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Fill Ups Practice Set 2

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English Knowledge is an important section in the employment-related competitive exams in India. In particular, exams like IBPS, SBI and other bank-related employment exams have English Language questions along with Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The English Language section primarily has questions related to Paragraph Reading, Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Antonyms, Fill ups, Synonyms, Grammar, Sentence Rearrangement, etc. The main aim of the article Fill Ups Practice Set 2 to help the students to answer the Fill Ups related questions in all bank related and Government Sector related exams.
The Fill Ups section of English is supposed to be a part of test aiming at imploring or testing one’s understanding of a language (written or spoken). The Fill Ups are quite similar to Cloze Test Pattern. In this test, a sentence with some blanks are given and the test takers have to choose the appropriate word.

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Directions(1 - 5): In the given sentences a blank is given indicating that something is missing. From the given four options, (1), (2), (3), (4), a combination of words would fit the blank thereby making it grammatically and contextually correct. Select that option as the answer. If all the given combinations fit perfectly, then select ‘All fit’ as the answer.
Q1. Not acknowledging the crimes happening around us howsoever petty they are, kind of _________ them which in itself is a moral crime on our part. I. excruciate II. legitimise III. stymie IV. validate
    A. III, I B. II, IV C. I, IV D. II, III

Answer: Option B
Q2. And as Mark twain’s ________ goes; Facts are stubborn things but statistics are pliable. I. paroemia II. dictum III. adage IV. platitude
    A. II, III B. I, IV C. III D. All fit

Answer: Option D
Q3. In today’s scenario it may not be an overstatement to say that there are many sections of people who feel that their religious ________ is being compromised. I. aphorism II. venereal III. piety IV. proclamation
    A. I, II B. III C. III, IV D. I, IV

Answer: Option B
Q4. In the backdrop of shock measures like demonetisation and GST, the popular approval from Moody’s ratings agency somewhat __________ the government. I. petrified II. exonerate III. vindicated IV. ruled
    A. I, III B. IV C. II, III D. III, IV

Answer: Option D
Q5. Cow vigilantes need to be better informed and less __________ in their outlook. I. zealot II. insular III. stark IV. parochial
    A. II, IV B. I C. III, IV D. I, II, IV

Answer: Option D
Directions(1 - 5): In the following questions, a paragraph is given with three blanks, followed by six words. You have to choose the most suitable combination of words among the five alternative options, that will fill the blank coherently, forming a grammatically correct and contextually meaningful paragraph. If none of the given combinations is appropriate to fill the blank, mark option (e) i.e. “none of these” as your answer choice.
Q1. The World Trade Organisation, of late, has been facing the crisis of ________. Its members are largely divided into two groups-the Developed and the Developing countries with divergent interests leading to recurring ________ in the decisions of the WTO. Rich countries bring new issues or _______ around those issues which serve their own interests only. I. stalemate II. harp III. impunity IV. germaneness V. relevance VI. dwell
    A. III, V, VI B. IV, II. I C. V, I, II D. I, III, VI

Answer: Option C
Q2. In the post cold war era, with the rise of India and China, general _______ growth in East Asia shifted global strategic attention to Asia. this phenomenon was __________ in such notions as ‘Asan Century’ or ‘the Rise of Asia’ thesis advanced by many scholars. However within these grand _________, there was another shift caused by the expanding and diversifying interests of rising India and China, and that was the importance of Indian ocean and the western Pacific ocean dominance. I. rendering II. encapsulated III. robust IV. sinewy V. narratives VI. succinctly
    A. IV, III, I B. III, II, V C. VI, I, IV D. III, V, I

Answer: Option B
Q3. There are those who ________ that growth lost steam for reasons other than demonetization, such as introduction of GST in July 2017 and the twin balance sheet problem depressing investment in the economy, as banks refused to lend, groaning under their burden of bad debt, and large companies ________ under unserviceable loans, the counterparts to the banks’ bad loans, started few large projects. Yes, allocation of blame for deceleration to individual factors is not easy, Survey made its claim after some statistical exertions. What is not hard to identify is the common thread running through all three ________ — poor economic management. I. maladies II. quibble III. hark IV. relinquished V. squashed VI. prerequisites
    A. II, V, I B. III, IV, VI C. II, I, IV D. V, III, I

