solution, outcome, etc.
47. Cost a fortune Cost a lot of money
48. Cover costs To make enough money to pay for costs like production, materials, labour, etc.
49. Cross mind To briefly think of something
50. Crystal clear Completely clear or transparent; easy to understand or very obvious
51. Cut costs to reduce costs
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Dead ahead Straight ahead
2. Dead end A point at which no further progress seems possible; a street or road that traffic enters and leaves at one end only
3. Dead tired Very tired
4. Dead-end job A job with no prospects for advancement
5. Deadly weapon Any object that’s used for killing
6. Deafening silence A silence that everyone notices
7. Declare war To officially announce that a country is going to war against another country
8. Deep sleep If you’re in a deep sleep, you can’t be easily woken.
9. Deeply divided Seriously split by disputes or different opinions
10. Deeply held Strongly held, esp. Of beliefs, views, convictions, etc.
11. Deeply rooted (in) Strongly connected to the past, esp. Of beliefs, culture, prejudice, conflict, etc.
12. Departure time The exact time at which a plane, train, etc. Is scheduled to leave
13. Desk job A job at a desk or in an office
14. Detailed description A description that includes many details
15. Diametrically opposed Completely different
16. Direct flight A flight that doesn’t stop on its way to a destination
17. Direct quote The exact words that a quoted person said or wrote
18. Directly opposite Straight across from
19. Dirty player A player who breaks the rules or tries to hurt other players
20. Distant relative A relative you share distant family ties with
21. Do a deal To make an arrangement, esp. In business
22. Do a favour Do something to help somebody
23. Do better to improve in performace or condition
24. Do business (with) To engage in business activity
25. Do damage To cause harm or damage
26. Do good To have a good effect on somebody or something
27. Do harm To have a bad effect on somebody or something
28. Do likewise Do the same thing
29. Do the dishes To wash plates, cups, pots, pans, knives, forks, etc. Used to cook and eat a meal
30. Do well To perform well in a job, a game, an exam, etc.
31. Do your best Do all you can to succeed
32. Don’t care To not be upset or concerned about something
33. Drive (sb) crazy To make somebody feel very annoyed or upset
34. Drop the subject To stop talking about something
35. Dual nationality Having citizenship in two different countries
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Early days Soon after something begins
2. Early night Earlier bedtime than usual
3. Early riser Someone who usually gets up early in the morning
4. Early start A beginning or departure early in the morning
5. Earn a living To work and earn money for yourself or your family
6. Easy money Money that’s made without working hard
7. Easy target Someone or something that’s easy to attack or criticize
8. Eat well To eat plenty of food
9. Eating habits What you usually eat and the way you eat it
10. Economic growth An increase in the size of an economy, or the rate of this
11. Eke out a living To earn just enough money to survive
12. Empty promises Promises that probably won’t be kept
13. Empty words Words that aren’t really meant, or that won’t lead to action
14. Enter a plead To plead guilty or not guilty in a court of law
15. Entry-level job A job at the lowest level of pay or responsibility
16. Equal rights Rights that are the same for all races, genders, classes, etc.
17. Ethical investment Investment in a company that’s ethical, not harmful or exploitative
18. Ethical standards Ethically acceptable levels of behaviour
19. Ethnic minority A group of people living in a country in which most other people are from another culture or race
20. Ethnic tensions Bad feelings between people from different races or ethnic groups
21. Even number Any whole number that can be exactly divided by two, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.
22. Evenly matched If two opponents are evenly matched, they are equally likely to win.
23. Every single All of them
24. Exactly the same Identical
25. Exceed expectations Be more or better than expected
26. Express concern To say or show that you’re worried about something
27. Express interest (in) To show that you’re interested in something
28. Extend a deadline To give someone more time in which to do something
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Face a challenge To have to deal with a challenging situation
