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RRB ALP Career Progression

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RRB ALP Career Progression

RRB ALP Career Progression

A Railway driver usually begins his career as a diesel or electric assistant driver, where his job is mainly to check the state of the locomotive, help with all the auxiliary equipment as needed, and to call out the aspects of the signals. ALP with minimum 2 years of service as Diesel Asstt. /Electric Asstt. and 60,000 Kilometer running experience is required for the promotion to the post of Loco-Pilot (Goods). An assistant driver works as an assistant on goods trains, then on passenger trains, and finally on express trains. It takes at least 8 or 10 years for RRB ALP Career Progression, usually more, before an assistant driver works up the ranks to become the driver for a Rajdhani or Shatabdi train.

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After an RRB candidate cracks Assistant Loco Pilot Recruitment Procedure, there will be a mandatory training during which an RRB ALP is trained to perform various duties. After consistent years of service, an RRB ALP Career Progression can be along the following lines.
  • Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP)
  • Senior Assistant Loco Pilot (Sr. ALP)
  • Loco Pilot (LP)
  • Power Controller/ Crew Controller/ Loco Foreman (Loco Supervisor)

After getting promoted to the level of a Loco Pilot (LP), the RRB Personnel will have a choice to pursie either one of the career lines.
  • Power Controller
  • Crew Controller
  • Loco Foreman (Loco Supervisor)

With added bonus and perks, the career progression of an RRB ALP also ensures better running allowance.