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Statement Assumptions Quiz 4

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What is an assumption statement? Statements and Assumptions. The questions from statements and assumptions feature regularly in competitive exams. ... For the correct answer, the student needs to assess the given statement and decide which of the given assumption is implicit to the statement in the question above.
The article Statement Assumptions Quiz 4 provides information about Statement Assumptions, a important topic of Reasoning Consists of different types Statement Assumptions questions with solutions useful for candidates preparing for different competitive examinations like RRB .RRB ALP/Technical Exams/Junior Engineer Recruitment Exams, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IBPS, SBI PO, SBI Clerks, CAT and etc.

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1. Statement: The centre has released an additional Rs.65 crores to the state to implement the mid-day meal scheme in primary and upper primary schools in educationally backward areas for the current academic year. Which of the following is an assumption implicit in the given statement? Assumptions: I) Midday meal scheme is not implemented in high schools. II) Midday meal encourages children to go to school. III) More than Rs.65 crores has been spent on mid day meal in educationally backward areas for the current academic year.
    A. Only (I) B. Only (II) and (I) C. Only (III) and (II) D. Only (II) E. None of these

2. Statement: The management of school ‘X’ has decided to give free breakfast from next academic year to all the students in its primary section through its canteen, even though they will not get any government grant. Which of the following may weaken the step taken by the management? Assumptions: I. Funds will have to be raised to support the schemes for years to come. II. The school will have to admit many poor students at negligible fee for the next academic year. III. The canteen facilities and utensils will have to be checked and new purchases to be made to equip it properly.
    A. Either I or II B. Both II and III C. Only II D. Only I E. None of these

3. Statement: “When forces like the special operation group (SOG) are set up, some excesses are bound to happen and some innocent suffer. But we should be satisfied with the success of this SOG”. View of a citizen of an area where SOG has launched its operation. Assumptions: I. Seen in the larger interest of the people, agonies of the innocent is a small price to pay. II. It is quite difficult for SOG to get the desired result without any negative impact.
    A. If only assumption I is implicit B. If only assumption II is implicit C. If either assumption I or II is implicit D. If neither assumption I nor II is implicit E. If both assumption I and II is implicit

4. Statement: The starvation deaths in Bundelkhand region are shocking. Such incidents should make people who waste food instead of sharing with poor, feel ashamed. Assumptions: I. The people who waste food are not ashamed. II. All people are not aware of the shocking starvation death in Bundelkhand.
    A. If only assumption I is implicit. B. If only assumption II is implicit C. If either I or II is implicit D. If neither I nor II is implicit E. If both I and II are implicit

5. US President has downsized his country’s nuclear arsenal helped to negotiate a deal to halt Iran’s nuclear-weapons programme and led a global initiative to secure radioactive materials. But his legacy on nuclear issues remains uncertain, as the progress in securing nuclear materials has been slow. Which of the following is an assumption of the speaker?
    A. There could be a break in the president’s initiative at securing radioactive materials. B. One’s lasting fame depends on the velocity with which one’s initiatives are carried out. C. The deteriorating progress will eventually lead to the failure of the initiative. D. The US can never convince a country to give up its nuclear initiatives. E. None of these

Answers and Explanations
1. Answer - Option D
Explanation -
The statement does not refer to high schools. Moreover it is stated that the released funds are additional funds. It is not known how the earlier funds were released. Hence, I is out of extent.
As the released funds are for schools in educationally backward areas, it is clear that government is under the assumption that midday meal scheme would encourage children to go to school. Hence, II is an assumption.
It is stated that the funds have been released but not that they have been spent. Hence, III is out of context.
2. Answer - Option E
Explanation -
From statement I:
Statement I strengthen the statement as by raising the funds the schemes will move for several years to come.
From statement II:
Statement II also strengthens the decision as by admitting poor children increases the literacy rate of the country and they will stand on their own feet.
From statement III:
Statement III not weaken the decision as kitchen utensils should be checked properly before use as health of the children will not be compromised at any situation.
So, none of the statement weaken the decision of the management.
3. Answer - Option E
Explanation -
Assumption I:
Assumption I is implicit as suffering of some people due to SOG leads to help a larger section of society and improves the country.
Assumption II:
It is difficult for SOG to get the output without any negative comment as this helps them to get the variety of views and do their work sufficiently. Hence, assumption
II is also implicit.
So, both I and II are implicit.
4. Answer - Option A
Explanation -
For I: The speaker is asking the people who waste food to feel ashamed, assuming that they do not feel ashamed. It is implicit.
For II: This assumption is irrelevant.
5. Answer - Option B
Explanation -
The argument in the given text is that the US president cannot sustain his legacy because of the slow progress of his initiative, i.e. ‘securing nuclear materials’, which, in other words, means that if he can speed up his initiative, he can have a lasting glory. So, the underlying assumption here is that whether one has a lasting glory or not depends on how fast their initiatives progress. The assumption comes out only in statement 2. Hence, statement 2 is the right answer.
1. Statement: India is buying over 1,000 new planes. However unprecedented expansion will place immense pressure on the aviation system. The industry currently appears to be underestimating the challenges ahead. Which of the following could be the reason for the concerns about “challenges ahead” in the above statement? i) The buying frenzy, led by budget airlines like Spice jet and Indigo, is not without reason. Around 220 million Indians flew last year — an annual increase of 20%. ii) The country is on track to overtake the U.K. as the world’s third-largest aviation market by 2026. iii) Only 75 out of 400 airports are currently operational in India and even the biggest hubs like Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai are bursting at the seams.
    A. Only (i) B. Both (i) and (ii) C. Only (iii) D. Both (ii) and (iii) E. None of these

