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RBI Assistant Test Day Instructions

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RBI Assistant Test Day Instructions is a comprehensive guide pertaining to various aspects of the RBI Assistant Test day and Test Centers of the Online examinations. Candidates are strongly advised to read the instructions carefully to get acquainted with all the elements of the RBI Assistant Recruitment process.

shape Instructions

1. ID - requirements:Candidates will have to invariably produce and submit the requisite documents such as valid call letter, a photocopy of photo-identity proof bearing the same name as it appears on the online submitted application form etc. at the time of examinations (Preliminary & Main) and interview respectively.
2. Call letter to be Submitted:Candidates should write their Roll No. & Registration No. on the photocopy of photo identity proof. Candidates will not be permitted to appear for the examination if they do not bring the call letter along with the photo identity proof in original and a photocopy. Candidates will be required to put their left thumb impression clearly and sign clearly in the respective spaces provided on the call letter in the presence of the invigilator in the examination hall. Candidates should hand over the call letter along with the photocopy of the photo identity proof duly stapled together to the invigilator in the examination hall, when he/she collects the call letters.
3. Punctuality in Attendance: Candidates should be present at the examination hall before the time given in the call letter. Candidates arriving late will not be permitted to enter the Examination Hall. No query in this connection shall be entertained.
4. Compliance with Instructions: Candidates should scrupulously follow the instructions given by test administrators and the invigilators at all the stages of the examination for which they have been called. If any candidate violates the instructions they will be disqualified and may also be asked to leave the examination hall.
5. Items not allowed inside the examination center:
  • Any stationery item like textual material (printed or written), bits of papers, Geometry/ Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner etc.

  • Any communication device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Health Band etc.

  • Any watch/Wrist Watch, Camera, etc.

  • Any metallic item

  • Any eatable item opened or packed, water bottle etc.

  • Other items like Goggles, Handbags, Hair-pin, Hair-band, Belt, Cap, etc.

  • Any ornament like Ring, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/Necklace, Pendants, Badge, brooch etc. should be thoroughly checked.

  • Any other item which could be used for unfair means for hiding communication devices like camera, blue tooth devices etc.

  • 6. Candidates cannot leave their seat unless allowed.
    7. Use of Stationery: Candidates should bring stationary such as pencils, eraser and a ball point pen to the examination hall.
    8. Rough work to be done on the sheet provided: You should do all the necessary rough work on sheet provided only. After the test is over, you should hand over the sheet, given for rough work to the invigilator before leaving the room. Any candidate who does not return or is found to attempt to take or pass on the questions or answers inside or outside the examination hall will be disqualified and the IBPS may take further action against him/her as per the rules.
    9. Travelling Allowance not admissible: No travelling allowance or other expenses in connection with the examination will be paid.
    10. The possibility for occurrences of some problem in the administration of the examination cannot be ruled out completely which may impact test delivery and/or result from being generated. In that event, every effort will be made to rectify such a problem, which may include the conduct of another examination if considered necessary.
    11. Any infringement of these instructions shall entail cancellation of candidature and disciplinary action including ban from future examinations and police complaints.
    Candidates are advised in their own interest that they should not furnish any particulars that are false, tampered with, or fabricated and should not suppress any material information while submitting online application. At the time of Preliminary examination, Main examination, Interview or in a subsequent selection procedure, if a candidate is (or has been) found guilty of:
    1. using unfair means or

    2. impersonating or procuring impersonation by any person or

    3. misbehaving in the examination/ interview hall or disclosing, publishing, reproducing, transmitting, storing or facilitating transmission and storage of contents of the test(s) or any information therein in whole or part thereof in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronically or mechanically for any purpose or

    4. resorting to any irregular or improper means in connection with his/ her candidature or

    5. obtaining support for his/ her candidature by unfair means, or

    6. carrying mobile phones or similar electronic devices of communication in the examination/ interview hall such a candidate may, in addition to rendering himself/ herself liable to criminal prosecution, be liable:

        a. to be disqualified from the examination for which he/ she is a candidate
        b. to be debarred either permanently or for a specified period from any examination conducted by RBI
        c. for termination of service, if he/ she has already joined the Participating Organization.

    Under section 34 of “The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016”, persons with benchmark disabilities are eligible for Reservation. The reserved categories of disabilities mentioned under this Act are namely:
  • Blindness and low vision;
  • Deaf and hard of hearing;
  • Locomotor disability including cerebral palsy. leprosy cured, dwarfism, acid attack victims and muscular dystrophy;
  • Autism, intellectual disability, specific learning disability and mental illness;
  • Multiple disabilities from amongst persons under clauses (a) to (d) including deaf-blindness in the posts identified for each disabilities.

  • I. Guidelines for Persons With Benchmark Disabilities using a Scribe
    The visually impaired candidates and candidates whose writing speed is affected permanently for any reason can use their own scribe at their cost during the online examination, subject to limits as in (i) and (ii) below. In all such cases where a scribe is used, the following rules will apply:
    • The candidate will have to arrange his / her own scribe at his/her own cost.
    • The scribe may be from any academic stream.
    • Both the candidate as well as scribe will have to give a suitable undertaking along with call letter at the time of examination confirming that the scribe fulfills all the stipulated eligibility criteria for a scribe mentioned above. Further in case it later transpires that he/she did not fulfill any laid down eligibility criteria or suppressed material facts the candidature of the applicant will stand cancelled, irrespective of the result of the examination. Proforma of undertaking is available on RBI web site.
    • The same scribe cannot be used by more than one candidate. In addition the scribe arranged by the Candidate should not be a candidate for the examination. If violation of the above is detected at any stage of the process, candidature of both the candidate and the scribe will be cancelled. Candidates eligible for and who wish to use the services of a scribe in the examination should invariably carefully indicate the same in the online application form. Any subsequent request may not be favorably entertained.
    • Only candidates registered for compensatory time will be allowed such concessions since compensatory time given to candidates shall be system based, it shall not be possible for the test conducting agency to allow such time if he / she is not registered for the same. Candidates not registered for compensatory time shall not be allowed such concessions.
    • The candidate should opt for using scribe/compensatory time only if they are eligible for availing these services/concessions as per the rules and guidelines of Government of India under RPWD Act, 2016 in this regard.
    • The above guidelines are subject to change in terms of GOI guidelines/clarifications, if any, from time to time. Candidates while indicating Scribe/Compensatory Time must ensure that they are eligible to avail such facility/concession as per the GOI guidelines/clarifications in this regard.
    Guidelines for candidates
    (i) with OH-locomotor disability and cerebral palsy:
    A compensatory time of twenty minutes per hour shall be permitted for the candidates with OH-locomotor disability and cerebral palsy and PWD candidates as defined under RPWD Act. 2016, where dominant (writing) extremity is affected to the extent of slowing the performance of function (minimum of 40% impairment).
    (ii) Visually Impaired candidates:
    • Visually Impaired candidates (who suffer from not less than 40% of disability) may opt to view the contents of the test in magnified font and all such candidates will be eligible for compensatory time of 20 minutes for every hour of examination.
    • The facility of viewing the contents of the test in magnifying font will not be available to Visually Impaired candidates who use the services of a Scribe for the examination. The scribe will be allowed to be used as per the guidelines issued vide Office Memorandum F.No.16-110/2003-DDIII dated February 26, 2013 of Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Department of Disability Affairs, New Delhi.
    (iii) The candidates as defined under Section 34 (1) (d) & (e) of RPWD Act., 2016 will have to indicate while applying online, whether he/she need scribe or otherwise.
    The above guidelines are subject to change in terms of GOI guidelines/ clarifications, if any, from time to time.

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