2. Face down With the front or face towards the ground
3. Face the fact(s) To accept that something is real or true, esp. If it’s difficult to accept
4. Fail miserably To fail very badly
5. Fair deal A reasonable deal in business or a morally correct arrangement
6. Fall asleep To go to sleep
7. Fall dramatically To fall quickly, esp. Of prices, sales, rates, temperatures, etc.
8. False impression A misleading or incorrect image
9. Familiar face Someone you know personally
10. Far away A long way from somewhere
11. Far better Be much better; do much better
12. Far more Much more, or to a much greater degree
13. Fast asleep Sleeping deeply, or in a deep sleep
14. Fast becoming Quickly becoming
15. Fatal accident An accident in which someone dies
16. Fatal mistake A bad mistake that has terrible consequences
17. Feel guilty To feel bad about what you have or haven’t done
18. Feel strongly (about) To have a very strong, or passionate, opinion about something
19. Fight a fire To try to put out a fire
20. Fight corruption To try to prevent corruption in government and business
21. Fight hard To try very hard to get or achieve something
22. Figure prominently To be an important part of a process, an event, a story, etc.
23. Fill a gap To fill a space or an opening
24. Find difficult To feel that something’s difficult, esp. While trying to do it
25. Find time To make time available, or find room in your schedule
26. Fire a shot To make a gun shoot a bullet
27. Firmly established Well established and unlikely to change
28. Flat battery A battery that no longer works, or needs recharging
29. Flat tyre A tyre that doesn’t have enough air in it
30. Follow a pattern Happen in a regular way, or according to a pattern
31. Follow directions To go the way you’ve been told to go, or do something as directed
32. Follow instructions To do what instructions or instructors tell you to do
33. Free speech Speech that isn’t restricted by law, religion, censorship, etc.
34. Free spirit a Person who doesn’t behave in a conventional way
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Gain access To get into a place, or be given access to something or someone
2. Get a call To receive a telephone call from somebody
3. Get a joke To understand a joke
4. Get a shock To be very surprised by something
5. Get a ticket To get a fine for parking illegally, speeding, etc.
6. Get angry To become angry about something
7. Get back together To become a couple or a group again after being apart
8. Get better To improve
9. Get better (at) To improve in skill or ability
10. Get dark To become dark, esp. When the sun goes down
11. Get into trouble To become involved in a bad, difficult or dangerous situation
12. Get married To marry somebody, or marry each other
13. Get tired of To become bored or annoyed with something or somebody
14. Get used to To become accustomed to something
15. Give a hand To give help, support or assistance
16. Give notice To tell somebody that a job, or the occupation of a property, will end at a certain time
17. Give rise to To cause or result in something
18. Give a call To telephone somebody
19. Give a chance To give somebody the opportunity to do something
20. Give a go To attempt something, esp. Something you’ve never tried to do before
21. Give thought (to) To think about or consider something
22. Give up hope to stop hoping for something because you think it’s no longer possible
23. Give way To collapse due to weight or pressure; to yield, or let another vehicle go first, when driving in traffic
24. Go bald To become bald, or have hair fall out
25. Go bankrupt To be unable to pay debts and go out of business or into receivership
26. Go crazy To become mentally ill; to get very excited
27. Go out of fashion To become unfashionable
28. Go smoothly Happen without problems, difficulties or delays
29. Go unchallenged To not be challenged or corrected
30. Go wrong To not go well, or to have bad results
31. Good cause An organization, activity or charity that helps people or animals in need
32. Good chance Quite a high probability or likelihood
33. Good company If someone says you’re good company, they enjoy spending time with you.
34. Good deal A fair deal or fair price
35. Good enough As good as necessary
36. Good time An enjoyable or fun experience
37. Great deal of A very large amount of
38. Growing number (of) More and more, or an increasing number
39. Guilty conscience A feeling of shame or remorse after doing something wrong or bad
40. Guilty party Person or organization guilty of doing something wrong or bad
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Happy hour A scheduled time when alcoholic drinks cost less than usual
2. Hard job A difficult job or task
3. Hard to see Difficult to see; difficult to imagine
4. Hard to tell Difficult to know or deduce something
5. Hardly any Almost none
6. Hardly ever Almost never
7. Hardly likely Very unlikely or very improbable
8. Hate to think To be afraid to, or not want to, imagine something
9. Have a go To have a turn at doing something; to attempt to do something
10. Have a right Have a moral or legal claim or ability
11. Have a word To talk about something with somebody
12. Have access (to) To be able to get or use something
13. Have an effect (on) To cause a change
14. Have got To own, possess or have
15. Have got to Must
16. Have room To have enough space for something
17. Heavily guarded Guarded by many people
18. Heavy losses Large or high losses, esp. Of money or lives
19. Heavy schedule A schedule with many meetings, appointments, dates, etc.
20. Heavy traffic Traffics that’s congested and moving slowly
21. Heavy workload If you have a heavy workload, you have a lot of work to do.
22. Hidden extras Extra costs that companies or sellers try to hide from buyers
23. Highly regarded Thought to be very good by many people
24. Highly unlikely Very unlikely
25. Hold a referendum If a country holds a referendum, citizens can vote for or against introducing a new law or piece of legislation.
