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SSC MTS Reasoning Ability Quiz 13

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What is Reasoning Ability Test? A logical reasoning test is a form of psychometric testing that is widely used by corporate employers to help assess candidates during their recruitment process. 'Psychometric' is just a fancy way of saying 'measuring mental ability' and logical reasoning tests are designed to measure your non-verbal skills.
The article SSC MTS Reasoning Ability Quiz 13 provides Reasoning Ability questions with answers useful to the candidates preparing for Competitive exams, Entrance exams, Interviews etc. The SSC MTS Reasoning Ability section in Computer Based Examination contains 25 questions with 25 Maximum Marks (Each question carry 1 Mark). There will be negative marking and 0.25 marks shall be deducted for each wrong answer. SSC MTS Tier I scheduled to be conducted on 02.08.2019 to 06.09.2019 & Tier II exam is scheduled to be conducted on 17.11.2019.

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1. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ?
    A. Brown B. Green C. Yellow D. Red E. Violet

2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ?
    A. Mug B. Pitcher C. Jar D. Saucer E. Jug

3. Quartz : Radio :: ? : Cement
    A. Leather B. gypsum C. Plaster of Paris D. Plastic E. None of these

4. Farming : monsoons :: Market : ?
    A. supply B. Rate C. Volume D. Demand E. None of these

Direction(5): Study the given information and answer the following questions
In a certain code,

‘temperate winter negative feeling’ is written as ‘o&C i#E o$C e@P’ ‘worst summer raining cloud’ is written as ‘e*B e@P a*R i#E’ ‘positive results weather report’ is written as ‘ e@R e#Q o$C i#P’ ‘heaven swings drowsy thunder’ is written as ‘ i@L e#P a@Q a@W’
5. Which of the following word represents the code ‘o$C’?
    A. Positive B. Negative C. Reactive D. Either Positive or Negative E. All the above

Answers and Explanations
1. Answer - Option A
Explanation -
Remaining colours are rainbow colours.
2. Answer - Option D
Explanation -
Shape of the saucer different from others
3. Answer - Option B
Explanation -
Quartz is used to make radio similarly Gypsum is used to make Cement
4. Answer - Option D
Explanation -
First depends on second
5. Answer - Option E
Explanation -
Small letter is number of vowels
1 vowel – a, 2 vowels – e, 3 vowels – i, 4 vowels – o
Symbol is number of letters
5-*, 6-@, 7-#, 8-$, 9-&
Capital letter is last letter -2
1. If in a certain Code BOOKLET is written as DSUSVQH , then how ANSWER written in that code ?
    A. AQYFBP B. CRYEOD C. DERSDY D. BPZFPC E. None of these

    A. MJN B. HJM C. MNJ D. HMJ E. None of these

3. If ‘A&B’ stands for ‘A is the son of B’ and ‘A*B’ stands for ‘B is the sister of A’, then which of the following represents ‘A is the aunt of B’?
    A. B*C&A B. A*C&B C. B&C*A D. A&C*B E. C*B&A

4. A woman walking with a boy meets another woman and on being asked about her relationship with the boy, she says, “My maternal uncle and his maternal uncle’s maternal uncle are brothers.” How is the boy related to the woman?
    A. Nephew B. Son C. Brother-in-law D. Grandson E. Son or Nephew

5. There are 5 shops A, B, C, D and E. B is to the northeast of E. D is 2km to the east of E, who is 6km to the west of A. C is to the northwest of D and in the line of EB. D is 4km the south of B. What is the distance between town D and town A ?
    A. 6 km B. 4 km C. 3 km D. 2 km E. None of these

Answers and Explanations
1. Answer - Option B
Explanation -
BOOKLET [latex]\Rightarrow[/latex] D(+2) S(+4) U(+6) S(+8) V(+10) Q(+12) H(+14)
ANSWER [latex]\Rightarrow[/latex] CRYEOD
2. Answer - Option E
Explanation -
AEC [latex]\Rightarrow[/latex] Position 153
BFD [latex]\Rightarrow[/latex] 264 so on
So next will be HLZ
3. Answer - Option C
Explanation -
Check each option, no need to check option D because in D A becomes a male
In C option – B is son of C and C sister of A
4. Answer - Option E
Explanation -
This says that woman’s mother has 2 brothers. And they are women’s maternal uncle.
The boy can be son too and son of woman’s brother too.
5. Answer - Option B
Explanation -
Directions(1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Eight friends Damodar, Dinesh, Daniel, Deepak, Devi, Deepti, Dilip and Divya are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at four corners while four sit in the middle of each of the four sides, but not necessarily in the same order. Each one of them like different colours viz. Green, Yellow, Black, Purple, Pink, White, Orange and Red. The one who sit in the middle of the sides face the centre while those who sit at the four corners face outside(i.e opposite to the centre).
Dilip sits third to the right of Devi. The one who faces the centre likes Green Colour. Devi sits on one of the corners of the table. Dinesh does not like yellow. The one who likes black colour is one of the immediate neighbours of Deepti.
The one who likes green colour sits immediate left of the person one who likes black colour. Only one person sits between Deepak and Dilip. Dinesh is one of the immediate neighbours of Deepak. The one who faces the outside of the centre likes Pink Colour.
The one who likes Purple faces the Dilip. The persons who like Orange and White sit next to each other. Devi does not like Pink. Daniel sits second to the right of Dinesh. Only three persons sit between Dinesh and Damodar.
Divya sits to the immediate right of Damodar. The persons who like Yellow and Pink sit on the corners and opposite to each other. The person who like Orange sit immediate right of the person who likes Red.
1. Who among the following likes Black?
    A. Dinesh B. Daniel C. Deepak D. Devi E. Damodar

2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given arrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
    A. Daniel,Damodar B. Damodar, Devi C. Daniel, Dinesh D. Dinesh, Deepak E. None of the above

3. What is the position of Damodar with respect to the one who likes pink colour?
    A. Third to the right B. Second to the right C. Immediate left D. Third to the left E. Fourth to the left

4. Who among the following sits between Daniel and the one who likes Orange colour?
    A. Deepak B. The one who likes purple C. Devi D. The one who likes red E. Deepti

5. Which of the following statements is true regarding Dilip?
    A. Dilip face outside B. Dilip likes Purple C. Dilip sits immediate left of the person who likes Orange D. There are two people sit betwenDilip and Deepti. E. None of the Above

Answers and Explanations
1. Answer - Option E
2. Answer - Option D
3. Answer - Option B
4. Answer - Option D
5. Answer - Option E
Explanation [1-5]-

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