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Time and Work Quiz 11

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Time and Work Quiz 11

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Time and Work is one of important topic in Quantitative Aptitude Section. In Time and Work Quiz 11 article candidates can find questions with an answer. By solving this questions candidates can improve and maintain, speed, and accuracy in the exams. Time and Work Quiz 11 questions are very useful for different exams such as IBPS PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, SBI PO, NIACL Assistant, NICL AO, IBPS SO, RRB, Railways, Civil Services etc.

shape Q1

J can dig a well in 16 days. P can dig a well in 24 days. J, P, H dig in 8 days. H alone can dig the well in how many days?
    A. 32 B. 48 C. 96 D. 45

Say H alone can dig in H days
⇒ H can dig ([latex]\frac {1}{H}[/latex]) of well in one day.
P can dig [latex]\frac {1}{24}[/latex] of well in one day and J can dig [latex]\frac {1}{16}[/latex] of well in one day.
J, P and H all together can dig the well in 8 days
⇒ All together can dig [latex]\frac {1}{8}[/latex] of well in one day.
⇒ ([latex]\frac {1}{16}[/latex]) + ([latex]\frac {1}{24}[/latex]) + ([latex]\frac {1}{H}[/latex]) = [latex]\frac {1}{8}[/latex]
⇒ [latex]\frac {1}{H}[/latex] = ([latex]\frac {1}{8}[/latex]) – ([latex]\frac {5}{48}[/latex])
⇒ [latex]\frac {1}{H}[/latex] = [latex]\frac {1}{48}[/latex]
⇒ H = 48 days.

shape Q2

A has the capability of thinking 100 lines of code in 5 minutes and can type 100 lines of code in 10 minutes. A takes a break for 5 minutes after every 10 minutes. How many lines of codes will A complete typing after an hour?
    A. 300 B. 250 C. 350 D. 200

To understand it will break one hour in 12 segments of five minutes.
1st 5 Minutes = Thinks
2nd 5 minutes = Write.
3rd 5 minutes = Rest.
4th 5 Minutes = Write. [Because he can write up to 10 minutes if he thinks for 5 minutes.]
5th 5 minutes = Think. [He has completed 10 minutes of writing so he has to think.]
6th 5 minutes = Rest.
7th 5 minutes = Write.
8th 5 minutes = Write.
9th 5 minutes = Rest.
10th 5 minutes = Think.
11th 5 minutes = Write.
12th 5 minutes = Rest. [He has completed his 10 minutes of working. 5 minutes thinking + 5 Minutes writing.)
So, in one hour he will write 250 lines of codes.

shape Q3

It takes Mr. Karthik ‘y’ hours to complete typing a manuscript. After 2 hours, he was called away. What fractional part of the assignment was left incomplete?
    A. [latex]\frac{1}{y}[/latex] B. [latex]\frac{(y-2)}{y}[/latex] C. [latex]\frac{y}{2}[/latex] D. [latex]\frac{(y-3)}{3}[/latex]

To type a manuscript karthik took y hours.
Therefore his speed in typing = [latex]\frac{1}{y}[/latex]
He was called away after 2 hours of typing.
Therefore the work completed = [latex]\frac{1}{y} \times 2[/latex]
Therefore the remaining work to be completed = [latex]\frac{1-2}{y}[/latex]
(i.e.) work to be completed = [latex]\frac{(y-2)}{y}[/latex]

shape Q4

Here 10 programmers, type 10 lines within 10 minutes then 60 lines can be typed within 60 minutes. How many programmers are needed?
    A. 10 B. 20 C. 1 D. 60

10 programmers can type 10 lines within 10 minutes
I.e., 1 programmer can type 1 line within 10 minutes
Also 1 programmer can type 6 lines within 60 minutes
Hence, to get 60 lines typed in 60 minutes,
We need [latex]\frac{60}{6}[/latex] = 10 programmers

shape Q5

If 20 men take 15 days to complete a job, in how many days can 25 men finish that work?
    A. 9 B. 10 C. 16 D. 12

Number of men and number of days taken to complete work are inversely proportional.
Number of men × Number of days is constant.
∴ Number of days by 25 men to complete the work = [latex]\frac{(20 × 15)}{25}[/latex] = 12 days.

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