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RBI Assistant Job Profile | Roles & Responsibilities

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RBI Assistant Job Profile | Roles & Responsibilities

shape Introduction

Why is an RBI assistant recruited?
  • An RBI assistant is recruited to assist in different banks of RBI branch offices.

  • He/she has to maintain records and files of RBI on different matters.

  • An RBI assistant has to update the daily transactions in a computer or laptop. He/she must update the data in the database properly so that it can be used or fetched later.

  • These assistants have added responsibilities whenever a new denomination is introduced by RBI or if the government undertakes policies like demonetization.

shape Job duties

The duties of an RBI assistant are not limited to a few job roles because RBI is the central bank of India that regulates the policies of other banks and controls the currency of the country.
These are the other duties that need to be fulfilled by an RBI assistant. However, remember that these are not their only duties as they are subjected to change according to the situation.
  • Every day, thousands of letters are sent to RBI since it functions as a parent bank in India. An RBI assistant has to draft a mail, get it approved by a senior bank manager, and then reply to almost all the mails.

  • RTI applicants file multiple applications each day to seek information regarding bank policies or any other financial matter from RBI.

  • The task of an RBI assistant is to provide satisfactory answers to these queries by replying to them. While doing so, they must ensure that the language used in the reply must be polite.

  • Since RBI sends and receives multiple emails and letters in one day, the RBI assistant has to maintain these incoming and outgoing mail entries.

  • Apart from these duties, the assistant has to collect receipts, maintain the ledger, tally balance sheets, etc.

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