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SSC CPO English Language Quiz 18

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English Knowledge is an important section in the employment-related competitive exams in India. In particular, exams like IBPS, SBI and other bank-related employment exams have English Language questions along with Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The English Language section primarily has questions related to Paragraph Reading, Spotting Errors, Cloze Test, Antonyms, Synonyms, Grammar, Sentence Rearrangement, etc.
An Antonym is a word or phrase whose meaning is the opposite of another word or phrase. For example: One of the antonyms of CLOSE is OPEN. Antonyms are one of the frequently appearing topics in competitive exams. SSC CPO English Language Quiz 18 are a list of important sections from English Language. Candidates can check the daily updates on SSC Official Website.

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Directions: Antonyms 1. ANONYMOUS
    A. Desperate B. Expert C. Known D. Written

Answer: Option C
    A. Agree B. Acquiesce C. Abjure D. Abdicate

Answer: Option B
    A. Solution B. Act C. Dissent D. Dissent

Answer Option C
    A. contradictory B. Subordination C. Dependence D. Salavery

Answer Option C
    A. Miserly B. Frugal C. Simple D. Austere

Answer Option D
Directions: Synonyms 1. ABBREVIATE
    A. Shorten B. Enlarge C. Decrease D. Change

Answer: Option A
    A. Weird B. Awful C. Odd D. Fine

Answer: Option B
    A. Refuse B. Amaze C. Embarrass D. Squash

Answer Option C
    A. Dirty B. Pungent C. Dirty D. Bitter

Answer Option D
    A. Moral fable B. After thought C. Ancient legend D. Explanation

Answer Option A
Directions (1 - 5): Read the each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).
1. This is the cause ……….. the problem.
    A. on B. of C. off D. None of these

Answer: Option B
2. Trains were invented ……….. the nineteenth century.
    A. At B. Since C. In D. None of these

Answer: Option C
3. We are aiming ……….. sales of $1,000,000.
    A. To B. At C. On D. None of these

Answer Option B
4. We are flying ……….. the clouds.
    A. Above B. Gone C. Except D. None of these

Answer Option A
5. We cut the cake ……….. ten pieces.
    A. Onto B. Into C. Above D. None of these

Answer Option B
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