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Analogy Practice Quiz 2

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‘Analogy' means ‘correspondence'. The questions based on analogy, a particular relationship is given and another similar relationship has to be identified from the given alternatives. In Analogy, relationship between two given words is established and then applied to other words. The type of relationship may very, so while attempting such questions first step is to identify the type of relationship.
The article Analogy Practice Quiz 2 provides information about Analogy, a important topic of Reasoning Consists of different types Analogy questions with solutions useful for candidates preparing for different competitive examinations like RRB. RRB ALP/Technical Exams/Junior Engineer Recruitment Exams, SSC CGL,SSC CHSL, IBPS, SBI PO, SBI Clerks, CAT and etc.

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1. Botany: Plants :: Cardiology: ?
    A. Lungs ‘ B. Heart C. Liver D. kidney

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Botany is the study of plants while cardiology is the study of heart
2. Boxing : Ring :: Basketball: ?
    A. Ring B. Court C. Pool D. Course

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Boxing is played in ring similarly basketball is played in court
3. Den: lion :: stable: ?
    A. Cat B. Dog C. Horse D. Cow

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Lion lives in den similarly Horse lives in Stable
4. Thermometer: Temperature :: Barometer : ?
    A. strain B. stress C. pressure D. force

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Thermometer is used to measure to Temperature similarly Barometer is used to measure Pressure
5. Kitten: Cat :: Cub : ?
    A. Horse B. Tiger C. Dear D. Giraffe

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Kitten is the young one of Cat similarly Cub is the younger one of Tiger
1. Judge: Court :: Doctor: ?
    A. Municipality B. Hospital C. Tehsil D. Factory

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Judge sits in court similarly doctor sits in hospital
2. Carbon dioxide : Extinguish :: Oxygen: ?
    A. Burn B. Isolate C. Foam D. Explode

Answer - Option A
Explanation - Oxygen supports Burning similarly Carbon dioxide helps in extinguishing
3. Quartz : Radio :: ? : Cement
    A. Leather B. gypsum C. Plaster of Paris D. Plastic

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Quartz is used to make radio similarly Gypsum is used to make Cement
4. Farming : monsoons :: Market : ?
    A. supply B. Rate C. Volume D. Demand

Answer - Option D
Explanation - First depends on second
5. Bird : ? :: Dog : Bark
    A. Neigh B. Chirp C. Bray D. Race

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Chirp is the sound produce by Birds
1. Footwear: Leather :: Apparel: ?
    A. shirt B. pant C. cloth D. jeans

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Footwear is made up of leather similarly apparel is made up of cloth
2. Waves : Air : : Ripples: ?
    A. Sound B. water C. light D. wind

Answer - Option B
Explanation - waves travel in air while ripples travels in water
3. Energy : Joule :: Force: ?
    A. Second B. Kilogram C. Newton D. Pascal

Answer - Option C
Explanation - Energy is measured in joule similarly force is measured in Newton
4. Computer: CPU :: Human : ?
    A. Lung B. stomach C. heart D. intestine

Answer - Option C
Explanation - CPU is the heart of computer similarly heart for human
5. Software: Auto-Cad : : ? : Keyboard
    A. Driver B. hardware C. graphics D. windows

Answer - Option B
Explanation - Auto-Cad is a software while keyboard is hardware

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