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International Borders

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International Borders

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International borders or boundaries are primarily meant to geographically separate one country from the other. International borders or International boundaries are defined as geographical boundaries of nations, political entities, legal jurisdictions, governments. International borders are fully guarded and controlled and can be crossed legally only at designated border checkpoints with valid travel permits. Some borders are natural and some are created by humans. Natural borders include Oceans, Mountain Ranges among others. LOC - Line of Control is a border enforced by humans. The article International Borders lists some of the famous borders separating 2 nations.

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International Borders - Geographical Borders or Boundaries Between Countries
Name of the International Borders Between Countries
Armistice Lines North Korea & South Korea
Blue Line Isreal & Lebanon
Curzon Line Poland & Russia
Durand LineHU Afghanistan & Pakistan
Green Line Israel & Its Neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria)
Hindenburg Line Poland & Germany (at the time of First World War)
Line of Actual Control India & China on the Northern Border
Line of Control India & Pakistan
Mason-Dixon Line Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America
Military Demarcation Line (MDL) North Korea & South Korea
McMohan Line India & China
Maginot Line France & Germany
Mannar haime Line Russia & Finland
Oder Nisse Line Germany & Poland (aftermath of World War II)
Purple Line Israel & Syria
Radcliffe Line India & Pakistan (it includes Bangladesh Line)
Sigfried Line East France & Germany (at the time of second World War)
16 Parallel North Angola & Namibia
17 Parallel Line North & South Vietnam
20 Parallel Line Libya & Sudan
22 Parallel Line Egypt & Sudan
25 Parallel Line Mauritania & Mali
26 Parallel Line Western Sahara & Mauritania
31 Parallel Line Iraq & Iran
35 Parallel Line US serves as border b/w Tennessee/Mississippi
36 Parallel Line US serves as the southernmost state of Missouri
38 Parallel Line North & South Korea
40 Parallel Line US serves as border b/w Nebraska & Kansas
41 Parallel Line US serves as border b/w wyoming/utah border, Wyoming/colorado
42 Parallel Line US serves as border of Newyork & Pennsylvania.
43 Parallel Line US serves as border b/w state Nebraska & state of south Dakota
45 Parallel Line US serves as the boundary b/w Montana & wyoming
49 Parallel Line USA & Canada