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NIACL AO Generalist General Awareness

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NIACL AO 2018-19 - Main Examination for Generalist, conducted in online Mode, has: a duration of 2 hours, a maximum score of 200 marks and consists of 4 sections, namely - Reasoning, English Language, General Awareness and Quantitative Aptitude. There is a Negative marking in NIACL AO Main exam and 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer. Candidates must clear the cut-off in all the sections to qualify for the next stage. The below sections gives the detailed information about NIACL AO Generalist General Awareness Main Exam.

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S.No. Name of Test (not in sequence) Type of test Maximum Marks Medium of Exam Duration
1 Test of Reasoning Objective 50 English/ Hindi 120 min
2 Test of English Language Objective 50 English
3 Test of General Awareness Objective 50 English/ Hindi
4 Test of Quantitative Aptitude Objective 50 English/ Hindi
Total (Aggregate) 200

The NIACL AO Generalist General Awareness Main Exam, has the objective questions with 50 marks. Below mentioned are the different categories of expected questions in the Main Exam of NIACL AO Generalist General Awareness Section.

shape Syllabus

[Click Here] for NIACL AO Main Exam Syllabus

shape Samples

1. Which organisation released the ‘Strategy for New India @75’?
    A. NITI Aayog B. RBI C. Supreme Court D. CBEC

Answer: Option (A)
2. As per the NITI Aayog’s ‘Strategy for New India @75’, Government aims to propel India towards a USD 5 trillion economy by which year?
    A. 2023 B. 2025 C. 2028 D. 2030

Answer: Option (D)
3. What was India’s rank at the WEF’s Global Gender Gap Index 2018?
    A. 89th B. 95th C. 108th D. 117th

Answer: Option (C)
4. Who was elected as Vice President of FICCI for 2018-19?
    A. Ayaan Khan B. Uday Shankar C. Sushil Verma D. Arun Khosla

Answer: Option (B)
5. Which among the following is an online health consulation app that has been launched in UP to provide healthcare to people living in the countryside?
    A. UMANG B. BHIM C. Saathi D. MyGov

Answer: Option (C)
6. This former captain of the Indian National Kabaddi team announced his retirement on December 19, 2018?
    A. Rahul Chaudhari B. Pardeep Narwal C. Manjeet Chillar D. Anup Kumar

Answer: Option (D)
7. Scientists belonging to which space exploration agency have detected the evidence of water in 17 asteroids?
    A. JAXA B. NASA C. Roscosmos D. CNSA

Answer: Option (A)
8. The President’s rule was imposed on which Indian state on December 20, 2018?
    A. Telangana B. Assam C. Gujarat D. Jammu and Kashmir

Answer: Option (D)
9. ISRO launched which communication satellite on December 19, 2018?
    A. GSAT-7A B. GSAT- 29 C. GSAT-11 D. GSAT-9B

Answer: Option (A)
10. Which state has emerged as the best performing state in start-up ranking 2018?
    A. Telangana B. Odisha C. Gujarat D. Maharashtra

Answer: Option (C)
11. The Postage Stamp on Rajkumar Shukla was released by India Postto mark which historical event?
    A. Champaran Satyagraha B. Dandi March C. Quit India Movement D. Non-Cooperation Movement

Answer: Option (A)
12. Which State launched ‘Shiksha Setu’ app to ensure better connectivity with college students?
    A. Punjab B. Haryana C. Rajasthan D. Gujarat

Answer: Option (B)
13. Where did Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu inaugurate a three-day conference on Soft Power, on 17th December 2018?
    A. Kolkata B. New Delhi C. Mumbai D. Bengaluru

Answer: Option (B)
14. Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) signed a MoU with which company for training rural youth for skill development under Deendayal upadhyaya grameen kaushalya yojana (Ddu-Gky), on 19th December 2018?
    A. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd B. Infosys Limited C. Google India Limited D. Tata Motors Limited

Answer: Option (A)
15. Name the author of the book “Timeless Laxman”, written on famous cartoonist RK Laxman, released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Maharashtra, on 18th December 2018?
    A. Usha Srinivas Laxman B. Jayanti Laxman C. Manish Chawla D. Suchampa Bhaji

Answer: Option (A)
16. Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, announced financial aid of Rs 10 Crore for the establishment of Odiya Cultural Centre, in which city on 17th December 2018?
    A. Cuttack, Odisha B. Surat, Gujarat C. Mumbai, Maharashtra D. New Delhi, Delhi

Answer: Option (B)
17. Where did the high-level meeting between Indian and Indonesian Coast Guard conclude on 17th December 2018?
    A. Mumbai B. Ahmedabad C. New Delhi D. Visakhapatnam

Answer: Option (C)
18. Which Union Ministry has released the drafts of a new child protection policy, which would be the first policy dedicated to the protection of children which was earlier under National Child Policy 2013?
    A. Ministry of Home Affairs B. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare C. Ministry of Women and Child Development D. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Answer: Option (C)
19. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the ‘Republic’ Summit, organized by Republic TV, in _____, on 18th December 2018?
    A. New Delhi B. Hyderabad C. Bengaluru D. Mumbai

Answer: Option (D)
20. Where was National Cancer Institute (NCI), the largest cancer hospital of India, built at a cost of Rs 2035 crore, opened for public, on 18th December 2018?
    A. Mohali, Punjab B. Jhajjar, Haryana C. Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh D. Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Answer: Option (B)
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