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RRB ALP General Science First Stage

RRB ALP General Science First Stage CBT Exam

RRB ALP 2018 - First Stage CBT Examination, conducted in online Mode, has: a duration of 60 Min (80 minutes for eligible PWD candidates accompanied with scribe), a total of 75 questions, a maximum score of 75 marks, and consists of 4 sections, namely - Mathematics, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Science and General Awareness on Current Affairs. Candidates must clear the cut-off in all the sections to qualify for Second Stage CBT Exam.

shape Pattern

S.No Sections No. of Questions Time allocated
1 Mathematics 75 60 minutes (80 minutes for eligible PWD candidates accompanied with scribe)
2 General Intelligence and Reasoning
3 General Science
4 General awareness on current affairs

Below mentioned are the different categories of expected questions in the RRB ALP General Science section of First Stage.

shape Syllabus

S.No Topics
1 Physics
2 Chemistry
3 Life Sciences

shape Samples

1. Which Diode is used?
    a) modulation b) oscillation c) amplification d) purification
Answer: d
2. Who among the following developed the technology of underground nuclear explosion?
    a) Dr. Horn J. Bhabha b) Dr. Vikram Sarabhai c) Dr. Raja Ramanna d) Dr. P. K. Iyengar
Answer: a
3. Which among the following types of coal produces most heat per unit?
    a) Coal b) Lignite c) Anthracite d) Pit
Answer: c
4. Which among the following waves is used for communication by artificial satellites?
    a) Microwaves b) Radio waves c) A. M. d) Frequency of 101 series
Answer: a
5. What is found in frequency modulation?
    a) Fixed frequency b) Fixed dimension c) Change In frequency and dimension d) Change in dimension only
Answer: a
6. Beryllium Sulphate is less soluble in water due to?
    a) High inflammable energy b) Low Energy of dissociation c) Low inflammable energy d) Ionic band
Answer: a
7. What is the name of that system which uses radioactivity to decide the period of materials of pre his tone period?
    a) Radium dating b) Uranium dating c) Carbon dating d) Deuterium dating
Answer: c
8. Cement is made hard with
    a) Dehydration b) Hydration and dissociation of water c) Dissociation of water d) Polymerisation
Answer: b
9. What happens when a chemical bond is formed?
    a) Energy is always absorbed b) Energy in always released c) More energy is released than is absorbed d) Energy is neither released nor absorbed
Answer: a
10. Which among the following is a carbohydrate?
    a) Nylon b) Cane sugar c) Turpentine d) Hydrogen peroxide
Answer: b
11. Penicillin is extracted from
    a) Yeast b) Algae c) Fungus d) Lichen
Answer: c
12. Which is the effect of antigen in an ill person?
    a) It increases the production of W.B.C. b) It increases the production of antibiotics c) It increases the production of anti-serum against bacteria d) It prevents the growth of bacteria
Answer: b
13. Which among the following helps in circulation of blood?
    a) Arithrocytus b) Blood platelets c) Monocytes d) Lymphocytes
Answer: d
14. Which among the following elements increases the absorption of water and calcium in plants?
    a) Manganese b) Boron c) Copper d) Molybdenum
Answer: b
15. Which wood will become useless soon after exposing in the open air?
    a) Softwood b) Fibrous wood c) Wet wood d) Hardwood
Answer: c
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