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Blood Relations Practice Quiz 4

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Blood Relations Practice Quiz 4

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Blood relation problems arises through the particular relations among family members. In general, the problems contain three stages of family. It explains through a statement and we have to analyse the relation between them. The article Blood Relations Practice Quiz 4 provides information about Blood Relations, a important topic of Reasoning Consists of different types Blood Relations questions with solutions useful for candidates preparing for different competitive examinations like RRB .RRB ALP/Technical Exams/Junior Engineer Recruitment Exams, SSC CGL,SSC CHSL, IBPS, SBI PO, SBI Clerks, CAT and etc.

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1. Introducing Veena , Kowri said “She is the only daughter of my father’s only daughter”.How is Kowri related to Veena?
    A. Niece B. Sister C. Aunt D. Mother

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Kowri is Veena’s mother.
2. Pointing toward a boy ,Arjun said , “He is the son of only son of my grandfather”.How is the boy related to to Arjun?
    A. Brother B. Uncle C. Cousin D. Father

Answer - Option A
Explanation - Grandfather son – father son : brother.
3. A man is said to lady , “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is the lady related to to the man?
    A. Mother B. Sister C. Daughter D. Aunt

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Lady’s mother,s huband : Father
Lady’s father’s sister : Aunt.Hence lady is man’s sister.
4. Pointing to Kamal,Sheeba said , “ His mother’s brother is the father of my son Akilesh”. How is Kamal related to Sheeba?
    A. Niece B. Nephew C. Aunt D. Sister-in-law

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Father of Sheeba’s son : Sheeba’s husband
Kamal: Sister son of Sheeba’s husband. Hence Kamal is Sheeba’s Nephew.
5. Pointing to a photograph ,Nithish said, “She is the mother of my sons’s wife’s daughter”. How is Nithish related to lady?
    A. Son B. Uncle C. Father D. Father – in – law

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Nithish’s son’s wife’s daughter – Nithish’s son’s daughter
Mother of daughter of Nithish’s son – Wife of Nithish’s son
Hence Arun is the father-in-law of the lady.
1. If Kiran says, “Rocky’s mother is the only daughter of my mother”, How is Kiran related to Rocky?
    A. Brother B. Father C. Uncle D. Grand father

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Daughter of Kiran’s mother – Kiran’s Sister.
So Kiran is an Uncle of Rocky.
2. Pointing to a man, Dinesh said, “ His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father”. How is the man related to Dinesh?
    A. Father B. Grand father C. Uncle D. Brother

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Father of Dinesh daughter’s father : Dinesh’s father
So man is the brother of Dinesh’s father.
3. Aswin said , “ This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother”. Who is Aswin to that girl?
    A. Father B. Brother C. Uncle D. Father-in-law

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Grandson of my mother : son
Wife of Aswin’s son : Aswin’s Daughter-in-law.
4. Pointing to an old man,Jeeva said, “ His son is my Son’s uncle”. How is the old man related to Jeeva ?
    A. Father B. Uncle C. Brother D. Grandfather

Answer - Option A
Explanation - Jeeva’s son’s uncle : Jeeva’s Brother.
Hence old man is the Father of Jeeva.
5. A woman introduce a man as the son of the brother of her mother.How is the man related to the woman?
    A. Son B. Nephew C. Uncle D. Cousin

Answer - Option D
Explanation - Brother of mother : Uncle
Uncle’s son: Cousin.
Direction(1-2): Read the following information and answer the following question:
A – B means A is wife of B A÷ B means A is brother of B A + B means A is daughter of B A× B means A is son of B
1. How is D related to H in the expression D+E-G×H
    A. Daughter B. Daughter in law C. Grand daughter D. Cannot be determined

Answer - Option C
Explanation - D is the daughter of E; E is the wife of G; G is the Son of H.
D is the daughter of G(son of H)
2. In which of the following expressions D is the father of B
    A. B×D÷K-I B. I-K÷D+B C. B÷I-D×K D. B÷D+I-K

Answer - Option A
Explanation - B×D÷K-I this expression only indicate B×D(D is the father of B)
Direction(3-4): There are 7 family members P, Q, R, S, T, U and V in which there are 2 married couples. P is sister of Q who is maternal grandson of T. The father of S has 2 maternal grandchildren. R is sister-in-law of V, who is father of P. U is a Female.
3. Who among the following is husband of U ?
    A. S B. T C. R D. V

Answer - Option B
Explanation -
4. What is the relation between S and U ?
    A. U is brother of S B. S is sister of U C. U is mother of S D. S is son of U

Answer - Option C
Explanation -
5. If P $ Q means P is father of Q, P # Q means P is mother of Q , P * Q means P is sister of Q, then how is S related to T in T#R$U*S ?
    A. Nephew B. Grandson C. Grand daughter D. Data inadequate

Answer - Option D
Explanation - T mother R father U sister S
S is Grand daughter or grand son

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