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LIC ADO Prelims Reasoning Practice Set 2

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Reasoning is an important section in the employment related competitive exams in India. In particular, exams like LIC ADO, IBPS, SBI, SIB, Insurance, IDBI and other bank related employment exams have Reasoning questions along with Quantitative Aptitude. The Reasoning section primarily has questions related to the Syllogism, Directions, and Inequality , etc. This article presents LIC ADO Prelims Reasoning Practice Set 2 for acing the LIC ADO Prelims Examination.

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1. A child went 90 m in the East to look for his father, then he turned right and went 20 m. After this he turned right and after going 30 m he reached to his uncle's house. His father was not there. From there he went 100 m to his north and met his father. How far did he meet his father from the starting point?
    A. 80 m B. 100 m C. 140 m D. 260 m

Answer - Option B
Explanation -

Required distance = AE
= [latex]\sqrt {{AG}^{2} + {EG}^{2}}[/latex]
= [latex]\sqrt {{(90 - 30 )}^{2} + {(100 - 20)}^{2}}[/latex]
= [latex]\sqrt {{60}^{2} + {80}^{2}}[/latex]
= [latex]\sqrt {1000}[/latex]
= 100
2. 'P' walked 1 km towards south direction and turned 90° ACW and walked 2 km. Then he turned his left and walked 1 km and then he turned his right and walked 2 km. After that he turned 90° ACW and walked 3 km. How far is he from the starting point ?
    A. 5 km B. 4 km C. 2 km D. 0 km

Answer - Option A
3. Arun and Amit started walking from two different points 'A' and 'B' respectively. Arun walks 2 kms North and turns to the East and walks 3 kms and again turns to North walks 4 kms and finally turns to East and Walks 5kms to reach point 'C'. Similarly, Amit walks 2 kms North and turns to west and walks 3 kms and finally turns to North, walks 4 kms and meets Arun at point 'C'. What is the distance between Arun and Amit's starting points?
    A. 5 km B. 8 km C. 11 km D. 13 km

Answer - Option C
Explanation -

Where A= Arun's starting point; B = Amit's starting point; C = The point where Arun and Amit meet
PQ + RC + ST = 3 + 5 + 3 = 11 kms.
4. Early morning after sunrise, Karthik was standing in front of his house in such a way that his shadow was falling exactly behind him. He starts walking straight and walks 5 metres. He turns to his left and walks 3 metres and again turning to his left walks 2 metres. Now in which direction is he from his starting point?
    A. West B. North-East C. East D. South-West

Answer - Option B
Explanation -
Early morning suns rise at east, if his shadow falls exactly behind him that means he is facing towards east. now he walks 5mt towards east, then he turns left that means he facing towards north and walk 3mt and if he turn left then he is facing towards west and he walk only 3 kms thats why man is in north east direction from starting point.
5. I travel 20 miles towards north and then travel 25 miles eastward. I then travel 40 miles rightwards, then travel 30 miles towards left and then travels 12 miles to the left and finally 20 miles northwards. How far am i approximately from my original destination and in what direction ?
    A. 20 miles towards south B. 13 miles towards south-west C. 12 miles towards east D. 13 miles towards north-east

Answer - Option D
Explanation -

Using pythagorus rule,
[latex]{x}^{2} = {12}^{2} + {5}^{2}[/latex]
[latex]\Rightarrow[/latex] x = 13
1. A is B's sister. C is B's mother. D is C's father. E is D's mother. Then, how is A related to D?
    A. Grandfather B. Grandmother C. Daughter D. Granddaughter

Answer - Option D
Explanation -
A is the sister of B and B is the daughter of C.
So, A is the daughter of C. Also, D is the father of C.
So, A is the granddaughter of D.
2. JAF, JEF, JIF, JOF, ?

Answer - Option C
Explanation -
The middle letters which are vowels have an increasing trend of A, E, I, O, U and remaining letters have been retained as it is.So answer would be JUF.
3. Pointing to a person, a man said to a woman, "His mother is the only daughter of your father." How was the woman related to the person ?
    A. Aunt B. Mother C. Wife D. Daughter

Answer - Option A
Explanation -
Daughter of your father — Your sister. So, the person's mother is woman's sister or the woman is person's aunt.

Answer - Option A
Explanation -
Start reading from CD, EF, GH, IJ, KL and then QR, ST, UV, WX, YZ and so on after splitting the groups.
5. In a family, there are six members A, B, C, D, E and F. A and B are a married couple, A being the male member. D is the only son of C, who is the brother of A. E is the sister of D. B is the daughter-in-law of F, whose husband has died. How is E related to C ?
    A. Sister B. Daughter C. Cousin D. Mother

Answer - Option C
Explanation - A is a male and married to B. So, A is the husband and B is the wife. C is the brother of A. D is the son of C. E. who is the sister of D will be the daughter of C. B is the daughter-in-law of F whose husband has died means F is the mother of A.
Clearly. E is the daughter of C.
Directions (1 – 5): Study the given information to answer the question given below
R, S, T, U, V, W, X and Y are the member of a group of husband and wives. All are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. No 2 males or females are immediate neighbor of each other.
R sits 3rd to the left of V and she is wife of Y. W sits second to the right of U., who is not an immediate neighbor of V. Y and T are immediate neighbor of each other. W is not an immediate neighbor of his wife S. V is husband of the one who sits second to the left of R ,Who is not the immediate neighbor of U.
1. Who among the following is third to the right of T ?
    A. R B. U C. V D. S

Answer - Option B
Explanation [1 - 5] -
2. Which of the following group different from the other group ?

Answer - Option D
3. Who is the husband of T ?
    A. U B. V C. X D. R

Answer - Option A
4. How many pairs between R and V ?
    A. None B. One C. Two D. Three

Answer - Option B
5. Who among the following is female ?
    A. Y B. V C. S D. U

Answer - Option C

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