26. Hold an election To have or conduct an election
27. Hold an inquiry To have or conduct an official inquiry
28. Hold hands If two or more people hold hands, each person holds another person’s hand.
29. Hold office To occupy a powerful position or role, esp. In government
30. Hold hostage To imprison somebody and demand something in exchange for their release
31. Hold prisoner To force somebody to stay somewhere
32. Hold talks To have formal or official discussions about an issue or a situation
33. Honest mistake A mistake that wasn’t made deliberately, or had no bad intent
34. Hope so Used to express hope that something’s true
35. Human cost Damage or loss caused to people or societies, incl. Material loss, social costs, psychological damage, etc.
36. Human error A mistake caused by a person, and not by mechanical failure or natural forces
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Icy cold Extremely cold
2. Icy wind Very cold wind
3. Ill effects Bad effects caused by something
4. Ill health Poor health
5. Immediate action Action taken right away, or without waiting
6. Immediate family Your closest relatives by birth, meaning only your parents, brothers, sisters and children
7. Immediate future The period of time directly following the present
8. Impose conditions To set conditions or requirements that must be met or satisfied
9. Impose restrictions To place limits or bans on particular actions or activities
10. Impose sanctions To ban or limit trade or contact with a country in order to bring about a change of government or policy
11. Inextricably linked If two or more things are inextricably linked, the connections between them are essential or extremely close.
12. Intense pressure Very strong or extreme pressure
13. Interest rate The percentage of a loan that borrowers must pay back in addition to the amount they borrowed
14. Internal injury An injury inside the body
15. Internal organ An organ inside the body
16. Invest heavily To spend a lot of money on something to improve or develop it
17. Irreparable damage Damage that’s too serious to repair
18. Issue a permit To give somebody an official document that permits them to do something
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Jet fighter Armed jet plane used in war
2. Job losses Reductions in the number of jobs available
3. Job opportunity Prospect or chance of finding a job
4. Join forces If two or more people or groups join forces, they work together to achieve a common goal.
5. Join the army To enlist and serve in the army
6. Joint account A bank account held jointly by two or more people
7. Joint effort Something achieved or created by two or more people working together
8. Joint owners Two or more people or parties who share ownership of something
9. Jump to a conclusion To decide, or make up your mind, before knowing all the facts
10. Junk food Unhealthy food, esp. Processed food with lots of fat, salt, sugar, etc.
11. Junk mail Advertising material that’s sent to people who haven’t asked for it
12. Just about Almost or very nearly
13. Just cause A cause that it is morally right or just
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1 Keep a diary To own and write in a diary
2. Keep a promise To do what you promised to do
3. Keep a secret To not tell anyone a secret
4. Keep an appointment To meet somebody at the time you agreed to
5. Keep busy To have or find many things to do
6. Keep fit To stay in good physical condition by exercising
7. Keep going To continue in the same direction; to continue driving, riding, running, walking, etc.; to continue doing whatever you’re doing
8. Keep in touch To have regular contact with somebody by phone, mail, email, etc.
9. Keep records To store detailed information, e.g. In business, legal cases, health care, education, etc.
10. Keep safe To prevent loss or damage
11. Keep waiting To make somebody wait
12. Keep quiet To stop somebody or something from making too much noise
13. Keep score To keep a record of the score in a game or a match
14. Keep still To not move
15. Keep the change To not return the change after someone has paid for something
16. Keep your balance To remain steady on your feet and not stumble or fall
17. Key issue The most, or one of the most, important issues
18. Key role The most, or one of the most, important roles
19. Keynote address The main speech or lecture at a conference, seminar, meeting, etc.
20. Keynote speaker The main speaker at a conference, seminar, meeting, etc.
21. Kill time To do something to fill in spare time
22. Know better To be sensible enough to know that it’s better not to do something
23. Know the score To know the truth or the facts about something
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Language skills Skills related to using a language
