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Verification of Truth Statements

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Verification of Truth Statements

Verification of Truth Statements

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In verification of truth statements, the Candidate is required to stress only on reality of the actualities that dependably hold. Questions are asked in context of a particular thing or factor that is always characterized by a specific part or feature. The choices other than the right answer additionally also seem to carry a strong relationship with the thing specified. Along these lines, total truth is to be taken after.


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Confirmation of truth of statements depends on such truth for the realities that will dependably remain constant and solid. In this, deals with issues in view of some objects. These objects have numerous parts yet there is one section which truly/precisely characterizes the article or the fundamental element of that object. In these problems, need to stretch just on reality of the way that constantly great.

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Model 1: A Pharma firm always has a) Chimney b) Labour c) Sellers d) Files Solution:
It is clear from the given that A pharma needs chimney for the emission of chemical gases and sending them out. Sellers are also needed. Files for the data are necessary. But all among them, labour is compulsory. So, option(b) is the correct option.
Model 2: Which of the following is is always seen in 'courage'? a) Experiences b) Power c) Bravery d) Knowledge Solution:
It is clear that, Bravery is one of the quality produced only by a person who own courage. Therefore, option(c) is correct choice.
Model 3: A watch always has a) Cell b) Numbers c) Alarm d) Needles e) Frame Solution:
A watch consists of here mentioned things like cell, numbers, alarm, needles, frame. Cell helps in life time of the watch, numbers to know the timing, alarm used to wake up from sleep at any time, Frame is a part of the watch. By the movement of needles only time is known. So, among them, needles are most important thing that a watch must have.
Model 4: Risk is involved with a) Danger b) Enemies c) Help d) Attack Solution:
If your are in danger, it doesn't mean you will always be like a scared crow. Courageous people do things and think sensibly in such situation. Danger could involve help! You can help yourself, you can take help from others. Danger could involve an enemy, living or non-living(this might not make a lot of sense actually). On similar lines, attack could be ignored. Hence, its only danger that imparts and not the other options.
Model 5: My twelve years old nephew is shorter than my fourteen years old daughter: a) Always b) Often c) Sometimes d) Never Solution:
Age is not a matter so that sometime its happen a person younger then someone its may be taller. Height always not depend on age. So sometimes is right than often. Therefore, option(c) is correct one.