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Permutation and Combination Quiz 9

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Permutation and Combination Quiz 9

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Permutation and Combination is one of important topic in Quantitative Aptitude Section. In Permutation and Combination Quiz 9 article candidates can find questions with answer. By solving this questions candidates can improve and maintain, speed, and accuracy in the exams. Permutation and Combination Quiz 9 questions are very useful for different exams such as IBPS PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, SBI PO, NIACL Assistant, NICL AO, IBPS SO, RRB, Railways, Civil Services etc.

shape Q1

In how many ways 5 Americans and 5 Indians be seated along a circular table, so that they are seated in alternative positions
    A. 5! 5! B. 6! 4! C. 4! 5! D. 4! 4!

First Indians can be seated along the circular table in 4! Ways and now Americans can be seated in 5! Ways. So 4! 5! Ways

shape Q2

4 matches are to be played in a chess tournament. In how many ways can result be decided?
    A. 27 B. 9 C. 81 D. 243

Every chess match can have three result i.e. win, loss and draw
so now of ways = 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 = 81 ways

shape Q3

In a group of 6 boys and 5 girls, 5 students have to be selected. In how many ways it can be done so that at least 2 boys are included
    A. 1524 B. 1526 C. 1540 D. 1560

[latex]^{6}{C}_{2} \times ^{5}{C}_{3} + ^{6}{C}_{3} \times ^{5}{C}_{2} + ^{6}{C}_{4} \times ^{5}{C}_{1} + ^{6}{C}_{5}[/latex] = 1526

shape Q4

In how many ways can 5 boys and 4 girls can be seated in a row so that they are in alternate position.
    A. 2780 B. 2880 C. 2800 D. 2980

First boys are seated in 5 position in 5! Ways, now remaining 4 places can be filled by 4 girls in 4! Ways, so number of ways = 5! 4! = 2880

shape Q5

There is meeting of 20 delegates is to be held in a hotel. In how many ways these delegates can be seated along a round table, if three particular delegates always seat together.
    A. 17! 3! B. 18! 3! C. 17! 4! D. can’t be determined

Total 20 persons, 3 always seat together, 17 + 1 =18 delegates can be seated in (18 - 1)! Ways = 17!
And now that three can be arranged in 3! Ways. So, 17! 3!

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