2. Last long Continue for a long time
3. Late night A night when you go to bed later than usual
4. Lay the groundwork To do preliminary work in preparation for future work
5. Lead the field To be winning in a race
6. Lead the world To be the most successful or advanced in the world
7. Lead to believe To encourage somebody to believe something, or to hint that something might happen
8. Leave a message To leave information for someone you haven’t been able to meet or talk to
9. Leave home To move out from the home you grew up in
10. Leave school To stop going to school
11. Legal advice Advice from a lawyer, a solicitor, or any other a legal expert
12. Level playing-field A situation that’s fair for everyone, or in which everyone has the same opportunities
13. Level teaspoon A teaspoon filled to the level of the sides of the spoon
14. Lie ahead If something lies ahead, it’s going to happen in the future.
15. Light a fire To start a fire
16. Liquid refreshments Alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks
17. Little known Not known by many people
18. Live at home To live in the home you grew up in, or with the people who raised you
19. Live music Music played on instruments in front of an audience
20. Living conditions Physical conditions in which people live
21. Living things All things that are alive, incl. Microorganisms, plants, animals, etc.
22. Long overdue Should have been done, or should have happened, a long time ago
23. Long time A great amount of time
24. Long way A great distance
25. Lose control To no longer be in control of something
26. Lose faith To no longer have faith in something you once believed in or trusted
27. Lose interest To no longer be interested in something
28. Lose money To have less money after gambling, investing, starting a business, etc.
29. Lose weight To become lighter in weight
30. Lose your life To die because of an accident, war, illness, crime, etc.
31. Lose your temper To suddenly become angry
32. Love dearly To love very much, esp. Of family members and friends
33. Lucky escape If you had a lucky escape, you came close to being killed or badly injured.
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Main course The largest course in a meal
2. Make a bed To neatly arrange the sheets, blankets and pillows on a bed
3. Make a decision To decide what to do
4. Make a difference To cause a situation or condition to change
5. Make a fortune To make a huge amount of money
6. Make a fuss To create unnecessary excitement or concern about something
7. Make a living To earn money for the things you need in life
8. Make a mess To create an untidy or disorganized state or situation
9. Make a mistake To do something that’s wrong or has bad results
10. Make a note (of) To write down something so that you don’t forget it
11. Make a profit To make money from business or investments
12. Make a reservation To book or reserve a seat on a train, a table in a restaurant, a room in a hotel, etc.
13. Make amends To do something to show you’re sorry for your bad behaviour in the past
14. Make an appointment To arrange a date and time to visit an office, clinic, dentist, doctor, etc.
15. Make an effort To put time and energy into doing something
16. Make an excuse To give a reason for doing something you shouldn’t do, or for not doing something you should do
17. Make arrangements To arrange all aspects of an event such as a wedding, funeral, meeting, conference, etc.
18. Make believe To pretend that something is real or true
19. Make changes To change something in specific ways
20. Make clear To make something easy to understand, or to express yourself clearly
21. Make contact To contact a person or an organisation
22. Make friends To form new friendships
23. Make progress To get closer to a goal, or to improve in ability
24. Make room To create space by moving something
25. Make sense If an idea, plan or action “makes sense”, it’s sensible and rational and not stupid or likely to fail; If a sentence or statement “makes sense”, it can be understood by the people who read it or hear it.
26. Make easy To cause something to be less difficult
27. Make sure To check so that you’re sure about something
28. Married couple Two people who are married to one another
29. Mass market The great majority of people who buy goods in a society
30. May (very) well Could or might
31. Medical care Help given to someone who’s sick or injured
32. Medical history All the illnesses, injuries and treatments that someone has had in the past
33. Meet a need To provide what is needed
34. Meet a standard To reach a certain standard or level of quality, safety, etc.
35. Meet a target To reach the number or amount set as a target, e.g. In sales, profits, savings, website traffic, etc.
36. Meet opposition To receive a negative response or reaction
37. Meet with approval To receive a positive response or reaction
38. Mental illness Illness causing thoughts or feelings that seriously disrupt a person’s normal state of mind
39. Miles away Far away, or a long way from a particular place
40. Miss a flight To arrive too late to board a flight on a plane
41. Miss an opportunity To have an opportunity to do something, but fail to do it
42. Missing in action If someone is “missing in action”, they haven’t been seen or contacted since being involved in military action.
43. Mixed feelings Different emotions, or conflicting impulses, felt at the same time
44. Moral obligation Moral requirement to do something because you know it’s the right thing to do
45. More or less Somewhat, fairly or almost; approximately
46. Murder mystery A book, play or film about the investigation of a murder
47. Mysterious circumstances Circumstances that aren’t understood, or haven’t been revealed or explained
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Nasty habit A bad or unpleasant tendency
2. Nasty shock An unpleasant surprise
3. Native country The country in which you were born
4. Native speaker Someone for whom a particular language is their first or native language
5. Natural causes If you die of natural causes, your life ends naturally and not because of an accident, murder or suicide.
