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Speed and Time Quiz 10

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Speed and Time is one of important topic in Quantitative Aptitude Section. In Speed and Time Quiz 10 article candidates can find questions with answer. By solving this questions candidates can improve and maintain, speed, and accuracy in the exams. Speed and Time Quiz 10 questions are very useful for different exams such as IBPS PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, SBI PO, NIACL Assistant, NICL AO, IBPS SO, RRB, Railways, Civil Services etc.

shape Q1

Two trains 200 m and 160 m long, run at the rate of 60 km/h and 100 km/h respectively on parallel rails. How long will it take a man sitting in the second train to pass the first train if they run in the opposite direction?
    A. 4.4 seconds B. 4.5 seconds C. 3.24 seconds D. 4 seconds

Since both trains are moving in opposite direction so their speed must be added.
As we know, speed = [latex] \frac {distance}{time} [/latex]
Time taken by man sitting in second train to pass the first train = [latex] \frac {200}{(60 + 100) \times \frac {5}{18}} [/latex] = 4.5 sec

shape Q2

Andy lives on 10th floor and Bimal lives on 45th floor. Andy goes up at a rate of 34 floors per minute and Bimal comes down at a rate of 36 floors per minute. At which floor they will meet?
    A. 27 B. 26 C. 18 D. 32

Total floors between Andy & Bimal = 45 - 10 = 35 floor
Relative speed = 34 + 36 = 70 floor/min
Time taken by them to meet = [latex] \frac {Total floors}{Relative Speed} = \frac {35}{70} = \frac {1}{2}[/latex] min
Andy travels in [latex] \frac {1}{2}[/latex] min = [latex] \frac {1}{2} \times 34 = 17[/latex]floors
Floor at which Andy & Bimal will meet = 10 + 17 = 27

shape Q3

A train running at 7/11 of its own speed reached a place in 33 hrs. How much time could be saved if the train runs at its own speed?
    A. 10 hrs B. 12 hrs C. 8 hrs D. 16 hrs

Distance is same. Then,
[latex]\frac {{s}_{2}}{{s}_{1}} = \frac {{t}_{1}}{{t}_{2}}[/latex]
[latex]\frac {7}{11} = \frac {{t}_{1}}{33}[/latex]
[latex]\Rightarrow {t}_{1} = 21 hour[/latex]
Total time saved = 33 - 21 = 12 hours

shape Q4

The train traveling at 50 km/h overtakes a motorbike traveling at 32 km/h in 80 s. What is the length of the train in meters?
    A. 400 B. 800 C. 777 D. 111

Since both are moving in same direction so their speed must be subtracted
As we know, speed = [latex]\frac {distance}{time}[/latex]
Length of yrain = (50 - 32) [latex] \times \frac {5}{18} \times 80[/latex] = 400 m

shape Q5

A runs 3 2/3 times as fast as B. If A gives B a start of 80 m. How far must the winning post be from the starting point of A so that A and B reach it at the same time?
    A. 200 m B. 110 m C. 150 m D. 180 m

Let the distance of winning post from starting point of A be x m
i.e, Distance travelled by A = x m
Distance travelled by B = x - 80 m
Speed of A = 3[latex]\frac {2}{3}[/latex] speed of B
[latex]\frac {Speed of A}{Speed of B} = \frac {11}{3}[/latex]
Time is same for Both A& B
i.e, [latex]\frac {x}{x - 80} = \frac {11}{3}[/latex]
3x - 11x = - 880
- 8x = - 880
8x = 880
x = 110

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