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Fill Ups Practice Set 4

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English Knowledge is an important section in the employment-related competitive exams in India. In particular, exams like IBPS, SBI and other bank-related employment exams have English Language questions along with Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The English Language section primarily has questions related to Paragraph Reading, Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Antonyms, Fill ups, Synonyms, Grammar, Sentence Rearrangement, etc. This article presents Fill Ups Practice Set 4 sample questions and answers.
The Fill ups section of English is supposed to be a part of test aiming at imploring or testing one’s understanding of a language (written or spoken). The Fill ups are quite similar to Cloze Test Pattern. In this test, a sentence with some blanks are given and the test takers have to choose the appropriate word.
The main aim of the article Fill Ups Practice Set 4 to help the students to answer the Fill ups related questions in all bank related and Government Sector related exams.

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Q1. Even though India has become world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world after china, it is also _______ for simply bringing in most of the components and assembling them, an activity also sarcastically termed as screwdriver technology.
    A. Denuded B. Derided C. Lauded D. Simulated Answer: B

Explanation: Denuded means exposed.
Lauded means praised/acclaimed.
Simulated means to imitate/replicate something.
Exalted means dignified/glorified.
Only derided, which means ridiculed/insulted, fits in.
Hence, option B is correct.
Q2. Alcohol-induced liver damage is a growing epidemic, especially in Kerala where aberrant lifestyle changes are being _______ at a rapid rate as compared to rest of India.
    A. Exhume B. Entwined C. Tangible D. Imbibed Answer: D

Explanation: Exhume means to dig up.
Entwined means tangled.
Tangible means concrete/real.
Foresight means prudence/insight.
Imbibed means absorbed/incorporated/included.
Hence, option D is correct
Q3. Delhi is the _______ example of a city that has neglected its environment and needs a fundamental policy change incorporating environmental preservation within the economic goals so as to shift the mindset of Indian society
    A. Quintessential B. Banal C. Flawed D. Primitive Answer: A

Explanation: Banal means bland/boring/dull.
Flawed means faulty.
Primitive means ancient.
Spirit means courage/character.
Quintessential means typical/ideal/ultimate.
Of all the options, option A- quintessential- fits in well here.
Hence, option A is correct.
Q4. Our chief economic advisor recently noted that although the level was still below potential, the Indian economy seemed to be picking up resiliently in terms of growth and very ________ stated that India was both a story of revival and risks.
    A. Elaborated B. Summary C. Succinctly D. Rudely Answer: C

Explanation: Elaborated and stated are similar and would be redundant. Thus, option A is incorrect.
Summary is correct in terms of meaning but not grammar.
Rudely is absurd while debatable is an adjective and we need an adverb in the blank.
Only succinctly fits right in. This means concise and here refers to the chief economic advisor summarizing his remarks.
Hence, option C is correct
Q5. Contrary to popular perception, India had never been an “outlier state” and though not a member of the nuclear non-proliferation regime, had maintained an _________ non-proliferation record coupled with a strong commitment to controlling exports of nuclear materials.
    A. Updated B. Tarnished C. Impeccable D. Guilty Answer: C

Explanation: Tarnished means marked/flawed and is opposite to what the statement wishes to convey. Guilty is also incorrect by the same logic. Both can be eliminated.
Updated means up to date and does not fit in the context.
Gleaming means shiny and is incorrect.
Only Impeccable, meaning perfect/flawless suits the context and fits in well.
Hence, option C is correct.
Q1. Higher input costs have squeezed profits for companies and further_______ these worries, the yield on 10-year U.S. Treasuries hit 3% for the first time in more than four years, indicating that companies would require more cash to service company their debt.
    A. Ameliorating B. Aggravate C. Compounding D. Relieving Answer: C

Explanation: Aggravate is correct in terms of meaning (to worsen) but incorrect grammaticallyas aggravating should have been used.
Compounding means to make (something bad) worse and is a perfect fit.
Hence, option C is correct.
Q2. The Reserve Bank of India has further liberalised the norms for external commercial borrowing (ECB) that will allow Indian companies to access _______ funds from overseas markets.
    A. Cheaper B. Dearer C. Expensive D. Poor Answer: A

Explanation: Dearer and expensive are opposite of what is needed.
Poor and ordinary are both irrelevant here.
Hence, option A is correct.
Q3. The government _______ up to Rs 1.03 lakh crore in GST collection in April, indicating stabilization of the new indirect tax regime which was rolled out on July 1 last year.
    A. Moped B. Collected C. Mopped D. Both B and C Answer: D

Explanation: Moped means to feel dejected and apathetic.
Collected and mopped both mean the same and fit in well.
Hence, option D is correct.
Q4. With increasing adoption of digital payments and reliance on electronic banking ecosystem, India must have a data localization mandate to avoid data _______.
    A. Safety B. Pilferage C. Thief D. Reduction Answer: B

Explanation: Thief is incorrect as it is the action of stealing i.e. theft that is to be avoided here.
Reduction clearly does not fit in while substantiate means to provide evidence to support and does not fit in the blank.
Only pilferage meaning leakage fits in well.
Hence, option B is correct.
Q5. Paytm has said that no payment system should be allowed to roll out services unless they ______ with the regulations.
    A. Refer B. Flout C. Adhere D. Comply Answer: D

Explanation: Adhere is always followed by to and is thus incorrect here.
Similarly, abide is to be followed by ‘by’ which is not the case here. This can also be eliminated.
Flout meaning to defy is the opposite of what is needed.
Refer does not make sense in the statement.
Only Comply which means to follow/abide by/adhere to is correct.
Hence, option D is correct.
Q1. Country has to deal with its immediate neighbours with _____ and sensitivity.
    A. prudence B. prudent C. carelessness D. careful Answer: A

Explanation: Prudence-Sensibility and carefulness.
Q2. Most such events have one or more components that _____ not related to climate change.
    A. is B. was C. will D. are Answer: D

Explanation: Here, ‘are’ will agree according to ‘components'(plural).
Q3. Ocean acidification harms a variety of ______ organisms.
    A. mariner B. sea C. oceanic D. marine Answer: D

Explanation: Marine- connected with sea and the creatures that live there.
Q4. Angela was an evil mother who wanted to get _______ of her step-daughter.
    A. freed B. relieve C. rid D. lost Answer: C

Explanation: Get rid of- To make yourself free of somebody/something that is annoying you.
Q5. The capital of Vijayanagar was ______ by King Raman.
    A. empower B. abducting C. worship D. ruled Answer: D

Explanation: The sentence is in Passive Voice. Hence, V3, i.e, ‘ruled’ should be used.

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