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RBI Assistant Salary | Perks

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Who is an RBI assistant? An RBI assistant is a clerk whose duty is to serve regional offices and various departments of RBI. They usually assist officers by maintaining records, ensuring financial stability, replying to emails, etc.

shape Salary

  • An RBI assistant gets a decent salary along with several perks and incentives.

  • The basic salary of an RBI assistant at the time of selection is Rs. 14,650 (Rs. 13,150 along with 2 advance increments) but the basic pay increases with the growth of experience.

  • The basic salary of an RBI assistant can be anywhere between Rs. 14,650 to Rs. 34,990 depending on his/her experience.
The Pay Scale of an RBI assistant is as follows:
  • 13150-750 (3) -15400- 900 (4) -19000 -1200 (6) -26200 -1300 (2) -28800 -1480 (3) – 33240 – 1750 (1) - 34990 (20 years)

  • The in-hand salary during training is 22K approximately.

  • The in-hand salary during the initial period of service is 32K approximately.

shape Perks

What are the different benefits applicable to an RBI assistant?
The different types of allowances that an RBI assistant gets are as follows:
  • House rent allowance (not applicable if the employee has been given accommodation by the bank)

  • Dearness allowance

  • CCA (City Compensatory Allowance)

  • Transport allowance.

  • The gross emoluments (monthly) reach up to Rs. 36,091. This excludes the extra allowances and perks that the RBI assistant is applicable to.

  • Due to all the above-mentioned allowances, an RBI assistant enjoys a lucrative salary.

Perks applicable to an RBI assistant:
  • Accommodation (if applicable)

  • Vehicle maintenance reimbursements (Only if the vehicle is used for official purposes)

  • Advance at the time of festivals

  • Coverage for medical expenses

  • Loans are offered at competitive rates

  • LFC (Leave Fare Concession)

  • Working for only 5 days

  • Briefcase

  • Allowance to furnish the accommodation (if eligible)

  • Newspaper & book grant

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