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RRB ALP Preparation Tips

RRB ALP Preparation Tips

Revising formulas and studying day and night won’t be of any good. To help the candidates in a better way, SPLessons have combined essentials RRB ALP Preparation Tips i.e. section-wise tips and overall strategies which will definitely help the candidates attempt RRB ALP/ Technicians in an efficient manner.

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Section Wise RRB ALP Preparation Tips
Important Topics for Mathematics: Number system, BODMAS, Decimals, Fractions, LCM, HCF, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Mensuration, Time and Work; Time and Distance, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, Elementary Statistics, Square Root, Age Calculations, Calendar & Clock, Pipes & Cistern etc.
  • Basics of Mathematics will be tested till difficulty level of Class 12.

  • In NCERT mathematics for class 10, candidates can find almost all topics that are in the syllabus. Remaining topics are in lower classes NCERT math books.

  • Study each topic from NCERT. Then solve examples and exercise problems.

  • Then you can solve questions from books like RS Aggarwal, RD Sharma.

  • Don’t go for a very difficult book. Just make sure that you know all concepts well.

  • Try to do quick as well as accurate calculations.
Important Topics for Reasoning: Analogies, Alphabetical and Number Series, Coding and Decoding, Mathematical operations, Relationships, Syllogism, Jumbling, Venn Diagram, Data Interpretation and Sufficiency, Conclusions and decision making, Similarities and differences, Analytical reasoning, Classification, Directions, Statement – Arguments and Assumptions etc.
  • First understand what is general intelligence and reasoning.

  • You can use any good book for general intelligence and reasoning. Since this section is common in SSC exams, so you can use a good book for SSC also.

  • For each type of question, there are shortcut tricks. See all of them.

  • You can do a google search of each topic and see shortcut tricks.

  • Solve 20-30 general intelligence and reasoning questions every day. See their solutions also and develop easy methods to solve questions.
Important Topics for Basic Science and Engineering: The broad topics that are covered under this shall be Engineering Drawing (Projections, Views, Drawing Instruments, Lines, Geometric figures, Symbolic Representation), Units, Measurements, Mass Weight and Density, Work Power and Energy, Speed and Velocity, Heat and Temperature, Basic Electricity, Levers and Simple Machines, Occupational Safety and Health, Environment Education, IT Literacy etc.
  • First of all, learn the complete latest syllabus of Basic Science and Engineering for RRB ALP/ Technician.

  • Collect quality study material recommended by experts in the field.

  • Clear your basic concepts first.

  • After that, give RRB ALP Mock Tests to improve your knowledge.
Important Topics for General Awareness: Current affairs related to Science & Technology, Sports, Culture, Personalities, Economics, Politics and other subjects of importance.
  • Read newspaper daily.

  • Practice questions on current affairs daily to refresh your memory.

  • Every weekend, revise all facts you learnt in a week.

  • When sitting with friends, discuss GK and current affairs.
Aptitude Test aims to check your thought process. It intends to check your personality traits and know what kind of person you are. It is intended to check if you are suitable for the job as Assistant loco Pilot. The screening process will help the employer know if you are mentally fit for the job.

Overall RRB ALP Preparation Tips and Strategies
  • Get familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus before you begin to prepare. Once, you are familiar with the exam pattern, things become a lot easier.

  • Before appearing for any Exam, it is important that you know all the little details of the Exam that you are going to take.

  • The 1st step of getting familiar with the exam is knowing the Exam Pattern.
  • Getting familiar with the Exam Pattern is just not enough.

  • You should also be familiar with the minor details of the exam like knowing all the stages.

  • In Railways RRB ALP, you will have to go through 3 stages of selection.
    1. First stage CBT
    2. Second stage CBT Computer-Based Aptitude Test (only for ALP)
    3. Document Verification

  • 1/3rd of the marks allotted for each question shall be deducted for each wrong answer.

  • If you have applied for ALP and qualified in Second Stage CBT will have to appear for Computer Based Aptitude Test followed by Document Verification.

  • Getting to know the details of the Exam in such minute manner, definitely builds a lot of confidence in you during your preparation.
  • Once you are thorough with your Exam Pattern & other details, it is essential that you know Syllabus for the exam.

  • Learning the Syllabus & being aware of it is of utmost importance.

  • In Railway RRB ALP Exam, you will be asked questions on Mathematics, Reasoning Ability, Basic Science & General Awareness based on Current Affairs.

  • Once you are familiar with the subjects, types of questions that will be asked, weightage of each sub-topic & difficulty level, then you are good to go.

  • All the knowledge of the Syllabus will help you to make your preparation stronger.

  • It is also essential that you know the syllabus of the relevant trades!
Plan your studies well. Proper planning is the key to success in competitive exams. Study and prepare months in advanced.
  • It is also important for a first-time examinee to have a look at some of the Previous Year Papers.

  • This will help you in having an idea of what all will be asked in the actual exam.

  • This will also help in knowing the sub-topics in each exam.

  • It helps you to also get familiarised with the language of the questions!
  • Apart from using reference material to study, you need to prepare using your own notes. Study notes are of immense help. After exhaustive studying, you will come across important things from a exam perspective. Study notes are important observations and points that will help.

  • Once you are well-versed with the syllabus, preparation becomes easy.

  • You might depend upon notes provided by tutors who promise to help you clear Railway Exams with their Study Material.

  • Prepare Notes and Revise - There are no shortcuts, so prepare thoroughly.

  • But, preparing your own notes will certainly help you in memorizing basic details.

  • Preparing your notes, in your handwriting is going to save your time in the preparation. This will help you to manage time better.

  • Get your Basics Right - Get your basics right and then only you can go further with more tough concepts.

  • You will know about managing your time in the next part.
  • There is very little time to solve the exam and too many questions. You need to learn to juggle various sections and manage to solve as many questions as you can.

  • Most you who are appearing for such Railways Exams either employed individuals or students.

  • So, the majority of you might lack time in your preparation.

  • Even if you have a lot of time in your hand, it is important that you manage it well.

  • By managing all your time, you can give priority to the topics that you feel are your difficult areas.

  • Less priority and less time can be allotted to the areas that you are confident of.
  • Now that you are managing your time better, it is now important that you practice a lot of tests.

  • Practice with Mock Test-Series - Mock Tests reflect a true picture of your performance as they act like a mirror and help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
    As the Railways Exams are going to be conducted in Online, it is essential that you take a lot of Online Mock Test.

  • It is essential that you make yourself a habit of solving maximum questions online.

  • The more online Tests you take, the more are your chances of success.
Stay positive and upbeat. A few minutes of prayer every day can help you stay positive. You can also practice Yoga, do exercise and take a balanced diet.
ITI Disciplines are a practical subject but it involves a lot of theory and one must never avoid the theoretical concepts of the exam.
You should read the newspapers, magazines regularly and also stay updated with current affairs, Pay special attention to banking and finance industry. Other topics you can focus on include Banking awareness, Sports, Business & Economy, Political news, Awards, static GK and more etc.
  • Once you solve a lot of Online Mock Tests, you will be aware of the fact that solving tests with maximum accuracy & speed is also a key.

  • Aim for Accuracy - You need to be accurate while solving mathematical problems.

  • You should not forget that this RRB ALP Online Test has 1/3rd negative marking.

  • So, you can’t go about solving random questions which you are not confident of.

  • This will hamper your score as you will lose maximum marks.

  • Also, having a good speed is pretty important too.
Coaching can help you to improve your performance. A good teacher can both teach you and inspire you.

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