2. Statement: More than 9 million high-school students across China are taking the biggest exam of their lives known as the gaucho, this week. For millions of teenagers, it’s a big source of stress. For many businesses, it’s a great chance to make money. Which of the following statements/facts substantiates the importance of this test for Chinese people? i) The gruelling test determines where the students can go to university and what they’ll study. ii) Parents are willing to loosen the purse strings to try to ensure success, splashing out on private tutors, good luck charms and even luxury hotels. iii) Chinese students have also begun spending more on drugs and dietary supplements that they believe will improve their memory and attention.
    A. Only (i) B. Both (i) and (ii) C. Only (iii) D. Both (ii) and (iii) E. All (i), (ii) and (iii)

3. The reason for Trump’s victory in USA elections was that the Voters believed their political apparatus was corrupt and Trump was the only one who reliably affirmed that belief and promised to fix it. While Hillary Clinton held campaign rallies with Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Trump was out talking about the “forgotten” working class, which in turn exacted a “revenge” on the political elite by voting for him. Which of the following can be inferred from the given statement?
    A. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt leader. B. Trump is the only leader who is concerned about the working class. C. Only working class voted for Trump. D. The reason for trump’s success is the polarization of the people towards Trump as he was taking out all the issues and problems of general public. E. The reason of Hillary Clinton’s defeat was the campaign rallies with Beyoncé and Jay-Z, which backfired on her.

4. Statement: As the festive season is round the corner, the country is on high alert due to rise in the level of pollution. So, Government has given the orders to use green crackers in place of conventional crackers just few days before Diwali. These green crackers are environment friendly and cost effective firecrackers and produces 20-30% less pollution over conventional one. Which of the following is incorrect with respect to the given statement? i) Fire crackers release pollutant which in turn mixed with air and cause pollution. ii) In festive season the level of pollution gets increased. III) The government is taking various steps to decline the level of pollution. IV) The green fire crackers are quite expensive, so the shopkeepers will have to bear loss.
    A. I and II B. II and III C. I and IV D. Only IV E. Only III

5. A car company ‘Aristo’ was famous car manufacturing company 7 years ago but company’s production has been declining from past 5 years. So, after all these mishappenings the company is forced to shut down now. Which of the following could be the most possible reason for the above-mentioned statement?
    A. The company did not have enough funds to buy raw material which was required for the product. B. The employees of the company are not satisfied in their job. C. The machinery was too old and was not in proper working condition. D. The demand of the product has been declining from past 5 years. E. The rival company’s car is fully automatic and is composed with all new features.