6. Natural disaster A natural event that causes great harm, e.g. An earthquake, cyclone, tornado, etc.
7. Natural resources Things from nature that we can use, e.g. Oil, coal, rivers, lakes, trees, forests, etc.
8. Neat and tidy Not messy
9. Need badly To need very much
10. Negative attitude An attitude that shows a critical viewpoint or a negative bias
11. Nervous wreck A person who’s very stressed or nervous
12. Net profit Profit remaining after taxes and costs have been deducted
13. Net result The final or overall effect or result of something
14. Net worth The total value of everything you own, including property and money, minus any debts you owe
15. Never knew To not know something
16. New generation A new group of people or products that appeared around the same time
17. New job A different job or a job you’ve found recently
18. Next-door neighbours People living in a house next to yours
19. Non-stop flight Flight that doesn’t stop over on its way to a destination
20. Not necessarily (so) Not always or not definitely
21. Nothing else No other thing or things
22. Nothing much Nothing that’s important
23. Nothing wrong with Nothing that’s causing a problem
24. Null and void Having no legal effect or force
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Obey an order To do what someone orders or commands you to do
2. Occupational hazard A danger that people doing a particular job face
3. Odd socks Socks that don’t match
4. Offer a job To tell someone they can have a job if they want it
5. Offer an explanation To explain why something was done
6. Offer condolences To convey sympathy to the family or friends of someone who’s died
7. Offer your services To offer your time and skills to help a person or an organization
8. Office block A large building that houses many offices
9. Old age The time in life after middle age
10. Old friend A friend you’ve known for a very long time
11. Open an account To start an account with a bank, credit union, building society, supplier of goods, etc.
12. Open an investigation To begin an investigation into something
13. Opening hours The time during which a club, park, library, shop, gallery, etc. is open
14. Opposition party A political party that’s in opposition to the party or parties in power
15. Optional extras Special features a product can have if you pay extra for them
16. Organic farming Farming without using artificial chemicals
17. Overall effect The general effect, or overall result, of something
18. Owe an apology If you think you owe somebody an apology, you think you should say sorry to them.
19. Owe an explanation If you think someone owes you an explanation, you think they should explain why they did something that badly affected you.
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Pack of cards A full set of playing cards
2. Painful memory A memory that’s upsetting or disturbing
3. Painful reminder If something’s a painful reminder, it reminds you of something you find upsetting or disturbing.
4. Pair work A type of learning activity in which two students work together
5. Part company To end a relationship or partnership; to stop travelling or spending time together and go different ways
6. Pass a law To bring in a new law by voting in parliament or by decree
7. Pay a bill To pay the amount stated on a bill
8. Pay a visit To visit someone or something
9. Pay attention To watch closely or listen carefully to someone or something
10. Pay increase An increase in the amount of money paid as a wage or salary
11. Peace and quiet No noise or disturbance
12. Perfectly normal Not unusual at all
13. Personal belongings Personal possessions that belong to you
14. Phone rings If your phone rings, it makes a noise to let you know someone’s calling you.
15. Pick your nose To use a finger to remove dried mucus from inside your nose
16. Piece of advice A particular suggestion given as advice
17. Piece of equipment One particular item used as equipment
18. Piece of information A particular fact or item of information
19. Piece of music Any musical work, including musical compositions, traditional works, improvised music, pop songs, etc.
