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GRE Verbal Sentence Equivalence

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GRE Verbal Sentence Equivalence

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GRE Verbal Sentence Equivalence section primarily checks the ability of a test taker to reach a conclusion about how a passage/sentence should be completed on the basis of partial information.
The sentence in the GRE Verbal Sentence Equivalence section looks like regular 'fill in the blanks', but the test taker needs to select 2 answer choices from the given six answer choices and the selected choices must fit the sentence when plugged in, in simple words the chosen answer choices must be synonyms.
Though the format of the GRE Verbal Sentence Equivalence question seems simple,the test taker will almost encounter 8 sentence equivalence questions in total, and will approximately have 1 minute for each question.

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The GRE Verbal Sentence Equivalence section consists of a single sentence/small paragraph with just one blank and the test taker is required to find two choices that lead to complete the sentence. Both the answer choices must produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning. Both choices must be correct and there is no partial credit given for getting one of the choices correct.

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Select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning.
Question - 1 Pardoning was fine in theory, however, she experienced difficulty in tolerating a religion that would permit ___________ evil-doers access to heaven.
Explanation- The right choice is A and B, Taken separately, every one of the words aside from pardonable (minor) appear to fit. In any case, we need to discover two words which give the sentence the same importance. Consequently, we require "contrite" and "repentant" which both infer feeling frustrated about wrong-doing.
Question 2- Animal welfare foundations have found that extensive advertising, particularly over the Christmas timeframe, can really drive down the volume of gifts as individuals who view images of abused pets time and again quickly get to be ___________.
Explanation- The right choice is A and D, On the off chance that the volume of donations goes down as individuals view increasingly pictures of abused pets, it is likely that the pictures are no more having any impact on the viewers. In this way, we can say that the viewers have stopped to respond, or have gotten to be "inured" or "hardened" to the enthusiastic offer of the pictures. [Inured = habituated, solidified; overwrought = over-enthusiastic, over-excited]
Question 3- Parkin's characterization of the development as Neo-Scholastic is too ___________ to be in any way acknowledged without further investigation.
Explanation- The right choice is A and C, the blank describes parkin's characterization as requesting further investigation. On the off chance that the characterization is as well "complete" or as well "self-evident," there is nothing further to explore; on the off chance that it is as well "detailed" yet not imperfect, there is no motivation to examine further. "Biased" suggests that further examination is fundamental, yet there is no other word that creates a sentence alike in importance.
Question 4- In The Simple Soybean, the writer is a great deal less restrained in his excitement for the bean's medical efficacy than he is in his technical writings, however despite everything he alerts against regarding soy as a ___________.
Explanation- The right choice is D and E, the clear portrays the medicinal adequacy or viability of soy. While the words "herald" are comparatively in significance, they don't describe therapeutic adequacy as "panacea" and "cure-all" do. Nor do "staple" and "supplement" each of which may allude to a medicinal regime or a dosage but not to efficacy.
Question 5- After people began to make the move from gathering food to producing food, human social orders took after markedly ___________ courses; some adopted herding, others took to tillage, and still others adhered to searching.
Explanation- The right choice is A and E, As can be seen from the primary sentence of this question is that you need to express a human culture for the way of obtaining food processing change, however after the space is trailed by a few distinct strategies, so the significance of the questions it ought to be said, the emergence of human society variety of methods. Options "divergent" and "disparate" have this significance. The rural and unfamiliar and quotidian obvious mistakes, a few people may pick novel accepted to be novel, however it doesn't mirror the new easygoing working.

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