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Marketing Aptitude Quiz 45

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Marketing Aptitude Quiz 45

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Marketing in a broader aspect can be defined as a transaction of exchange. Marketing primarily consists of activities designed to generate and facilitate exchanges intended to satisfy human organizational needs or wants. Marketing is broadly defined as advertising of a product or service to different market segments. The article Marketing Aptitude Quiz 45 provides Important Marketing Aptitude multiple choice questions with answers useful to the candidates preparing for Bank exams like IBPS PO, MT Exam, Dena Bank PO, Bank PO, Clerk, SBI, RBI etc.

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1. With the help of ______ tools, banks are now providing knowledge of their products to different customers.
    A. Marketing B. Selling C. Productive D. Manufacturing E. None of these

2. What is the tagline used by “Vijaya Bank”?
    A. Worlds local bank B. Experience your expertise C. Build a better life around us D. A friend you can bank upon E. India’s International bank

3. The idea behind a capital adequacy ratio is that banking risk should be borne by_________
    A. Industrialists B. Wholesalers C. Companies D. Shareholders E. None of these

4. The three tier set up for cooperative banks is established under
    A. Company Act B. Customer Protection Act C. Cooperative Society Act D. Banking Regulation Act E. None of these

5. National income of India is estimated by
    A. Government of India B. RBI C. SBI D. Central Statistical Office E. None of these

1. Answer - Option A
2. Answer - Option D
3. Answer - Option D
4. Answer - Option C
5. Answer - Option D
1. In _______ Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System started in India.
    A. 1990 B. 1991 C. 1992 D. 1993 E. 1994

2. What is the tagline used by “UCO bank”?
    A. Good people to bank with B. Honours your trust C. Banking for all D. Pure banking nothing else E. Experience our Expertise

3. Buying and selling of government securities in the open market is called
    A. Open management system B. Open market operation C. Open market management D. Open management marketing E. None of these

4. According to RBI instructions commercial banks must resolve ATM transaction related complaints within seven working days. If they are unable to do so, how much they have to pay per day as compensation?
    A. Rs. 100 B. Rs. 200 C. Rs. 300 D. Rs. 400 E. Rs. 500

5. “Just in Time” was first introduced in
    A. India B. China C. Japan D. America E. Australia

1. Answer - Option C
2. Answer - Option B
3. Answer - Option B
4. Answer - Option A
5. Answer - Option C
1. What is the tagline used by “Syndicate bank”?
    A. Good people to banking with B. India’s International bank C. A friend you can bank upon D. Your faithful and friendly financial partner E. Pure banking nothing else

2. ________ is the quantity for which orders are placed when stock reached the re-order level

3. For obtaining a banker’s draft a ____ does not require a bank account.
    A. Agent B. Salesman C. Manager D. Customer E. Bank clerk

4. ___________ recommended the change in the base year of the Wholesale Price Index.
    A. Narsimham Committee B. Damodaran Committee C. Raghuram Rajan Committee D. Abhijeet Sen Committee E. Suma Verma Committee

5. In which year RBI was established?
    A. 1 April 1934 B. 1 April 1935 C. 1 April 1936 D. 1 April 1937 E. 1 April 1938

1. Answer - Option D
2. Answer - Option C
3. Answer - Option D
4. Answer - Option D
5. Answer - Option B

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