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SSC MTS English Quiz 1

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English Knowledge is an important section in the employment-related competitive exams in India. In particular, exams like SSC, SBI, IBPS and other bank-related employment exams have English Language questions along with Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The English Language section primarily has questions related to Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks, Error Spotting, Grammar, Sentence Improvement, etc. This article SSC MTS English Quiz 1 presents the sample questions and answers related to English Language

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Direction (1- 5): Each of the following sentences has a black space and four words are given below it. Select the word you consider most appropriate for the blank space.
1. To understand the nature of electromagnetic radiation, it is imperative that we grasp the _______ nature of light.
    A. twice B. dual C. double D. dichotomous

Answer: Option B
Explanation: nature is a noun, before which we need to use adjective, and “dual” is an adjective.
2. _____ of the five persons will appear in the court.
    A. Any B. Neither C. Either D. Both

Answer: Option A
Explanation: Other three are used in the context of ‘two people’ but here ‘five persons’ are mentioned.
3. She was so ____________ she could hardly stand.
    A. perjure B. puddle C. emaciated D. rogue

Answer: Option C
Explanation: Emaciated: Abnormally thin or weak, especially because of illness or lack of food.
4. We must __________ help to the people hit by the cyclone.
    A. contribute B. summon C. impart D. render

Answer: Option D
Explanation: Render: to give help to somebody.
5. The new comer was quickly promoted when his employers saw how ______________ he was.
    A. indigent B. indifferent C. assiduous D. lethargic

Answer: Option C
Explanation: Assiduous: one who works hard or does things very thoroughly.
Direction (1- 5): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best substitute of the phrase.
1. The way in which a substance holds together ; thickness or viscosity
    A. Corpulency B. Consistency C. Exigency D. Exultancy

Answer: Option B
Explanation: Corpulence: something more than average fatness. Exigency: an urgent need or demand. Exultancy: triumphantly happy.
2. deserving reward or praise
    A.meritorious B.honourable C.virtuous D.noble

Answer: Option A
Explanation: Meritorious: deserving reward or praise. Honourable: bringing or deserving honour. Virtuous: having or showing high moral standards. Noble: belonging by rank, title, or birth to the aristocracy.
3. Sudden strong rush of wind
    A.Implosion B.Trickle C.Gust D.Mantle

Answer: Option C
4. Phobia of dogs
    A. Orophobia B. Cynophobia C. Vatrachophobia D. Phemophobia

Answer: Option B
5. To bite off more than one can chew
    A. To take on a commitment that one cannot fulfill B. A task which has unexpectedly become very difficult C. A greedy person will always suffer D. To grab a share more than what is rightfully theirs

Answer: Option A
Explanation: To bite off more than one can chew means to take (on) more than one can deal with; to be overconfident.
Direction (1 - 5): Improve the bracketed part of the sentences given below.
1. Improve the bracketed part of the sentence. She has not been well (for the past) few months
    A. since the past B. for past C. since the last D. no improvement

Answer: Option D
2. The footballers (has been) arguing with the coach since morning.
    A. was B. had been C. have been D. no improvement

Answer: Option C
Explanation: Because ‘footballers” is a plural noun, so we use ‘have been” instead of ‘has been’.
3. The candidate was likely to win the assembly elections (with the) sweeping majority.
    A. by the B. with a C. by a D. no improvement

Answer: Option C
Explanation: here “with the” gives the context of “accompanied by”.
4. Nayar was among the journalists who (has staunchly opposed) the Emergency imposed by the then prime minister Indira Gandhi.
    A. may staunchly opposed B. had staunchly opposed C. will staunchly oppose D. No Improvement

Answer: Option B
Explanation: The sentence in in Past Tense and hence the bracketed part needs to be in Past as well.
5. (It should not hamper) the free flow of information and the blooming of diverse and contrarian ideas.
    A. It should not hampers B. It should not be hamper C. It should not hampering D. No Improvement

Answer: Option D

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