20. Piece of paper One sheet or scrap of paper
21. Place an order Put in an order to buy something
22. Play a part Perform a particular role, or be involved in a particular way
23. Political prisoner Someone who’s imprisoned because of their political beliefs
24. Poor eyesight Not very good eyesight
25. Poor health Not very good health
26. Popular belief An idea that most people believe is true
27. Pose a risk To create risk of danger or harm
28. Pose a threat Create the threat of danger or harm
29. Press a key To put a finger on a key on a keyboard and press down
30. Public opinion The opinions of the majority of people in a society
31. Pull a muscle To injure a muscle by lifting something heavy or moving too quickly
32. Push a button To press a button on a machine or an appliance
33. Put on weight To become heavier or fatter, of a person or an animal
34. Put out a cigarette To stop a cigarette from burning
35. Put out a fire To stop a fire from burning
36. Put up prices To increase prices
37. Put up wages To increase wages
38. Put up your hand To raise your arm if you want to say something, ask or answer a question, show you’re present, etc.
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Quality of life The level of personal satisfaction, happiness and health in somebody’s life
2. Quick fix A solution to a problem that can be quickly or cheaply implemented, but may not be a good or long-lasting solution
3. Quick reply A prompt or almost immediate reply to a letter or email
4. Quiet life A simple and peaceful way of living
5. Quiet night A night when you stay at home instead of going out
6. Quietly confident Feeling confident, but not saying much about it
7. Quit a job To tell an employer you no longer want your job
8. Quit drinking To stop drinking alcohol
9 Quit smoking To stop smoking cigarettes
10. Quite a lot Quite often, or quite a large amount
11. Quite agree Agree completely
12. Quite enough As much as necessary
13. Quite good Fairly good
14. Quite often Fairly often
15. Quite right Completely correct
16. Quite sure Completely sure
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Racial discrimination Unfair treatment of someone because of their race
2. Radical reform Major and fundamental reform
3. Rain hard Rain heavily, as during a storm or a downpour
4. Rainy day A day during which it rains quite a lot
5. Raise a family To raise one or more children in a family setting
6. Raise doubts To express doubts or concerns about something
7. Raise hopes To make somebody feel more hopeful
8. Raise questions To bring issues or questions to somebody’s attention
9. Raise your voice To show anger by speaking louder than usual
10. Rapid growth Fast growth, or growth in a short period of time
11. Rate of return The percentage of an original investment that is returned as profit
12. Rave review A very good review of a book, movie, play, concert, etc.
13. Reach a verdict To decide if the accused is guilty or not
14. Reach an agreement To finally agree after discussing or negotiating something
15. Readily available Easy to obtain or easy to find
16. Real life Life as it’s really experienced, or life in the real world
17. Real live Present in reality, and not in a film, on tv, etc.
18. Real wages The true value of wages, in terms of what you can buy with the money
19. Reasonable explanation An explanation that most people can accept or believe
20. Reasonably happy Fairly pleased or reasonably satisfied
21. Reasonably priced For sale or rent at a fair price
22. Reasonably well Fairly well or satisfactorily
23. Recommend highly To strongly recommend someone or something
24. Regain control To get control of something again after losing control
25. Repair damage To fix the damage to something
26. Resort to violence To use violence when other methods have failed
27. Restore confidence To bring back confidence, trust or belief in something
28. Restore order To bring back order after a period of revolt or disorder
29. Retain control To maintain control of, or keep control over, something
30. Return a call To call someone back after not answering their call
31. Return address A sender’s address, for replying to or returning a letter or parcel
32. Return fire To fire back when someone’s firing a weapon at you
33. Return flight The flight back from where your first flight took you
34. Return home To come back home, or to go back home
35. Return ticket A ticket for travelling to a place, and then back again
36. Rhetorical question A question that’s asked to make a point, not get an answer
37. Right away Immediately, or without delay
38. Room for improvement The possibility or need for something to improve
39. Root cause The main or fundamental cause of something
40. Root crop A plant with roots or other underground parts that can be eaten, like carrots, potatoes, ginger, etc.
41. Rough draft An unedited or unpolished version of an essay, book, speech, screenplay, etc.
42. Rough estimate An approximate estimate
43. Rough idea A vague or approximate idea, concept, memory, etc.
44. Run a business To be in charge of a business
45. Run the risk of To do something risky, or that could have a bad result
46. Running late Behind schedule
47. Running low Almost used up or almost exhausted, esp. Of fuel, supplies, foods, drinks, etc.
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Safe and sound Not harmed, hurt or damaged in any way
