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Father of Various Fields

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Father of Various Fields

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The article Father of Various Fields presents the list of different science and non-science fields and their Fathers. This article plays a prominent role in GA/GK preparation in many competitive exams such as IBPS PO, SSC CGL, RRB, RBI etc.

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Below table contains the list of Father of Various Fields in the alphabetical order:
Name Field
Aristotle Father of Biology
Father of Political Science
Father of Zoology
Father of Embryology
Andreas Vesalius Father of Anatomy
Adam Smith Father of Economics
Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek Father of Microbiology
Father of Microscopy
Auguste comte Father of Sociology
Alexander Graham Bell Father of Telephone
Aristophanes Father of Comedy
Aeschylus Father of Greek Tragedy
Antoine Lavoisier Father of Modern Chemistry
Archimedes Father of Mathematics
Alec John Jeffreys Father of DNA Fingerprinting
Albert Einstein Father of Modern Physics
Father of Relativity
Alan Turing Father Of Computer Science
Alexander Fleming Father Of Penicillin
Andrei D. Sakharov Father Of The (Soviet) Hydrogen Bomb
Alfred Russel Wallace Father of Biogeography
Bill Moggridge Father of Laptop
Bal Gangadhar Tilak Father Of Indian Unrest
Charles Babbage Father of Computer
Charles Darwin Father of Evolution
Carl Linnaeus Father of Classification
Copernicus Father of Astronomy
Chuck Berry Father Of Rock N’ Roll
Charaka Father of Ayurveda
Cicero Father of Law
Dmitri Mendeleev Father of Periodic Table
Dr. B.R Ambedkar Father of the Indian Constitution
Dr. Robert Oppenheime Father of Atom Bomb
Dadabhai Naoroji Father Of Indian Politics And Economics
Dadasaheb Phalke Father Of Indian Cinema
Diophantus Father of Algebra
Dennis Ritchie Father of C language
Euclid Father of Geometry
Edward Jenner Father of Immunology
Father of Vaccination
Ernest Rutherford Father of Nuclear Physics
Eratosthenes Father of Geography
Edgar Allen Poe Father Of Detective Story
Edward Teller Father Of The Hydrogen Bomb
Ernest Rutherford Father of Nuclear Science
Francesco Petrarca Father of Humanism
Frederick Winslow Taylor Father of Scientific Management
Geoffrey Chaucer Father of English Poetry
Gregor Mendel Father of Genetics
Galileo Galilei Father of observational astronomy
Father of Modern Science
George Stephenson Father Of Railways
Henry Fielding Father Of The Novel
Hippocrates Father of Modern Medicine
Homi jehangir Bhabha Father of Indian Nuclear Science
Herodotus Father of History
Hahnemann Father of Homeopathy
Henrik J. Ibsen Father Of Modern Drama
Hipparchus Father of Trigonometry
Isaac Newton Father of Classical mechanics
Father of Modern Mathematics
Imhotep Father of Architecture
Jonathon Fletcher's Father of Search engine
J. Robert Oppenheimer Father of Atom Bomb
James Madison Father of the American Constitution
Joseph F. Engelberger Father of Robotics
John Mccarthy Father of Artificial Intelligence
J.R.D. Tata Father Of Civil Aviation In India
Jamshedji Tata Father Of Indian Industry
John C. Calhoun Father Of States’ Rights; Onslow
John Naismith Father Of Basketball
Joseph Priestley Father Of Soda Pop
Jack LaLanne Father of Fitness
Károly Ereky Father of Biotechnology
Louis Pasteur Father of Bacteriology
Father of Stereochemistry
Landsteiner Father of Blood groups
Michael Faraday Father of Electricity
Martin Cooper Father of Mobile Phone
M. S. Swaminathan Father of the Green Revolution in India
Max Planck Father of Quantum mechanics
Nicolaus Copernicus Father of Modern Astronomy
Norman Ernest Borlaug Father of the Green Revolution
Niccolo Machiavelli Father of Modern Political science
Nandalal Bose Father Of Modern Painting In India
Otto Hahn Father of Nuclear Chemistry
Pierre De Coubertin Father of Modern Olympic
Pythagoras Father of Numbers
Pāṇini Father of Sanskrit Grammar
Philo Farnsworth Father of Television
Paul Anastas Father of Green chemistry
Pierre Fauchard Father of Modern Dentistry
Ray Tomlinson Father of Email
Richard Smalley Father of Nanotechnology
Rene Descartes Father of Philosophy
Raja Rammohan Roy Father Of Indian Renaissance
Robert Moon Father Of The Zip Code
Rustom Jal Vakil Father Of Indian Cardiology
Sir George Cayley Sir George Cayley
Samuel de Champlain Father of New France
Sir Harold Gillies Father of Plastic Surgery
Sigmund Freud Father of Psychology
Sushruta Father of Surgery
Sam Pitroda Father of India’s Communication Revolution
Sadi Carnot Father of Thermodynamics
S. R. Ranganathan Father Of Library Science In India
Sam Adams Father Of American Revolution
Stephen Fuller Austin Father Of Texas
Samuel Hahnemann Father of Homeopathy
Theophrastus Father of Botany
Thomas Cook Father Of Modern Tourism
Tim Berners-Lee Father of World Wide Web
Vint Cerf Father of Internet
Vinod Dham Father of Pentium Chip
Verghese Kurien Father of White Revolution
Wilhelm Wundt Father of Psychology
Walter Chauncey Camp Father of American Football
William Harvey Father of Blood Circulation
William Caxton Father Of English Printing
Wright Brothers Fathers Of Aviation