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One Word Substitutions Practice Quiz 2

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One Word Substitutions Practice Quiz 2

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What are One word Substitutions? One word Substitution, one of the important elements of English Comprehension, simply means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word. The article One word Substitutions Practice Quiz 2 consists of One word Substitutions questions with answers primarily helpful for the candidates preparing for competitive exams like RBI, IBPS, SBI, RRB, SSC and etc.
To solve the One word Substitutions questions, candidates require a strong vocabulary base. Since most of the competitive exams include a test of English Comprehension, one word substitutions constitute an important segment.Also, they are an integral part of vocabulary. One of the important techniques to ace the “One word Substitutions” questions candidates have to smartly learn the root words. Root words are those from which the main words are derived. Learning through root words is fairly simple and enhances the ability to grasp quickly and to retain for longer periods in time. This method also aids in increasing the vocabulary base. Examples are as stated below:
1. OMNI = All/Everything/Everywhere
  • One who is all powerful – Omnipotent
  • One who is present everywhere – Omnipresent
  • One who knows everything – Omniscient

2. Cide = Killing/ Death
  • Killing of a human being – Homicide
  • Killing/ Murder of a king – Regicide
  • Killing of an Infant/ newborn baby – Infanticide
  • Killing of a race or community – Genocide
  • Killing of One’s sister – Sorocide

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Q1. Irresistible caring for alcoholic drinks.
    A. Dipsomania B. Pyromania C. Megalomania D. Kleptomania

Answer - Option A
Q2. A specialist who tests eyesight.
    A. Ophthalmologist B. Dermatologist C. Misogynist D. Philanthropist

Answer - Option A
Q3. One who does not follow the usual rules of social life.
    A. Bohemian B. Artisan C. Journeyman D. Physician

Answer - Option A
Q4. A broad road bordered with trees.
    A. Avenue B. Barn C. Stroll D. Boutique

Answer - Option A
Q5. The worship of idols or images.
    A. Theism B. Iconoclasm C. Atheism D. Idolatry

Answer - Option D
Q1. The scientific study of living organisms
    A. Biochemistry B. Zoology C. Organic Chemistry D. Biology

Answer - Option B
Q2. Lasting only for a short while
    A. Temporary B. Temporal C. Transparent D. Template

Answer - Option A
Q3. Something that cannot be taken away
    A. inalienable B. edible C. ilegible D. natural

Answer - Option A
Q4. Careful and through enquiry
    A. Investigation B. Interview C. Examination D. Exploration

Answer - Option A
Q5. Sudden and violent change
    A. Cataclysm B. Catalysis C. Catacombs D. Catechism

Answer - Option A
Q1. To look at someone in an angry or threatening way
    A. Glower B. Gnaw C. Gnash D. Grind

Answer - Option A
Q2. A continuous process of change
    A. transformation B. metamorphosis C. flux D. dynamism

Answer - Option C
Q3. To struggle helplessly
    A. flounder B. founder C. fumble D. finger

Answer - Option A
Q4. Impossible to describe
    A. miraculous B. ineffable C. stupendous D. appaling

Answer - Option B
Q5. Bad beyond reform
    A. irreversible B. irrevocable C. irredeemable D. irreparable

Answer - Option C

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