2. Safe distance Far enough away from danger to be safe
3. Safety hazard Something that isn’t safe or creates danger
4. Safety net Government programs that help people in trouble, esp. The poor, sick, unemployed, old, homeless, etc.
5. Safety record A record showing how effective safety measures have been
6. Sales force All the people employed to sell a company’s products
7. Satisfy a need To give or provide what somebody needs
8. Satisfy a requirement To have what a requirement states or specifies
9. Satisfy demand To sell products in the quantities demanded by the market
10. Scare tactic A tactic that uses fear to make people behave a certain way
11. Security forces Military and police forces
12. See reason To see that your view is unreasonable or wrong, and reconsider
13. See what means To understand somebody’s viewpoint or observation
14. Sense of direction A natural ability to know which direction you’re going in
15. Serious accident An accident in which someone is badly injured or killed
16. Serious illness A very harmful or dangerous illness
17. Serious injury A very bad injury
18. Serious mistake A very bad mistake
19. Seriously damage Badly damage (of material objects); badly affect (of non-material or abstract things)
20. Seriously ill Very sick
21. Seriously wounded Badly hurt by a weapon
22. Serve a purpose To be useful, esp. In achieving an aim or performing a Serve interestsfunction
23. Serve interests To benefit or support the interests of someone or something
24. Set a date To decide the date on which something in the future will happen
25. Set a goal To decide what it is you’ll try to achieve
26. Set a standard To set or establish a certain level of quality
27. Set free To let someone or something go free
28. Set menu A complete meal with several courses for a fixed price
29. Solve a crime To find out who committed a crime
30. Solve a problem To find the solution to a problem
31. Spare time Time when you’re free to do whatever you want to do
32. Speedy recovery A quicker recovery from illness or injury than usual
33. Spend your life To use the time you have in life
34. Stand trial To be judged for a crime in a court of law
35. Stay put To stay in the same place or situation
36. Steady job A job that offers constant work and a reliable income
37. Steady stream Constant sequence, or many things one after another
38. Stiff competition Strong competition from rivals or opponents
39. Still (be) alive Not yet dead
40. Straight after Immediately after something happens or finishes
41. Straight ahead Directly in front
42. Straight answer An honest and direct answer to a question
43. Straight away Immediately
44. Strictly speaking According to a strict definition of a meaning or a regulation
45. Strike a balance To find a balanced position that’s reasonable and fair for all or both sides
46. Strongly support To support or believe in somebody or something very much
47. Sure sign A sign or evidence that something is happening or definitely true
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Take temperature To measure somebody’s body temperature
2. Take to court To begin a legal case against someone
3. Take a look To examine, inspect or look at something
4. Take a message To write down or memorize a message for somebody
5. Take a seat To sit down on a chair, bench, sofa, etc.
6. Take a step To put one foot in front of the other, as when walking; to do something that helps to achieve a goal
7. Take a test To sit an examination or do a test
8. Take action To do something to achieve a goal or solve a problem
9. Take advice To do what somebody advises you to do
10. Take ages To take a long time
11. Take care Be careful
12. Take care of To care for or look after somebody or something
13. Take charge To take control or assume responsibility
14. Take drugs To use mind-altering or mood-altering drugs
15. Take exercise To exercise your body for health or fitness
16. Take hostage To capture and threaten somebody in order to get something
17. Take long To take a long time to do or finish
18. Take notes To write notes in a lecture or when reading
19. Take part To be involved, or to participate in something
20. Take place To happen or occur
21. Take place To replace somebody, or to do something instead of somebody else
22. Take pride in To be proud of your talent, skills, work, achievements, etc.
23. Take up space To occupy or fill up space
24. Take your time To take as long as you like, without rushing
25. Tell the time To tell somebody what time it is
26. Tell the time To be able to look at a clock, a sundial, stars, etc. And know what time it is
27. Tight budget A budget that severely limits the amount of money that can be spent
28. Tight grip A firm hold
29. Tight schedule A schedule with very little time between appointments, meetings, etc.
30. Time off Time away from work
31. Top floor The highest level or storey in a building
32. Top priority The most important of several issues, goals, tasks, etc.
33. Top speed The fastest speed that something can travel at
34. Travel light To travel without much luggage
35. Try hard To put a lot of effort into doing something
36. Turn a corner To go around a corner
37. Turn around To turn your body or head so that you’re facing the oppositeway
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Ulterior motive The hidden reason or purpose behind an action
