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NIACL AO Roles and Responsibilities

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NIACL AO Roles and Responsibilities

shape Introduction

Candiates can make a good career in the insurance sector as a NIACL Administrative Officer. As a NIACL Administrative Officers, one may be responsible to undertake various data entry processes initially. NIACL AO Roles and Responsibilities can be classified into the following categories.

shape Work Profile

Generalist Officer Work Profile
  • Work profile of AO involves Claim settlements, Underwriting, Risk Assessment and Supervision of Assistants work.

  • It also involves verification of risk proposals and authorization of claims.

  • When you are appointed as an AO after selection process, you will be posted and transferred to any place in India as per Company guidelines.

Specialist Officer Work Profile
1. Company Secretary or CS
    Work profile of Company Secretary involves the efficient administration with regard to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented.

2. Legal Officer
  • It involves handling of all the legal affairs of the Company.

  • Prepare legal documents for various processes and provide assistance in the legal issues of the Company.

  • Monitoring the errors and keeping the authenticity of the documents i.e. Agreements and Contracts of the Company.

3. Finance & Accounts Officer
  • It involves management of the financial bookkeeping of the company.

  • Sending bills to its customers, processes refunds, interaction with collection agencies on past-due accounts etc.

  • Resolving billing issues of the company.

  • Assisting in the preparation of budgets and managing records and receipts of the Company.

  • Reconciling daily, monthly and yearly transactions and preparing balance sheets.

shape Roles

NIACL AO Roles and Responsibilities
  • The NIACL AO roles and responsibilities and a Bank Probationary Officer roles are very similar to each other with some specific differences.

  • One of the major administrative responsibility would be to monitor the issuance of Insurance Policies.

  • It would also involve setting up and settlement of insurance claims.

  • An AO will have to place the role of a Policymaker for setting and policies and norms related to insurance.

  • AO would to regularly check the clauses and details of various insurance policies and ensure that they are followed.

  • Communication and Co-ordination between different departments of NIACL. Assistant Seniors in their work.

shape Powers

NIACL AO Work Profile – Powers
1. The Administrative Officer will have the power to Authorize Claims as per the rules and regulations.
2. Verifying of Risk Assessments.
3. Manage a team of NIACL Assistants.
4. Evaluate the performance of NIACL Assistants.
5. Providing Confirmations for Issuing and renewal of Insurance Policies brought by agents.

shape Probation

NIACL AO Probation
  • A candidate appointed in the Officers’ cadre on regular pay rolls of the Company shall be on probation for a period of one year from the date of joining the duty.

  • The probation period may be extended twice by a further period of six months at a time stretching up to one year.

  • During the probation period the Officers would be required to pass the non-life Licentiate Examination conducted by Insurance Institute of India.

  • Only after passing the said examination the Officer will be eligible for confirmation of his/ her services in the Company.

  • Failure to pass the said Examination within the extended probation period will render the officer liable to be terminated from service on expiry of the period so specified.

  • The Company reserves the right to terminate th e services of the candidate if found unsuitable at any time during the probation period or the extended probation period without any notice or assigning any reason thereof.