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Analogy Practice Quiz 5

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Analogy Practice Quiz 5

shape Introduction

Analogy means ‘correspondence’. The questions based on analogy, a particular relationship is given and another similar relationship has to be identified from the given alternatives. In Analogy, relationship between two given words is established and then applied to other words. The type of relationship may very, so while attempting such questions first step is to identify the type of relationship.
The article Analogy Practice Quiz 5 provides information about Analogy, a important topic of Reasoning Consists of different types Analogy questions with solutions useful for candidates preparing for different competitive examinations like RRB. RRB ALP/Technical Exams/Junior Engineer Recruitment Exams, SSC CGL,SSC CHSL, IBPS, SBI PO, SBI Clerks, CAT and etc.

shape Quiz

1. Profit :: Income :: Loss : ?
    A. Sale B. Balance C. Expenditure D. Reciepts

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Opp of Income-Expenditure(profit opp is loss)
2. Wave : Air :: Ripples : ?
    A. Smoke B. Water C. Storm D. Wind

Answer - Option B
Explanation - 2nd travel in 1st
3. Friendship : Goodwill :: Corruption : ?
    A. Enemy B. Money C. Greed D. Fraud

Answer - Option C
Explanation - 2nd leads to first.
4. Blare : Sound :: Glint : ?
    A. Light B. Shade C. Whift D. Wave

Answer - Option A
Explanation - 1st is related to second.
5. Chocolate : Sweet :: Encyclopaedia : ?
    A. Dicitionary B. Book C. Library D. Composition

Answer - Option B
Explanation - 1st is the enlarged form of second
1. Horse : Neigh :: Jackal : ?
    A. Squeak B. Chatter C. Howl D. Bray

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Second is the sound produced by the First.
2. Sikkim : Gangtok :: Manipur : ?
    A. Shillong B. Imphal C. Dispur D. Mumbai

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Second is the capital of first.
3. Annihilation : Fire :: Cataclysm ?
    A. Flood B. Earthquake C. Steam D. Emergency

Answer - Option A
Explanation - First is the result of second.
4. Carbon : Diamond :: Corundum : ?
    A. Garnet B. Pearl C. Pukhraj D. Ruby

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Second is the form of first
5. Wheel : Hub :: Earth : ?
    A. Centre B. Rotation C. Axis D. Elliptical

Answer - Option C
Explanation - First rotate about the second
1. Bibliophile : Books :: Patriot: ?
    A. Soceity B. Defence C. Country D. Mankind

Answer - Option C
Explanation - First related to second interns of attraction or interest
2. Delicious : Taste :: Melody : ?
    A. Tongue B. Voice C. Tone D. Speak

Answer - Option B
Explanation - 1st describe the best of second.
3. Paddy : Field :: Steel : ?
    A. Factory B. Mine C. Iron D. Ore

Answer - Option A
Explanation - 1st is produced in the second place.
4. Vehicle : Caravan :: Player : ?
    A. Captain B. Coach C. Field D. Team

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Second is the group name of first
5. Win : Competition :: Invention : ?
    A. Product B. Trial C. Discovery D. Laboratory

Answer - Option B
Explanation - First is the ending action of second

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