2. Ultimate goal Final objective or goal
3. Uncertain future A future that’s likely to be worse than the present
4. Unconditional love Love that isn’t based on conditions or requirements
5. Undergo surgery To have a surgical procedure or operation
6. Undergo treatment To have treatment for a medical condition
7. Unemployment benefit A regular payment from the government to help someone who can’t find a job
8. Unfair advantage An advantage that isn’t fair or hasn’t been earned
9. Unfair dismissal Unjust or unfair firing of a worker
10. Unrequited love Love you feel for someone who doesn’t love you
11. Unusually wealthy Much wealthier than other people in the same position or with the same job
12. Upper deck Deck of a ship that’s above lower decks and open to the sky
13. Upper echelons The highest ranks in a society or organization
14. Upper limit The highest level or amount allowed
15. Upset stomach If something upsets your stomach, it causes a stomach problem that makes you feel sick.
16. Upset stomach If you’ve got an upset stomach, you feel sick in the stomach.
17. Urban development The building or development of towns and cities
18. Urban renewal The renewal of poor parts of a city by improving services and attracting investment
19. Urban sprawl The poorly-regulated spread of urban development into the countryside near a city
20. Used car A car that’s already been owned by someone
21. Utterly ridiculous Completely ridiculous or unreasonable
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Vague idea An approximate or imprecise idea
2. Vague memory Unclear or incomplete memory
3. Valid point A point that most people would find reasonable and logical
4. Valid reason A reason that most people would find acceptable or believable
5. Valuable contribution An important contribution to something’s development or success
6. Valuable information Important or useful information
7. Valuable lesson If an experience becomes a valuable lesson, it teaches you something important.
8. Vary widely To vary a lot, or include very different types, amounts, degrees, etc.
9. Vast majority Great majority, or the most by far
10. Victory lap A lap around a field or track to celebrate a victory
11. Victory parade A parade held to celebrate a victory, esp. In sports, war, politics, etc.
12. Violent crime A crime that causes injury or death
13. Violent movie A movie with many violent scenes
14. Visiting hours Hours of the day when you can visit a hospital, prison, museum, zoo, government office, etc.
15. Vital organs Organs that are essential for life, incl. The brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs
16. Vital role A very important role
17. Vocal critic A person who often criticizes something or someone in public
18. Vocal minority A group that voices an opinion that the majority of people don’t agree with
19. Vocal music Music that includes parts for one or more singers, with or without instruments
20. Vocal organs Organs used when speaking or making sounds
21. Vote against To not support someone or something with your vote
22. Vote for To give someone or something your vote
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Wage war To begin a struggle or campaign to fight something
2. Warm welcome A friendly or positive reception
3. Warning sign A sign or indication that something’s wrong
4. Waste an opportunity To not make use of an opportunity or chance
5. Waste of time Something that’s not worth spending time on
6. Waste time To spend time doing something that brings no results
7. Waste water Used water that’s discharged from factories, farms, homes, etc.
8. Wave goodbye To wave your hand when leaving, or when someone else is leaving
9. Way ahead Far ahead, or a long way in front
10. Weak point Part of something that’s easy to attack or criticize
11. Wear and tear Damage caused by normal use over time
12. Welcome change A pleasant or long-awaited change
13. Well after A long time after
14. Well ahead A long way ahead
15. Well aware of Fully or completely aware or informed
16. Well before A long time before
17. Well behind A long way behind
18. Well worth Definitely worth doing, getting, seeing, etc.
19. Whole thing The entire thing, or all of something
20. Wide awake Completely awake or fully alert
21. Wide open Fully open, of a door, window, eyes, mouth, etc.
22. Wide range A large number of similar products, services, styles, options, etc.; many different types, esp. Of people, opinions, choices, results, etc.
23. Widely used Used by many people or in many places
24. Wild animal An animal that’s living free in its natural habit at
25. Win a game To beat your opponent in a game
26. Win a war To defeat the enemy in a war
27. Win an award To receive an award
28. Win an election To be awarded victory by those running an election
29. Work hard To put a lot of effort into what you’re doing
30. Work well Operate or function properly, efficiently, smoothly, etc.
31. Working conditions Environment and conditions in which you work
32. Worth a fortune Worth a lot of money
33. Wrong number An incorrect telephone number
34. Wrong way Wrong direction; incorrect method, technique, strategy, etc
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. X-ray vision The ability to see into or through objects made of nontransparent materials
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Yawning gap A very wide gap
2. Yet again One more time, after many other times
3. Yield results To produce or provide results
4. Young child A person who’s very young, but not a baby
5. Young couple Two young people in a romantic relationship
6. Young person A person who’s still young, but no longer a child
7. Youthful enthusiasm Great enthusiasm that a young person feels
Sl.No. Vocabulary Meaning
1. Zero tolerance Legal policy that allows politicians to set mandatory punishments that judges must apply; absolutely no tolerance for something
2. Zero visibility Absolutely no visibility due to darkness, poor weather, etc.