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RBI Assistant Career Growth | Promotions

shape Introduction

Who is an RBI assistant? An RBI assistant is a clerk whose duty is to serve regional offices and various departments of RBI. They usually assist officers by maintaining records, ensuring financial stability, replying to emails, etc.

shape Salary

  • An RBI assistant gets a decent salary along with several perks and incentives.

  • The basic salary of an RBI assistant at the time of selection is Rs. 14,650 (Rs. 13,150 along with 2 advance increments) but the basic pay increases with the growth of experience.

  • The basic salary of an RBI assistant can be anywhere between Rs. 14,650 to Rs. 34,990 depending on his/her experience.
The Pay Scale of an RBI assistant is as follows:
  • 13150-750 (3) -15400- 900 (4) -19000 -1200 (6) -26200 -1300 (2) -28800 -1480 (3) – 33240 – 1750 (1) - 34990 (20 years)

  • The in-hand salary during training is 22K approximately.

  • The in-hand salary during the initial period of service is 32K approximately.

shape Growth

How much growth can an RBI assistant expect?
  • An RBI assistant can achieve a considerable career depending on his/her skills and ability to clear exams and tests.

  • There are various tests conducted by RBI which helps them to become an RBI officer.

  • A person will be eligible to appear for these tests only if he/she has completed 2 years of service as an RBI assistant.

  • Opportunities for promotion are provided every 2 years where an assistant can grab the opportunity and become a Grade-A Officer.

  • RBI assistants need to clear a written exam first. After clearing the test, RBI will also consider their seniority, reputation, and experience before promoting them.

  • A candidate can also pass the CAIIB or JAIIB test organized by IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking &Finance) to become a Grade-A Officer. However, to be eligible for this exam, the person must have either a postgraduate or a graduate degree.

This is the career growth that a candidate can achieve while serving as an RBI assistant:
RBI Assistant Career Growth
Grade D Officer
Grade C Officer
Grade B Officer
Grade A Officer
RBI Assistant

shape Perks

What are the different benefits applicable to an RBI assistant?
The different types of allowances that an RBI assistant gets are as follows:
  • House rent allowance (not applicable if the employee has been given accommodation by the bank)

  • Dearness allowance

  • CCA (City Compensatory Allowance)

  • Transport allowance.

  • The gross emoluments (monthly) reach up to Rs. 36,091. This excludes the extra allowances and perks that the RBI assistant is applicable to.

  • Due to all the above-mentioned allowances, an RBI assistant enjoys a lucrative salary.

Perks applicable to an RBI assistant:
  • Accommodation (if applicable)

  • Vehicle maintenance reimbursements (Only if the vehicle is used for official purposes)

  • Advance at the time of festivals

  • Coverage for medical expenses

  • Loans are offered at competitive rates

  • LFC (Leave Fare Concession)

  • Working for only 5 days

  • Briefcase

  • Allowance to furnish the accommodation (if eligible)

  • Newspaper & book grant

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