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UPSC NDA and NA Mains General English Quiz 1

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UPSC NDA and NA Mains General English Quiz 1

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English Knowledge is an important section in the employment-related competitive exams in India. In particular, exams like UPSC and other bank-related employment exams have English Language questions along with Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The English Language section primarily has questions related to Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks, Error Spotting, Grammar, Sentence Improvement, etc. This article presents the UPSC NDA and NA Mains General English Quiz 1 sample questions and answers. UPSC NDA and NA Mains Written examination is scheduled to be conducted on [latex]{17}^{th}[/latex] November, 2019.

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Directions(1-5): Read the passage closely and pick up the answer for each question.
There is no general agreement about how the planets were formed. The most widely accepted theory is that about 5000 million years ago swirling clouds of matter began to condense.
Through the action of centrifugal force, the heavier molecules were concentrated near the center of the eddies, and the lighter, gaseous material was thrown out towards the periphery. Such is the theory. What is known is that nine satellites began orbiting round the sun.
These are the planets. The planet on which man lives is the third closest to the sun, with the third shortest orbit. It also has been something none of the others has - an atmosphere that can support life in all the manifold forms that exist on our planet. There may be satellites circling other stars in other parts of the universe that have the right ingredients for some sort of life to evolve, but the earth is the only one in the solar system.
1. The theory of the formation of the planets.
    A. is generally agreed upon by everyone B. covers a very wide area C. it is fairly well-known D. None of these

Answer - Option D
Explanation -Can be derived from “The most widely theory”.
2. According to the passage, the planets are
    A. nothing but condensed clouds B. a collection of gaseous material C. a collection of condensed swirling material D. a collection of centrifugal forces

Answer - Option C
Explanation -‘Swirling clouds of matter began to condense’.
3. One essential difference between the earth and the
    A. the atmosphere of the earth makes possible the presence of life on it B. the earth draws the heavier molecules into its center through the action of centrifugal force C. only the earth is on the periphery of the solar system D. the earth has the capacity to come into closer contact with the sun

Answer - Option A
Explanation -Refer ‘to the atmosphere that supported life on
4. The writer claims that the life-supporting atmosphere
    A. is there on other planets in the solar system B. may be there on other satellites in the universe C. may evolve on other satellites circling other stars in the universe D. cannot evolve anywhere outside the earth

Answer - Option B
Explanation -“There may be satellites circling other planets”.
5. A planet is a ‘heavenly body’ which moves around
    A. the sun B. a star C. a satellite of the solar system D. the universe

Answer - Option A
Explanation -“What is known is orbiting round the sun.
Directions(1-3): One word or phrase from the answer choices will fill the blank in the sentence preceding answer-choices correctly. Pick up that word or phrase.
1. ----- the campaigns have been used to buy medical supplies, food and educational materials.
    A. Revenue B. Profit C. Proceed D. Proceeds

Answer - Option D
Explanation -‘Proceeds’ means whatever is collected through campaigns.
2. When I joined the flying club, my instructor gave me the first lecture on the ------- of flying.
    A. foundations B. basics C. need D. theory

Answer - Option B
Explanation -‘Basics’ means fundamentals.
3. You must ------ your house in order before you venture to offer advice to others.
    A. arrange B. bring C. set D. organise

Answer - Option C
Explanation -We can set house in order; we can neither arrange not manage.
Directions (4-5): In the question given below, the part given in underline may or may not be grammatically correct. Choose the best alternative among the four given which can replace the part in underline to make the sentence grammatically correct.
4. I am sure you may be a good cricketer if you had not wasted your time on trifles.
    A. must be B. will be C. would have been D. No improvement

Answer - Option C
Explanation -It is a conditional sentence. In the ‘if clause’, ‘if had’ is used so in the other it should be ‘would’ have been.
5. We have received no message from our friend since he had gone to london
    A. had been gone to London B. has gone to London C. went to London D. No improvement

Answer - Option B
Explanation -Completed action so it should be “has gone”.
Directions(1-3): Each of the question below consists of a word printed boldly, followed by four words or phrases numbered A to D. Choose the numbered word or phrase which is most nearly similar in meaning to the word printed boldly.
    A. damp B. bearded C. humorous D. formerly

Answer - Option B
Explanation -The meaning for the word ‘hirsute’ means hairy. Hence, the option ‘bearded’ is correct.
    A. pancake B. praise C. inactivity D. cure–all

Answer - Option D
Explanation -Panacea means a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases. Panace is an archaic form of pancea.
    A. single B. double C. married D. bald

Answer - Option A
Explanation -The dictionary meaning of word celibate is - abstaining from marriage and sexual relations, typically for religious reasons. Hence the correct option is – single.
Directions(4-5): Find suitable Antonym for the word underlined in the question from the given four options. If more than one option seems suitable to mark the most appropriate one.
4. The officer asked the clerk to expedite the matter.
    A. postpone B. defer C. adjourn D. delay

Answer - Option B
Explanation -‘Expedite’ means “to get something done quickly”. For matter ‘postpone’ cannot be used. Similarly ‘adjourn’ is used for meeting or session. So ‘Defer’ which means ‘to postpone’ can be used for matter.
5. It was done in a haphazard manner.
    A. planned B. excellent C. disappointment D. despair

Answer - Option A
Explanation -‘Haphazard’ means ‘unsystematic’ and ‘no planned’.

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