Answers and Explanations
1. Answer - Option C
Explanation -
Statement (i) and (ii) states a fact that supports this buying frenzy being carried out by aviation companies. Whereas (iii) clearly mentions that lack of infrastructure will be a major challenge that aviation companies might have to face in future.
2. Answer - Option E
Explanation -
(i) states a fact that this test will determine the future career of the students and thus have a significant importance for them. The fact that parents are spending a lot of money to ensure the comfort of their children and the students spending money on supplements signifies the importance of this test, So (ii) and (iii) substantiates the statement.
3. Answer - Option D
Explanation -
Only statement 4 can be inferred from the given statement as the given statement suggest that the victory of Trump is more a revenge against the corrupt ones and moreover Trump was more focusing on working class public’s issue whereas Hillary was more concerned on fascinating people by famous personalities.
4. Answer - Option D
Explanation -
Only I, is incorrect as it is mentioned in above statement that green crackers are cost effective whereas the (IV) statement states that green fire crackers are quite expensive.
5. Answer - Option D
Explanation -
For statement 1 raw material plays an important role in production of a product and adequate funds are also required for it but there are alternatives available for it such as loans to fulfil the requirement so statement I is not the most possible reason. Employee satisfaction and proper machinery plays a vital role in growth of the company but again both of these can be replaced or modified. So, statement 2 and 3 do not follow. Statement 5 is vague. So, the most possible reason is statement 4 as the demand has been declined from past 5 years hence the production also declined.
1. Statement: Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has dominated its politics for the better part of a century, seems at risk of a defeat in the July 1 election. Conclusions: I. The PRI has won most of the elections held in Mexico in the last 100 years. II. The PRI will no longer remain the reigning party in Mexico post July. III. The leaders of PRI seemed to have irked the sentiments of the common people in Mexico.
    A. Only I follow B. Only II follow C. Both I and II follow D. Both II and III follow E. Both I and III follow

2. Statement: Overwhelmed with grief and anger, families have been returning to what is left of their homes in the Old City of Mosul, following its liberation from Isis, the terrorist organization. Assumptions: I. The terrorist organization, Isis, destroyed the Old City of Mosul before they left. II. Most of the residents of Mosul had left/ been driven away when Isis took over their city. III. None of the residents of Mosul supported Isis, which is why they left the city.
    A. If only assumption I is implicit. B. If only assumption II is implicit. C. If only assumption III is implicit. D. If both I and II are implicit. E. If none of the assumption is implicit.

3. Statement: Digital payment systems have ballooned in popularity in India since the government scrapped large-value banknotes in 2016. Assumptions: I. People find it easier to pay via electronic methods instead of by cash these days. II. The common people have realized the convenience of digital payments, which is why it gained popularity. III. Digital payments methods have become popular in India because of good advertising.
    A. Only I follow B. Only II follow C. Both I and II follow D. Both II and III follow E. Both I and III follow

4. Statement: A Government advertisement in public interest- “For a child’s better mental health, admit him/her to a school only after five years of age.” Assumptions: I. A child cannot learn before he/she turns five. II. Some school admit children who are below five years of age.
    A. If only assumption I is implicit. B. If only assumption II is implicit. C. If either I or II is implicit. D. If neither I nor II is implicit. E. If both I and II are implicit.

5. Statement: Should students be allowed to work while they are studying? Arguments: I. Yes. The economic background if every individual does not allow them to pursue education, such permission therefore makes it feasible to fulfill one’s dream. II. Yes. Work play an important role in making a person self sufficient. Besides, this practical knowledge becomes necessary to make studies meaningful.
    A. If only argument I is implicit. B. If only argument II is implicit. C. If either I or II is implicit. D. If neither I nor II is implicit. E. If both I and II are implicit.

Answers and Explanations
1. Answer - Option A
Explanation -
Only conclusion I follows from the given statement. We have been told that the PRI has dominated Mexico’s politics for the better part of a century, from which we can easily conclude that they’ve won most of the elections that have been held in Mexico in the last 100 years. Conclusion II does not follow because we do not know for certain of the PRI is going to lose in the coming elections. The statement tells us that the ruling party seems to be at a risk of defeat. Conclusion II does not follow as we do not know the reasons for assuming that the ruling party might not win the upcoming elections.
2. Answer - Option D
Explanation -
Both assumptions I and II are valid. The statement says that people are returning to “what is left of their homes”, from which we can assume that their homes were almost destroyed. Similarly, because the families are returning to the city, we can assume that they were driven away or left when Isis took over their city. However, assumption III is not valid as we cannot assume if all of the residents had left and none of them supported Isis from the given statement.
3. Answer - Option C
Explanation -
Both inferences I and II follow. The given statement says that digital payments have grown in popularity since the government scrapped large value banknotes more than a year ago. We can easily infer that people must have found the new mode of payment easy and convenient, which is why they stuck to this method even after more than a year.
4. Answer - Option B
Explanation -
A child can learn before he/she turns five. So, assumption I is not implicit.
Some schools admit children who are below five years of age, so government gives that advertisement.
So, assumption II is implicit.
5. Answer - Option D
Explanation -
From argument I, it concludes that if a person is not able to pursue their education then by working in the real world helps them to make their dream come true.
From argument II, working also increases the practical knowledge of the person and it makes the studies meaningful and makes a man self sufficient.
Hence, both argument I and II are strong.

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