Answer: Option A
Q4. The sudden but not unexpected _________ of people on the streets of Ayodhya is unfortunate. The BJP government, both at the Centre and in Uttar Pradesh, should prevent those attempting to stir the communal _________ instead of supporting them to gain electoral mileage. This development does not ________ well for a secular democracy that is governed by the rule of law. I. cauldron II. disrupt III. mobilization IV. panacea V. portend VI. mockery
    A. IV, V, I B. III, I, V C. VI, II, IV D. III, I, V

Answer: Option B
Q5. The suggestion that intelligence agencies must be ahead of the perpetrators of terror in order to ________ out untoward incidents needs to be addressed by the government authorities immediately. When novel methods are adopted by the terrorists, mere ________ of spy equipment will not yield results. Suitable persons must be ________ into the intelligence system. The intelligence recruitment process needs a relook. I. refurbishment II. snuff III. inducted IV. sophistication V. accredit VI. smother
    A. VI, I, V B. V, III, II C. V, II, VI D. II, IV, III

Answer: Option D
Directions(1 - 5): In the following questions, a paragraph is given with three blanks, followed by six words. You have to choose the most suitable combination of words among the five alternative options, that will fill the blank coherently, forming a grammatically correct and contextually meaningful paragraph. If none of the given combinations is appropriate to fill the blank, mark option (e) i.e. “none of these” as your answer choice.
Q1. The fear of insurgency in red terror hit districts is such that every year, the civil administration _________ its success based on how many more kilometers away from the headquarters its officials can go freely to ________ state schemes. Review and monitoring of programs have taken a back seat. Many state welfare schemes are, in fact, carried out by NGOs like the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram that has been working__________ in these regions for more than three decades. I. contrive II. arduously III. implement IV. connive V. assesses VI. joviality
    A. III, IV, II B. IV, I, II C. V, IV, II D. V, III, II

Answer: Option D
Q2. The Madras High court in November _________ the government’s populist policy and so called ‘freebies’ governance which puts extreme pressure on State finances. It is a _______ that the judiciary has to step into counsel reforms in governance. While giving ________ to the poor people is appreciable, offering groceries to all cardholders is preposterous. I. succor II. pilfer III. lambasted IV. help V. harangue VI. pity
    A. II, I, VI B. III, VI, I C. VI, I, IV D. I, IV, V

Answer: Option B
Q3. The diligence with which Mary Kom has __________ the sports and excelled at the world stage is extremely inspiring. At 35 years of age, with five world titles already in the bag, she ________ the talk against her opponent in front of the packed stadium and increased her tally to an all time _________ record of six world championships. I. historical II. prodigious III. walked IV. pursued V. spectacularly
    A. III, V, IV B. II, I, V C. IV, III, I D. II, I, IV

Answer: Option C
Q4. According to the scientists from the IIT Madras in collaboration with researchers from Purdue University, US; the devastation _______ by Kerala floods could not be attributed to the release of water from dams. It was the _______ volumes of rainfall Kerala received which was 42 percent above the normal and 100 percent above in Idukki that caused the ________. I. torrential II. relentless III. travailed IV. wrought V. inundation VI. swamp
    A. III, II, VI B. IV, I, V C. I, IV, VI D. II, VI, IV

Answer: Option B
Q5. Due to short-sighted policies, the entire Kashmiri population has now become ________. However, development can bring positive ________change in many of those problems. For instance, with goods jobs and school’s children and youth would focus on study and work. Similarly, the development will reduce _________ among the people out there, who see themselves as pawns who have been sandwiched between Indian and Pakistan bilateral issues. I. impetus II. resentment III. alienated IV. steadfast V. ferociously VI. catalytic
    A. V, I, IV B. III, II, VI C. V, III, I D. III, VI, II

Answer: Option D

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