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Synonyms Practice Quiz 1

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English Knowledge is an important section in the employment-related competitive exams in India. In particular, exams like IBPS, SBI and other bank-related employment exams have English Language questions along with Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The English Language section primarily has questions related to Paragraph Reading, Spotting Errors, Cloze Test, Antonyms, Synonyms, Grammar, Sentence Rearrangement, etc. This article presents Synonyms Practice Quiz 1 sample questions and answers.
A Synonym is a Word (or) Phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example, shut is a synonym of close. Synonyms Practice Quiz 1 are very useful for different competitive exams such as IBPS PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, SBI PO, NIACL Assistant, NICL AO, IBPS RRB, Railways, Civil Services, etc.

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Directions (1Q - 5Q): Read the following question which are SYNONYMS and answer them.
Q1. Demure
    A. zest B. gusto C. feeble D. uncanny E. sedate

Answer - Option E
Explanation - Demure – Affectedly or falsely modest or prim.
Q2. Alacrity
    A. briskness B. verve C. rapacious D. diffuse E. vitality

Answer - Option A
Explanation - Alacrity -Eagerness; cheerful promptness.
Q3. Banter
    A. travail B. chaff C. prolix D. irony E. gestate

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Banter-Good-natured teasing or ridicule.
Q4. Delectable
    A. wonder B. deliberate C. consumable D. squirm E. expunge

Answer - Option E
Explanation - Delectable-Very pleasing
Q5. Acumen
    A. sappier B. verbose C. discernment D. gallivant E. meander

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Acumen- Keenness of mind or insight.
Directions (1Q - 5Q): Read the following question which are SYNONYMS and answer them.
Q1. Castigate
    A. habitue B. voracious C. decapitate D. reprove E. immature

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Castigate -To punish or criticize severely.
Q2. Callous
    A. obdurate B. blatant C. devotee D. triumph E. miracle

Answer - Option A
Explanation - Callous -Unfeeling or insensitive.
Q3. Besmirch
    A. moist B. dank C. puerile D. defile E. phenomenon

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Besmirch – To soil or dirty.
Q4. Affable
    A. civil B. pine C. vindictive D. sarcasm E. drudgery

Answer - Option A
Explanation - Affable – courteous , sociable.
Q5. Bellicose
    A. relent B. decided C. forewarn D. pugnacious E. ramble

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Bellicose – Inclined to quarrel.
Directions (1Q - 5Q): Read the following question which are SYNONYMS and answer them.
Q1. Backers
    A. performance B. normality C. sponsor D. pardon E. antagonist

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Backers – a person, institution, or country that supports someone or something, especially financially.
Q2. Cessation
    A. termination B. forgive C. ordinariness D. display E. opponent

Answer - Option A
Explanation - the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end financially.
Q3. Retaliate
    A. exhibition B. oppose C. respond D. presentation E. sympathize

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Retaliate – make an attack in return for a similar attack.
Q4. Escalated
    A. pageant B. diffidence C. increase D. humility E. sameness

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Escalated – increase rapidly.
Q5. Ideal
    A. fetor B. example C. reek D. stink E. insinuate

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Ideal-leading to failure or disaster.

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